We Are All In this Together

star bright eraoflightdotcomWe are continuing to recognize the “media wars.” What you hear the most are from mainstream media. Their stories are all the same with little to no evidence supporting their news. The mainstream are owned by those unsupportive of the Light energy advancements and are opposed to the independent media groups who are surfacing and are currently making their voices heard more often than not.

There is disinformation circulating everywhere. This is orchestrated in order to cause mayhem and confusion by those beings of the lower frequency and vibration. This is to catch you off guard and appear to be so psychologically exhausting to you, that you tend to shut down your intuition and discernment. Despite their attempts to do so, this is not working and is actually assisting the Light Workers in so many ways!

It has been evident most recently, in the silence of the Truth and the censoring of the news in the mainstream media platforms. Many souls of the Light have been quick to discern this energy and have made it known to humanity. These attempts have been successful and will continue to be so. This is because more of humanity are awakening and are entering the “service to humanity” template. We are ALL in this together. Our Unity of humanity and soul is mighty as we continue to stand together.

The absolute Truth is that more beautiful souls are awakening NOW. They are beginning to question their life choices and who they are or who they want to be as a soul. This is exciting news. They are recognizing their past ego dominance in certain situations and circumstances. There are a lot of humanity who are currently learning to love themselves. This is such a BIG accomplishment!!! Kudos to you ALL who are currently setting boundaries of self-love and recognizing toxic relationships or patterns within yourselves and/or with those who you are most connected with.

Recognition of these toxic behaviors in this personal Ascension Process is “brutal” to say the least. So much healing of this toxic energy is necessary for advancement forward. I also acknowledge the fact that these lower energies must play themselves out to complete exhaustion and proper extinguishment. Hang in there brave, Warrior souls!! We are nearly at the home-stretch of your personal celebrations!

There is the reminder to keep your thoughts and energy intentions clear. You are and will begin to manifest your reality more quickly now!! Also remember to be forgiving. As your core soul wounds come up to the surface for healing, forgiveness is the key forward. ALWAYS!! Forgive yourself and others as needed. This is the Key to healing and soul forward progression in Ascension.

Please be aware of what you per-take into your physical body as subsistence. If the food or drink that you take in, is toxic, your body will react to it. We are in higher timelines now so please listen to your body. It will let let you know!! When you choose to ignore these warnings, you are only hurting yourself and the warnings to your body may increase in intensity.

Love and abundant Blessings to you ALL!!

~Adeana M. Slater

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