September 2020: Expansion

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomDear Friends,

We are currently undergoing some of the most challenging months there have been on Earth. Mother Earth is starting to release the pent-up anger that has been stored within her. The energy of our emotions has been passing through our feet into the ground and has been building up for ten thousand years since the fall of Atlantis. From time to time some of it has been released through earthquakes, volcanoes, explosions and so on but now Lady Gaia herself is accelerating the cleansing in preparation for the new Golden Age.

The GOOD NEWS is that, you are one of the increasing numbers of people who are working with their fifth dimensional chakras, so you can make a massive contribution to healing the earth. High frequency light is able to pour down through your twelve chakras into your Earth Star chakra where Archangels Sandalphon, Gersisa and others spread it through the leylines to the place it is most needed.

You can magnify this by specifically calling in certain high frequency energies. These can dissolve the pools of lower vibrations that have collected within the planet. You just call in the energy to pour through you into your Earth Star chakra and trust that it is flowing to the right place. I like to do this when I am out walking. It is so simple.

Call in the pure shimmering white light of the unicorns.

Call in the white gold of the Mahatma energy.

Call in one of the aspects of the Violet Flame.

Call in the light from Nigellay, which is the part of Mars that has ascended. This carries the energy of the peaceful one, the spiritual leader and is much needed now.

Call in any other angelic energy that feels right for you.

Absolutely know and trust that these energies are purifying you too as they flow through you into your Earth Star chakra and are then radiating out to transmute lower energies into love and peace and joy on Earth.

With love and angelic blessings,

Story about calling in the Violet Flame

As I was writing the above I remembered a day many years ago when I was out walking with a friend who was not really into elementals. As we wandered through my local woods a fairy ran up to me and said she had a message for me! What could I do? I telepathically asked if it could wait and the fairy was very clear it could not.

So I asked my friend to pause a second as a fairy wanted to speak to me! She looked at me oddly but stopped. The fairy indicated a tree nearby and asked me to bring the Violet Flame down through it. I did so and was instantly aware of the Violet Flame pouring down through the tree into its roots and spreading like a flash flood through the roots of all the trees in the wood.

My guide told me later that it had made a massive difference. He said they had chosen that moment because my friend also needed to be cleansed by the Violet Flame which had transmuted everything in the vicinity. And it was ignited by a simple thought!

© 2020 Diana Cooper

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