Ivo of Vega: Life Laden with Problems

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomIvo: My love, it is. You are canning your broccoli soup today, making extra because you realize that you may have to feed your neighbors if there are food shortages. Athena told you this morning that what you are doing is changing your thinking to accommodate your life’s plan. How do you expect to give away tons of food to the needy when you limit yourself to only people you like, and do not wish to give to people you do not like? Your neighbors are providing the stimulus for you to change your way of thinking now and to perfect the giving of future harvests away to all, not just your favourites. When their requests become excessive you still can say no. You do not have to forget how to be assertive if you are caring and giving to all.

Roger believes that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and so you do not like him, for that and other reasons. He is loud and annoying, because he is drunk. However, he is still human and requires compassion – not that you need be taken advantage of – but he requires help if he is in a bind. Giving food to people who you like only could be considered manipulative, and that is the ego’s doing. Give food to everyone who is in need if you can do that. Understand your own limits and understand that they need food as well.

Jesus gave the fish and the loaves to all. He did not say, “You dissed me last week,” or “You are a loud drunk and I do not like you.” He gave food to all, even his enemies, and he had many because he was not understood either. My love, you are at the point now that you can barely stop giving to others, and that is the point that Jesus worked himself to: he gave of himself entirely and did everything he could for others. You are approaching this point in your life.

Me: I don’t know what to say.

Ivo: Say nothing then.


Ivo: You are coming to the point where your opinion of others does not affect your generosity. Your neighbors are teaching you this now. You are also affecting your one neighbor positively because he sees your clean, tidy house and wants the same for himself. So he has cleaned the yard and the basement and now he is going to clean the upstairs of old toys and clothes this weekend. He wants a clean house and yours is the example he follows.

Me: No one else is going to do it. I have to do it myself.

Ivo: Yes, and despite your problem: your chronic fatigue, you have found a solution to keeping it fairly clean. You must always look at problems as opportunities to empower yourself because when you find the solution, you will feel more self empowered. One who has many problems is a powerless person, or at least has that perception of themselves. One’s thinking must be changed and then action must be taken. That is universal law.

To believe in yourselves is to believe in God. That is a simple fact.

I hear you ask for more challenges of a more inspiring nature, but that is where your people are now collectively. In need of compassion for themselves and others. They need to stop fighting and see God in all around them. When they can do this, they have reached that point where they are untouchable. Life is a purification process. The more you overcome your prejudices towards others, the more you overcome your ego that tries to dictate what is right and what is good, the more you walk with your soul, and with God. It is that simple.

If your parents were still alive and you lived near them, would you be helping them?

Me: As much as I could take. I know my mother didn’t want to be in an old folks’ home. She wanted to stay in her house but she couldn’t after she spent the night on the floor when she fell. I just find them to be so stressful.

Ivo: They are not stressful when you stay your own course, and have compassion for them. When you see them with love and then stay in your power, walk your own path, then they can do all they like.

Me: They were a challenge.

Ivo: And you have seen them in so many other people. That is part of your healing. You identify easily things in others that you did not like within your parents. Your father also believed that a woman’s place was in the kitchen.

Me: He did. He also believed he should have had control over who I dated. When this guy at the bowling alley was clearly interested in me, he walked up and started talking to my father, not me. I wasn’t having any of that. I told my father if he thought this guy was so great, he should go out with him then because I wasn’t.

Ivo: Yes. I remember that. You were an outspoken teenager, to be sure.

Me: Someone had to defend me against the chauvinists.

Ivo: What you have realized in the end is that what you have to give is your knowledge, your experience. And it will come in handy now with so many people not knowing how to keep a house and to cook, perhaps you can even teach that. Yes. There will be much re-learning of basic information coming soon when your dependence on the system to provide boxed foods for you is taken away from you.

Me: Should be interesting.

Ivo: It will be. Your world will prevail, however.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are the christ now.

Me: I doubt that, but thanks anyway.

Ivo: You are so close. Your trying life has prepared you to graduate from your world a christed one. You say you have limitations, and you do. However, hate is not one of them.

» Source » Channel: Sharon Stewart