Yeshua: Giving From Your Essence

yeshua eraoflightdotcomDear friends,

I am Jeshua. I am here as your like-minded friend, a pal. I extend my hand to you as your equal. I am not exalted above you, I am a friend. I kneel down to you because you are the trailblazers on Earth. You are making space for a new consciousness to descend on to Earth, so make room for yourself, too. Do not be afraid of who you are. Acknowledge your own magnificence; you carry rich resources within you from the distant past.

This is not the first time that you are here on Earth. You have been here many times, and you have also traveled to other places in the universe and there gained experience. Connect to the wisdom you have accumulated in your heart from all your experiences. The heart is the place where all streams flow together as one and are joined into a light that is both gentle and bright. Connect now with your heart; descend with your consciousness to the area of your chest and feel the light that is there. It is old, it is mature, yet it is growing stronger, more alive. Feel the power of your light, through the fear and pain that is there, which is also allowed to be there.

You are here on Earth, in this life, to heal yourself; to become free. That is the deepest meaning of your life on Earth: to make a journey through the fear and to go beyond it. To taste the freedom of who you really are, unbound by time and space, by this body. You can only truly acquire this freedom if you face the fear, if you dare to stand in the center of that fear and there to allow your love to show. That is also your task in this world, which is not to flee from the fear, or from the world, or from yourself, but to remain erect and present from your heart in the midst of fear.

Fear is the root of all the negativity that you see in this world. Fear leads to tension in people and to a sense of threat against which they must defend themselves. In this way, people close off themselves from others. Fear also leads to a lack of confidence, so when there is a constant sense of insecurity within yourself, you cannot fulfill your potential. You build fences, walls, that provide a sense of security, but this security is an illusion. You then will become dependent on those walls and fences, but sooner or later life will break through.

True security comes from being connected to your deepest center, your own divinity. That is the place where you know, you feel, you are free. You no longer have to become something because you already are. You are free to travel from life to life. You are not bound to a form, to a personality, to a certain mask or defence mechanism.

Feel that freedom in the depths of your being. This is what you desire and what is good and natural for you. You are here to attain that freedom for yourself. Every person who does that, who travels through their human fears and remains true to love, exudes a light in this world which touches the hearts of others. That is why we call you lightworkers: those who spread a new consciousness, who bring light to a world of fear with all the excesses that go along with that fear.

But being a lightworker means that the essential work lies with you. If the light is in your heart, if you are aflame with compassion, if you can look at your own fear, your own darkness, then the light flows from your eyes, and through the words you speak, into the world. By your way of speaking and acting, you become a living light. That is also what being a true channel is about. It is about passing on your essence, which is independent of form, of time, of space, free of fear and mistrust.

All channeling has as its aim to free that essence within yourself. All the guides who are with you want to serve this purpose; sense the presence of those guides. Feel the angels or helping energies that are there for you, those who are right for you and want to work with you, because it is a partnership between equals. These energies of light are gathered in this space around you. Feel how you are fully deserving of their energy, their wisdom, because you are the translator, the bridge builder. You construct a connection between their vibration and that of the Earth, and you can do that because you are wise. You understand the essence of their message, yet at the same time you are connected with how the human world functions. You know how people think and feel, where lie their doubts and fears, and because of that you are the translator, the bridge builder. You can understand the experience of another person because you know human fear, darkness, and doubt within yourself,.

Wisdom, wise messages, come alive, really take root, in the heart of people if they feel understood and are lifted up in a flow of love and compassion. Wisdom that consists only of words or principles does not take hold sufficiently. That is why your work is sacred; it does not consist merely of words. It is not only knowledge that you provide, you touch another in their heart. You want them to remember their own divinity, their holiness. And when you love yourself with humanness and warmth, you create a sacred space there within you – you bow down to yourself. You do not try to change yourself, or allow yourself to be shaped into an ideal or a higher principle. No, you are just yourself from within the silence, which is not an empty silence, but a silence full of understanding.

When someone really listens to you, you can feel that all the words you say are really understood. In a space that is common to both of you, that is intimate, you actually feel seen, so you are going to appreciate yourself more. It is as if the other person shines a light on you and therefore everything is allowed to be just as it is: all that is ordinary and natural. That light puts your mind at ease and creates hope and optimism in your heart. Your life has meaning again; the channel is open so your soul can flow through. That happens in a holy encounter between two people when you both openly acknowledge your deepest pain, the heaviest emotions, your inner doubts, and you both truly listen to them. Not that you wish these emotions to be gone immediately, and not that you want to ignore them or to overcome them, but that you want to really pay attention to them, as to an equal partner in a dialogue.

You are here on Earth, in this life, to work with these dark parts within yourself and together to travel to the light. It is precisely on the way to the light that these dark parts change: the fear, the anger, the resistance transform into the most beautiful jewels, into mature wisdom, into joy, humor, and true knowledge. Honor thus these dark parts within you. When you befriend them, your heart is also an open space for other people. You are no longer so inclined to judge what they do or not do. You look at others and you sometimes smile because it is all so familiar. And this familiarity creates the ability to listen and to be there as a bridge for the other person.

That is also the relationship you have with a guide, a teacher, an angel from the other side. They want to be that friend who listens to you, and not in a passive way, but by actively seeing you as you are and shining a spotlight on you. That is what guides provide for you: they want to make you aware of who you truly are and that you can be here just as you are, with your unique talents. A guide makes you greater, not lesser. They are at your service and want to help you to achieve your divine core. And while you do that, your light will spread on Earth, and that goes without saying.

Finally, I ask you to now be open to, and connect with, a guide or teacher who is energetically present with you, but keep it light and easy. Do not try too hard to sense that connection; just look at what is there. Feel at peace with yourself. You are fine as you are; you do not need to perform to get approval. Imagine that your particular guide wants to tell you how beautiful you are, how pure your intentions are. Feel the energy of acceptance and repose. If your guides want to give you something this is it: repose. Not to have to judge constantly, nor have a million doubts, but to know that you are good as you are – so relax.

Receive the energy of your guide. You may sense a name, or see an image or a color. Stay open to it. Do not dismiss what you sense simply as imagination. Dare to trust your intuition and that which immediately presents itself without thinking about it. Your intuition speaks the language of your soul. Put your trust again in what you feel.

I greet you all with respect and with love in my heart.


Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

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