Divine Mother: Reval Monies

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomMy dearest children, many of you are aware that the time of the Reval is drawing closer. Enormous strides are currently being made and that time is very near indeed.

Some of you are making great plans about what you will do with your windfall; some of these plans reflect the highest vibrations of love and light, some less so.

It is for this reason, to discuss the subject of money, of pure, creative energy, that I wish to draw close to you today, my cherished children.

Many imagine that when you finally have money, significant amounts of money, perhaps for the first time, you will finally feel able to breathe, to be free, to choose, to rebalance and realign.

Some of you have thought of wonderful ways of sharing your bounty with your loved ones. Even more commendable, some of you wish to share with those that you have never met and will never meet, simply because they are in need and, whether you know it deep in your bones or not, they are You; every bit as much as you are Me.

Now, I wish to gently draw your attention to a few points, in the way that a Mother does, when she knows the pitfalls ahead of her children.

It is widely known that money is not good or bad; it is the way you use that reflects the light and the shadow within you. It is to this point I would like to draw your attention.

As much as you can, use your money so that it may reflect the light within you, the divine within you, the qualities and virtues that you have nourished throughout your lifetimes. Let it uplift you and others, may it free you and others, rather than bind you.

When you consider how to create with this great good fortune, consider how aligned your creation is with the best of who you are.

It can be tempting to wish to show off, or to teach others ‘a lesson’; these are parts that require healing, love and nourishment. They do not need to be condemned, nor do they need to be in the driving seat when considering how to use your new financial energy.

This money will act like a magic wand; it will transform lives – not least of all, your physical and spiritual life. Let that transformation carry within it the quantum power of the light, of divine love, not the binding, limiting power of darkness, for the time of darkness is fast drawing to a close.

You are now being given a chance to act, to create as the divine spark within you, to have the energy to manifest and birth your ideas into life. EnJoy it! Create in ways that bring joy to you and others.

» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert

5 Replies to “Divine Mother: Reval Monies”

  1. Daedalus

    Many people dont realize its already done … because old world of debts that never end and trying to survive while actually losing time in not creating TRUE currency – the ones within you … is coming to a definite end.

    The whole virus situation actually served as a double bladed sword – on one side it threatened many in fear, but on the other side, it struck the gordian knots of financial system.

    Now, there is no going back to the old. Any new financial reset is purely temporary transitional phase of maturing of mentalities, which means its also a test. A person who is already modest now will never have any problem with this. They will create, keep giving, keep growing and build new society easily because they ARE the new society.

    The people who are greedy, parasitic like – at this moment no amount of money could make them happy, every amount you would give them it would only make them ask for more and more … theyre in futile chase for something that will never come and theyre always unhappy – and happinness, joy and love are all the part of true currency of humanity.

    This is a literal last wake up call to become modest and know what is your true currency. And it only needs that – the rest will grow from the real currency naturally as its our own indivisible part of us that we ignored too much.

  2. Douglas A James

    Wont all receive abundance so all will be equal and thus in time.money become obsolete because we will manifest and use replicators etc? This reads as if only a few receive monies?

    1. bobstones

      Eventually everything will balance out, however it all won”t all occur simultaneously. The first to experience the revalue are those that invested in the karmic currencies (predominantly the last two major unjust wars unleashed on the populations of VietNam and Iraq.)