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council of light eraoflightdotcomToday our writer asks a question:

COR [channeler]: My friends, I feel as I’ve asked you this many times, but I would like your insights on how to deal with various channelings, disinformation, and other bits of intrigue that come across in emails, videos, social media posts, which some people believe in completely, and which decry as heresy.

It is hard for me, as it is for many, to see people I love and care about falling prey to the deceptions of certain persons or groups, or false messages or commentary, when I intuitively know that information to be false.

I feel into the energy of the speaker(s), and can sort of see and sense when their insights are not insights, but dense programming.

And of course, some people disapprove of my journey, or those whom I trust are telling the truth.

So in a way, I am asking not, “How do I deal with this group of people who are clearly so confused, and really annoying?”

I’m really asking, “How do we deal with the fact that in the US in particular, we are divided into two main groups who are so angry and antagonistic toward one another? That situation shows no signs of abating.”

How do we take down the fence and respect one another’s paths in life?

THE COLLECTIVE: We are very happy that you have asked this!

You are correct that the true path of learning here is not a “I know I’m right” sort of justification, but the realization that each person’s path is marked with agreements and disagreements with others that are relevant to their particular path of growth.

Because of that, each person will spend at least some time in life trusting and investing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in certain ideas, or what they feel are principles, which others may shrink back from with disgust, or at least disapproval.

It is impossible to know what anyone’s path of growth and learning entails, based upon what they appear to trust and identify with, and that includes the information you see so often now—channelings, messages, and “reports” that come from sources which some call trustworthy, others call false.

You have all, at one time or another, guessed correctly you are not here to “be right” and to prove that to others, nor to get upset at what another espouses as Truth.

That idea is true—to them.

And you have noted that to those who hold a differing viewpoint from theirs, You are the “Them”!

Only a mental construct separates the two of you, and people revise those all of the time.

And so, we would say that the cause of Unity and mass interconnection, of allowing millions of others their divergent viewpoints, no matter how restricted their intake of information and breadth of experience—none of that is so hopeless as it might appear.

You have come here to be different from one another!

This is one of the great mountains humanity has wished to climb—Can we accept our own diverse range of backgrounds, interests, and ideas, and still treat one another as siblings we Love and believe in?

Someone we love to where we do not react to even their most difficult comments and behaviors, except to extend understanding, or to lay down clear boundaries so that respect is accorded all persons?

What is trustworthy to one may not be to another, and the “match up” or balancing of those two perspectives may not be any easier to achieve than lining up the past life experiences of those two people and expecting those to match as well.

They cannot, and there is great purpose in that.

Nor can your present lives “match” in perfect ways; that would not be true even of twin siblings who grew up together, born on the same day, attending the same schools, raised by the same people.

Two vastly different outlooks, regardless of how well each understands and intuitively knows the other!

If you can consider that every person in your nation, and in your world, is a sibling who like you, “grew up here,” and yet came in with a different purpose, and took on a different identity for the purposes of learning from those particular shapes and colors of experience—

You then free yourself to simply observe what another is going through.

You may then call it interesting, and perhaps “not preference,” yet not getting caught up in judgment, and thinking or saying to them, “You’re wrong! You’ve got it all wrong!”

What occurs in that moment is not that the other person straightens up and shifts from what they have been believing in.

What happens is that your own energy constricts and gets smaller, along with your world view.

Can you love yourselves enough to feel secure in your own worldview, to where you do not need full accord throughout the room, or the globe, in order to be at Peace with your own journey?

These are difficult questions, for you have lived in scarcity, judgment, loss, trauma, and other shocks along the road to Ascension for centuries, and can barely envision a world in which division is no longer part of your daily reality.

Yet we assure you, you reach toward nothing less now—hence the very demanding sets of circumstances humanity now finds itself in, as you rinse clear of the old systems.

You must now cease judgment of yourselves and others, including that which “you” or “they” decide is true, or not.

You are, as a race, being called to step out of reaction to circumstances, the ego-mind and the personality, appearances, ideologies, and emotional responses, so that you may see the larger picture.

And that is, that Earth is being called up to join the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.

And how are you to do that, when you object to one another on your own planet?

What about those from elsewhere, whose skin color matches that of the sky, or the leafy plant?

What about those whose shape or way of speaking is so new to you? (Though you have seen all this and much more in your sleep state, for thousands of years.)

What about the histories, ideologies, the gods and goddesses of planets and civilizations you have not yet heard of—will those be acceptable to you?

Probably not very many of them, if you view them through the ego-mind, and the need to feel secure in the knowledge that the world is what you know, and what you expect.

The world is no longer that place, if indeed it ever was, friends.

The time has come to release what are well-described as “ego identifications,” however understandable they may be.

Time to release the automatic aligning with one group or system or another, in ways that call you to oppose another group or system or set of ideas.

This very old, formerly successful way of dividing a people (and a planet) is ending now, as the invaders who came to your planet eons ago lose their hold on your way of living, and on your mental capacities.

Welcome this time, dear ones, rather than shrink back from it.

It is what you name it now, stresses and uncertainties, and all.

Call it your New Earth Beginning, and let it be what it must be—a rather messy and dislocated, often cacophonous good-bye to that which you once knew, and must release in favor of a Unity consciousness.

It awaits you, in your dreams, your higher visions, your higher aspect.

It calls to you now, hoping you will not judge that as well, as being too much to ask, too unrealistic, too unlikely to happen.

All awaits your command, co-Creators—and so, what will you choose?

The old way of life, or the New Earth?

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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