Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Higher Vibrations

higher self image eraoflightdotcomAs time continues to speed up matters are moving along very quickly, and things that carry the lower vibrations are beginning to find that their very existence is under threat.

In not such a direct way, a large number of human Beings are feeling that their place in society is under threat and their future is very uncertain. It comes from a feeling of insecurity about their future.

The more the vibrations increase the more a distinct difference is being felt by those who have yet to find their true selves. It all leads to the separation of those who are preparing to ascend, and those who have yet to grasp the significance of the period they are in.

As time passes the truth will become more apparent, as it is the individual’s choice and decision as to whether they turn to the Light. It will ensure a fair and acceptable outcome as all shall eventually find themselves at the right level that is in accordance with their vibrations.

Whatever degree of progress is made in your evolution it is a step nearer to your return to the higher realms from whence you came. There is no blame attached to those who lag behind as the rate of progress is very much an individual matter for the soul involved.

The fact is that you have as much time as you need to gain experience and at all times you will have assistance and guidance to keep you on track. Understand that you freely volunteered to accept the challenge to experience the lower vibrations with a limited degree of consciousness. You will never regret taking on such a challenge as in the ultimate you will have become a great soul with immense experience that will serve you well.

Can you imagine what a great event your Ascension will be, the final step that ensures your return to the Light. A long journey that has finally ended and no wonder there will be celebrations. With your reduced level of consciousness and blocked memories of your countless incarnations, it is no wonder that you are perplexed as to what it is all about.

The truth is that you have been a pauper and a rich individual, all as a means to give you a feel of what it is like to live and experience in a matter Universe. It is very tough at times for every soul but with help and guidance from your Guides the path has been lightened and success has never been far away.

Some ask, what is evolution all about having forgotten that they have had various experiences at many different levels, enabling them to raise their vibrations. The goal is to return to the Light with a realm of experience that will serve you well in the future. You may not realise it but you are revered beings for having achieved so much through eons of time and you are all the greater for it.

You stand at the door of success never again having to fight to keep your place amongst those who are ready to ascend. You are truly to be applauded and feted for having assured yourself a place in the higher levels of Light.

The period that is yet to come will be well worth the wait, yet in reality it is already here. The old energies are disappearing quickly and for most of you will cease to be able to hold you back, as they will have lost their power to influence your future.

The dark Ones have fought hard to carry out their nefarious plans, but the Light has proved to be more than a match for them and stands on the brink of complete success. Already the dark Ones are in retreat and shall continue to be so until their final collapse. They came so close to fulfilling their plan for world domination but in the end the Light has proved supreme and helped the return of peace on Earth. It will not happen overnight but the seeds of success have been sown.

The end of the old Age lingers on, but the many actions now taking place will hasten the final changes that will allow the New Age to fully manifest. The sooner you sort yourselves out the quicker they will take place and set the scene for many held up changes to manifest.

Even in your present time you are aware of advances being made that promise to propel you into a new era. The signs are already there, and in part they will be due to the after effects of Coronavirus. It has pushed you into the New Age and forced you to look at where improvements can be made to your quality of life. There are many, yet some people will cling to that which is familiar to them to no avail. Progress must come if you are to be fully prepared to take your place in the higher vibrations of Light.

It is not until now that you have glimpsed the wonderful future that beckons you and surely the greatest benefit will be to live in absolute peace and harmony with all other life forms. To meet the many humanoids that always had a link to you and have been bound by Galactic Law to resist from getting involved with you.

Remember that in a freewill Universe other Beings must not interfere with it, and must allow you to make your own decisions. We do impress you with ideas that could help your evolution, but we do not go beyond that. You learn by your mistakes and such experiences are lasting and beneficial to your progress.

We wait with joy and happiness for the time soon to come when we shall make your acquaintance again and celebrate your success with you. It is quite an occasion for an Ascension to take place but more so because it will be special. We know it will be a success yet it will be the first time Ascension will have taken place with souls still in their physical bodies. However, they will not remain in them but experience an instant change that will see them in a Light/luminous body, you will truly have become Beings of Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.