Ashtar Sheran: American Election

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomI am Ashtar Sheran with a message to all upon Planet Earth.

Right now is the deciding moment for Americans, not the election. The election in November is when you cast your vote. That is the action you are taking that follows the thought process you are undergoing now.

Understand that casting your vote is an action you take that satisfies the requirements of your governmental systems, however, your mindset is your spiritual vote, shall we say. Look at it as if you are voting on two levels: the energetic level, that of the consciousness, and the physical level. You can cast your vote as a Republican, however your emotional response to the ups and downs your people are undergoing now is your true vote. How do you use your energy? Whose side are you investing it in?

When you fear, you vote in favour of the dark ones, the deep state. When you love what Trump is doing, and the work of the white hats and ETs that are aiding this earth, you swing your energetic vote in favour of the Republicans, and in favour of an easier journey through these circumstances for yourself and for others.

You vote with your energy every day. If you are fearful, then you cast your vote in favour of the dark ones. If you are loving and sure of the outcome of this process in favour of a new earth, love and wisdom as guidance for your people in future, then you vote this way.

For those who fear, I ask you to close your eyes and envision the future you want for yourselves, your family and for the people of America and the world. What kind of world do you want for them? This exercise reinforces your energetic contribution to the mass awakening and swings the energies in favour of liberation of your people from the clutches of the deep state.

When you fear, the deep state has you where they want you. It’s that simple.

You must continue to hold the Light. Using your imagination is key to your creative power, so imagine a better earth for yourself and all others. Use your minds to energize that, not the deep state’s overtake of this planet.

We of the Light are doing our part to remove all negative entities from your world. The Alliance is arresting the deep state members and trying them. However, your people are erupting in anger and fear, razing your cities at the provocation of George Soros and others, and you are watching this in fear of these events. If you fear them so much, it would be better for you to not know. Turn off the news. If you are staying attuned to the news because you want to know, yet the outcome is your fear of current events, then you should not watch the news. Use your mind to create the scenarios of peace you wish to see and understand that these will be created.

The news is not only deep state propoganda – it is also mind control. Do not allow them to control your mind – turn the TV off, do not read the newspaper and do not go on line to read the news there either. Do not discuss the news with your neighbours. If you fear what the news tells you, refuse to hear it.

You must understand that although the GFL is here to clear the world of negative entities, it is your world. And so this is your battle, and the battle to date has been one of consciousness, dark versus light, good versus evil. If you do not want this battle to progress for the side of evil, do not fear them or their agenda. If you fear it, you will attract that lesson. That is universal law, which still applies, even on earth.

Turn off the news. Isolate yourself from it. If the only outcome is their continued control over your mind to create their fear frequency for them, then you must fight them to gain control of your mind back. Sharon and Eyevo channeled tips in yesterday’s video. But turn off the mind control. That is step one. Envision a better scenario, whatever makes you happy, that is step 2. Be confident in the win of the Light as it is God’s decree. That is step 3.

We have already won. Now it is just a matter of waking up those people who are not aware and who have been believing the lies, who have been creating the unreality. We are already victorious. Your people are in a learning process right now. They are learning how to fight oppression, instead of submitting themselves to it as they have been. Your people are in the beginning of a process of re-empowering themselves collectively. It will be a long journey, however this is necessary.

You must believe you have won as well. You must also believe that there was a battle first.

What you feel you need to do to take care of yourself? That is the next step. If you do not like the city you are living in because of the violence, then you might consider moving. If you live in a state that is run by rogue mayors and state leaders, then consider moving to a less volatile area.

Do what you need to to soothe your mind. But understand that we have already won. The Light has already won. Now we must win our battle to open your eyes and have you evolve past the lies.

I am Ashtar Sheran, I am here to serve God and to help you.



» Source » Channel: Sharon Stewart