Trump Vows To ‘End Cancer’ By Deregulating ‘Hidden Drugs’

independent media network eraoflightdotcomPresident Trump has promised millions of American citizens that he will put an end to terminal illnesses by forcing Big Pharma companies to make cutting edge drugs available to the public as soon as possible.

Donald Trump told chief executives from some of America’s biggest drug companies that the time had come for them to release the ‘hidden drugs’ that will put an end to many terminal illnesses. reports:

Speaking to a group of America’s leading pharmaceutical executives, he said: “They come up with a new drug for a patient that is terminal and the FDA say we can’t approve the drug, we don’t know if the drug is going to work.

“But the patient is going to die in four weeks and they say we don’t want to harm the patient, but the patient isn’t going to live for more than four weeks.”

He vowed to speed up the approval process so desperately ill Americans can get the treatment they urgently need.

President Trump, 70, said: “So we’re going to change a lot of the rules.

“You’re going to get your prices either approved, or not approved, but it’s not going to take 15 years.”

The billionaire tycoon then appeared to be waging war on the nation’s pharmaceutical companies as he lambasts them for the high prices of prescription drugs, vowing to lower the “astronomical prices”.

But in the same breath President Trump criticised foreign price controls for giving America a bad deal.

The Republican said: “We’re going to be ending global freeloading. Foreign price controls reduce the resources of American drug companies to finance drug and R& D innovation.

“I think you people know very well, it’s very unfair to this country.

“Our trade policy will prioritize that foreign countries pay their fair share for U.S.-manufactured drug, so our drug companies have greater financial resources to accelerate development of new cures, and I think that’s so important.

“Right now it’s very unfair what other countries are doing to us.”

He also demanded the big pharmaceutical companies return their production to America – which ties in with his “America First” outlook for the future.

His desire to see massive pharma companies return to American soil could be to ensure they pay their fair share of US tax and provide jobs for American workers.

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3 Replies to “Trump Vows To ‘End Cancer’ By Deregulating ‘Hidden Drugs’”

  1. tom

    Cancer is a big money maker for the drug company’s. And why now did Trump come out with this? He has told them about pricing and they just played the same game. We do what we want no one tells us what to do. I think it would have to come from congress the full congress and they are on the payroll of the drug co.
    But I give him credit for a least talking to the public about.

  2. TeeLight

    According to the CDC, doctors and their drugs are the top killers of Americans.
    Illness comes from within, drugs are bandaids that harm while masquerading as health.
    These trusted institutions operate for their God, money, to continue trusting them and volunteering for their poisons is Insanity.
    These experts took us from one in one hundred got cancer, to 50% of women. 10% will die.
    And we think those that poison us, cause a cancer-filled world, will save us?
    Creator gave us Earth and everything we need is already here.
    Money and synthetic chemicals is killing everything, and we demand more.
    Supporting these institutions and experts is feeding the death cult they operate under.
    Research for yourself, or not, free will rules.
    Either way, I send out my love and compassion for you.