Adama of Telos: Revolutions

adama of telos eraoflightdotcomMankind in the wake-up process

Courageously assuming personal responsibility is what this interview is all about.


Beloved fellow men, people of flesh and blood – and yet infinitely more than that!

We are in the awakening process of humanity. All upheavals and changes are preceded by the time in which the old dies. We are in this phase of the awakening process today.

Every action of the light forces has to be seen today under the aspect of the approaching change and its imminent detachment. So do not fear a moment!

For what is revealed now could be hidden from the people for thousands of years. That is why you are currently perceiving so much abuse, assault and manipulation.

You have the unique opportunity to become aware of this, because the spiritual light from the center of all being brings this to light. It is the chance for people to wake up now.

During this process of revelations, you are completely challenged. The most important thing is that you stay with yourselves and never let yourselves be pulled before the cart – by whomever.
Self-confidence and personal responsibility

Today’s change on the Upper Earth is taking place as you, as an individual, regain your strength and power, which means leaving the sacrificial level and activating your creative power – that is, completely taking personal responsibility.

Self-confidence and personal responsibility are the remedies for you and for humanity.

As long as you give up the responsibility for your thoughts, your feelings and your actions, nothing will change in the course of the world – and as long as you think that this or that, that or that would move or change something for you, you have understood nothing. It must be said in this clarity:

Change is your very own affair – everything changes through you alone.

It is your conscious recognition, your clear seeing and your receptivity to the Divine, through which everything changes.
12-stranded DNA – how?

JJK: It is well known that we humans only have a 2-stranded DNA, so we are cut off from the “Divine”. So it is very difficult for us to open ourselves to the higher energies. Is that a point that plays a role here?

ADAMA OF TELOS: The path leads you from the I AM consciousness to the I AM CONFIDENCE perception of all life. It is important to realize that it is you yourself who can wake up what is sleeping and activate what is resting in you. Even if you have forgotten what an unlimited divine being you are, it is up to you to remember. Even if long ago the great forgetting of mankind was initiated with dark magic, now it is time to lift you up, to remember. For:

All that is full of light – in the individual as well as in the collective sense – is promising today, is accompanied by the Source and is protected by God. It is nothing as it seems.

Until now it seemed you had no power to awaken your whole DNA – that is, your spiritual reality. For some time now, many people have been waiting for an awakening experience from outside because of this misconception. But nothing happens!

They believe that the complete DNA must be returned to them by those who have stolen it. But this is a mistake. For it was not taken from you, but your divine abilities were very cleverly hidden from you.

Everything that you are is within you and only needs to be resurrected – and your spiritual primal knowledge is resurrected by remembering through your own efforts!

Every transformation work serves the sole purpose that you remember, remember who you are in reality and what makes you what you are in truth.

The more blockades you remove, the more self-determined and self-confident you become. The path to a fully conscious person who takes full responsibility for his life always leads through persevering and devoted healing work on your heart. Hidden things have to be brought to light and repressed things have to be given to the light.
The key to ascension

As long as a person lives with the old wounds, he cannot cast off his shadows and a return to the light is not possible. To realize that your own history needs urgent healing and divine light is the first step to personal responsibility and a healthy self-confidence. The entry into your life leads to the ascent into the light all by itself.

The key to your ascension and to the ascension of humanity is the lived personal responsibility.

Nothing and no one can harm you on your path into the reality of God if you think, feel and act entirely from within yourself. Reject all possibilities that distract you from yourself.

Revolutions on the outside? Pay no attention to them! For change happens only within you.

That is lived personal responsibility, that is true self-empowerment!

JJK: So that means concentrating completely on yourself and not participating in any demonstrations?

ADAMA VON TELOS: The awakened one knows his orders. Do you know your orders? Then you also know if and when you should participate where. This is what this transmission is about: AWAKE!
The meaning of life

The world withers before your eyes, every day a little bit more – blossom in your heart, every day a little bit more.

This is your main task in this time – please make it your main concern for yourself.

The Spirit of the ONE “overlights” this earth and sends signals into your heart all the time – until you understand and grasp the power base you hold within you:




I say goodbye for today.

Receive the light and truth of this transmission within you and hear these words:

Powerlessness or power – are your choice.

The great change requires the many small steps of individual people.

To be or to become – what you wish for the whole world is to have looked deep into your soul and to have freed your heart.

The change on the upper earth happens through your transformation. Give yourself the attention and love that you need for it. There is no more important reason for your existence and no deeper meaning of life.


» Source » Channel: Jahn Kassl