The Description of the Corona Fascism that Plagues the World

alternative news eraoflightdotcom newThe wide-ranging Corona confusion used to further deprive the population of their freedoms on the basis of a bio-weapon attack on the world’s population to introduce NWO fascism.

At least that is the suspicion of the population, but who confirms this suspicion?

Mark Rutte the mass murderer and his Hitler Cabinet are not averse to Genocide for personal and political gain, with the MH17 scam turning out to be the MH370.

We are trapped in a real Corona pandemic in which the virus Bilderberg and World Economic Forum are traitors who think they are making us their obedient slaves.

There seems to be a duel in the background of good against evil, replacing the money system with the QFS with the CIPS system against a possible Cabal system.

By deactivating the Swift payment protocol, and introducing value-covered money, central and commercial banks can no longer produce money out of nowhere due to a lack of introducing value-covered money products.

This causes governments to falter, as they do not want the population to regain its self-determination, and use violence to force the population.

What will never succeed is coercion, because resistance will increase.

Psychopaths and professional liars from the governments can no longer twist the facts from the bankruptcy of the current system.

The rotten apples of law enforcement do not shy away from violence to protect the Nazi bosses.

If there is no self-cleansing effect of police and army, the civil war will intensify, with many deaths on both sides to be expected.

When 200 NSB rats have been removed by the population, the rest will start to think it’s not his good idea to act as Rutte’s mercenary against his own population.

The fascist government is well outnumbered, that’s a fact, if there is no intervention to chase them away the planned Gates Genocide will become our part, and our own action is necessary to stop the Bilderberg Nazis from The Hague and Koningshuis.

We as a population must make use of our birthright, and make sure that a new fair justice system is equal for everyone.

All that is needed to free us from the political Nazi tumor is an act of self-protection.

The second Lock Down on false grounds, is to set up people who follow their orders against common sense.

The government can only stay in power by sowing lies and fear, if the fear disappears and people realize what crimes Rutte and his rats have on their conscience against their own people his life is worth nothing together with the rest of the viper brood.

Of course they are all being blackmailed to force their role towards a fascist world government on mankind.

Where the first Nicolae Ceaușescu style government is ousted, peace will return and other countries will follow suit.

As of September 15th, the 8 weeks of changes proclaimed by Donald J Trump will have passed.

When Rutte and his fellow criminals with fake king have not disappeared at the hands of the US and Russian army, we will do the job ourselves.

As of tomorrow the 1st of September the corrupt EU no longer has a right to exist, because of the exclusion of the new gold covered money system.

If the traitors of the governments of the member states can no longer deliver our money due to the disappearance of various taxes, within two weeks the whole Nazis founded boar mess in Brussels will collapse.

Realise that for all the misery from 1913 onwards, the Satanists were bankers and bribed politicians who instigated and carried out the Genocide on the world’s population out of lust for power and an occult agenda.

The world’s population has no need for a centrally controlled power, which is always used to sustain itself at the expense of the afflicted population.

Democracy has become a word that is used under false pretences.

If we do not tackle the root of the evil, nothing will change.

Our worst enemies are in our own governments, only stupid people don’t see it yet, and believe the false promises that will never be fulfilled.

One day even the biggest fool will have to confess no this is not what we expected, we have simply been betrayed and used as a tool to put us in a survival mode.

Politicians like Guy Verhofstadt think people are stupid creatures, he boasts that he’s achieved everything, he’s become rich and we’re stupid people, he’s become rich through corruption, but this nasty Nazi Dog doesn’t tell us that.

It is a large Pedo family who have been fighting the population together.

Now that all the information is going to come out, this doesn’t really work to their advantage.

It will be hunted wild with a price on their heads.

We as a population have come out of our sleep very slowly, but now we are going to find out who came to what place in the governments, which descendants with an indoctrination to evil have taken place to get these puppets of Satan in their place to force the world fascism with a Corona lie on us.

We can no longer afford to swallow politically correct all the lies for truth that will bring us to our downfall.

In administering the defenceless children of Vaccinations, the Hell breaks loose.

People who cry out for fear of their Genocide sting will wake up the rest.

The responsible Pedo Satanists will not escape their deserved reward.

By Rinus Verhagen