Massive Upgrades Occurring With Light Codes And Intense Solar Activity

meteor shower eraoflightdotcomBlessings Everyone,

Intense Light codes being received for everyone along with Intense Solar Wind and Storms.

As we know there is a lot of chaos happening on Planet Earth right now and these light codes many times come in during the chaos to give extra insights and psychic information to be able to traverse through these rough times.

This happened also when the virus came through March through June. The Virus is basically gone as I have talked about in articles and my patreon page which you can find here. Also the Crazy psychic experiences I have had the last few days.

The Solar storms are causing massive ascension symtoms and upgrades:


The dreams are so intense they may bring on psychic answers to questions. Pay extra attention when solar activity occurs for this extra psychic activity that takes place. I first reported this over ten years ago because of my own psychic abilities. I am easily able to gauge when psychic activity changes and what changes it.

This is now Day 2 of the intense solar wind and storms.

I have gotten very little sleep the past 2 nights and have all the symptoms I talk about. This is an important aspect because we can not report on what we do not experience when it comes to ascension symptoms and spiritual changes.

Pay extra attention to the psychic upgrades where now you can start to see things from a higher perspective. These higher perspectives stay with us, long after the solar activity is gone.

I capture all the light codes as they come in by becoming ONE with the energy without resistance. Acceptance is the key to all things psychic and spiritual upgrading.

As usual / ground and ground some more. Drink lots of water. Rest as much as you can.

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