9th, 10th, 11th Dimensional Light Collective: Q&A On The Solar Flash And More

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomGreetings dear ones we are a collective of the ninth, tenth and eleventh dimensional spaces. We are a collective cohesion of Antarian energy, Arcturian energy, Sirian energy and Blue Avian energy. There are other collectives at this time, although, you do not know the names yet of these beings.

We would like to convey a message through this one, as the opportunity has arisen. And he has kindly offered to let us come through to say as we wish to say.

Dearly beloveds of this earth, from our vantage point, as the Blue Avians have said previously, it is most glorious, it is a wonderful picture to behold. A wonderful flower that is blooming with petals unseen by your eyes that we see very clearly.

We know there is much to behold in these times of change. We believe there are great changes ahead, which we see from our perspective, and you are yet to experience through your lives, as the ground crew, as those boots on the ground and those masses yet to awaken, that will befall you very shortly. In a series of events that are all part of this great unfolding plan. The greatest of plans. The creator plan.

This sees the ending of a grand experiment. One of a long train of experiential experiments of consciousness if you will. All designed to provide growth and expansion in joy. This one, was to provide contrast, contrast against the darkness, so that you could see and behold your light, more fully more deeply than you could before. It has worked beyond measure. But that did not mean that great pain and great suffering was experienced by all of you. This, dear ones, mainly, is why this experiment must now finish. For we have learned much, you have learned much… and the library of understanding and experience.

There is much yet to come to light, to truth, that is hidden deep within the caverns of yourselves. Treat yourselves with the utmost compassion dear ones. For although this experiment has been vast and long, you have come through it all with flying colours… And you are about to reap all the rewards, for all of your efforts, your sacrifices and all the times where you perhaps lost hope, only to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get right back on that light saddle once again. You did this many times our beloved friends our brothers and sisters. YOU ARE STRONG. You are showing many of us what this true strength means, what it is to have this grit, this strength you have. And we are in awe of you. There are many others, whose names you do not yet know in human form, far out there in this galaxy and in others, who, in your human phrase, whose jaws are dropping in admiration of what you are showing yourselves to be, what you have evolved in to. And what you are yet to become in this great ending experiment.

We wish to give you this message of hope, that soon much is to be revealed. Your time of awakening is now.

As the Blue Avians have communicated to you, the time is now to be within your heart space. Return to your truth. YOUR TRUTH IS INWARDS dear souls. All that you see around you is a reflection, but a mirror. Showing you an outer glimpse, an outer perspective what you have going on INSIDE of you. EVERYTHING is inside of you dear ones. Returning to your centre, returning to your truth, is not only the pinnacle of your being, it is the source well from where all life begins and flows from. This is YOU dear ones!

For you have too long been caught in the outer world, stretched your imaginations and embedded them in the on going’s of the outer world. It is time to come back dear ones, to your heart centres. Be within the real you again. Know yourself, feel yourself, love yourself. Be in the love that you are, this is your natural state.

This will temper any turmoil inside you quickly, even instantly. And just watch how quickly the outer mirage changes itself accordingly. How quickly the apparency of chaos outside of you calms itself. As if you had applied a magic balm to sooth all ails, all ills that you see outside of you. But what did you really do? You went into your power, you declared yourself as you are, as a divine source being of love and light… and the illusion, fell away. The illusion cannot survive, for there is no law to uphold it, you have heard this many times, from other channels. This indeed true dear ones. Only that which is held in place by divine law can stay in place. All else is illusion and can only be held in place as long as you choose, through your free will, to do so.

And that is where the key lies, when you come back into your inner being to your sacred heart space, you effectively choose to relinquish, to release holding in place that WHICH IS UNREAL. And so it disappears dear ones. And so your perspective changes, quite naturally. It aligns with your heart centre, and suddenly all that is love and light reveals itself to you. It was never hidden. The game you are playing is one of perspective.

Can you come back into your centre, and regain the perspective of a true divine source energy being…? It is that simple dear ones, nothing is holding you back, only yourselves. Nothing of the outer illusion holds sway over you, for YOU are holding IT in place! And you can choose to let it go…

Unfold from within yourself and just watch how quickly the outer world changes TO YOU.

EVERYTHING IS INSIDE YOU, we remind you dear ones.
And so that is our message today. Believe in yourselves, love yourselves, be in and merge with your heart centre as much as you feel to and you will soon see the change you crave, quicker than the blink of an eye…

And so it is, dearly beloveds, with our love and peace and light, we bid you farewell for now…

Thank you…

Q & A with the higher dimensional light collective (or HDLC – is much easier :))

Davey: Could you expand a little more on the dynamics, the energetic dynamics of the inner and outer worlds?

HDLC: Yes, we would love to… this is a good question, and it is one that has plagued many souls with confusion. There is a barrier, a membrane if you will that surrounds you. It also pervades you. It is a membrane of forgetfulness. It is a membrane around the heart area, the heart space that causes you to feel separation with who you truly are. It in fact runs so deeply in many that they forget that they are source energy beings, they believe that they are the ego, the body, the physical structure which the soul has entered. They become so enamored with it in fact, they fear death, they fear injury and they believe very much that the outer world has sway over them, grips them, and that they are a product of the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth dear ones. You see this membrane of forgetfulness is disappearing fast, some have called it the veil. It is an energetic electrical membrane that has certain properties that allows you to experience the illusion of separation (I’m seeing what looks like a blanket with holes in it, and light is coming through those holes). Yes, dear one, that is a good analogy that we’re sending to you. If this light represented each soul, then the blanket of darkness is the manifestation in between you that makes it look and feel like you are separated from each other. It is really not there. It is an illusion that you have chosen to partake in this game and uphold this veil for yourselves. No one is holding it there for you, you have chosen to do this. This is a very important point. And this is why we ask you to go into your heart centre and merge with your truth. The more you do this and it saturates your consciousness, that love that you really are, that veil disappears. It has no place, it is not held any longer. This is why it is important also to withdraw any attachment to the outer world, the events that you see.

None of the chaos you see is n fact happening. Why do we say this you may ask? You may say “I can see it with my own eyes, people are being harmed, people are in pain, people are suffering”. Well dear ones, they aren’t really, this is the grand illusion. Again, this is a game of perspective, can you see light within the darkness? Because light and love is all there really is… There is nothing else dear ones, what else could there be?

When you change your perspective from upholding an illusion and fooling yourself to believing it’s there, to returning to truth, to allow your perspective to almost elastically return to what is real, you have the realization that none of this ever really happened.

Is it like, as this one would say, a virtual reality game where the illusions in the headset seem so real, the feedback appears so real, that it can fool you into thinking that it is actually happening, that it is really there! But in truth dear ones, when you make the choice to come back into your heart space and meld with your truth again, you are effectively removing the virtual reality headset and realizing that it was just a game, and an energetic membrane that was designed for this purpose. It can only ever be held in place by you dear ones.

This is as we see it, the great awakening, the removal of the membrane of forgetfulness, the return to your truth in your heart centre. The love and light that you are. This is everything that you are.

Can you change your perspective? It will do so naturally when you return to your heart space, for this we see happening, many of you are doing this right now, and it is glorious to behold!

Do you have another question for us?

Davey: So, would there be another membrane like this around the entire planet, like a collective membrane of forgetfulness?

HDLC: Indeed there has been, for this is falling away, just as fast as your personal ones are. The collective is being healed, much is being removed, much is purging. We would again say do not invest in the false outer perspectives of the pain and suffering that you see, for it is not really happening. Yeshua and Sananda have said this many times, this is true.

You must understand the difference, light is real, love is real. The so called apparent inversion of it that you are seeing, is not real. It is only apparent to those who wish to see it in that way, this is the power you have – to create the illusion, or return home to peace and your truth. This is the game you have been playing, to find your way out of the illusion. To find your way to removing that membrane, that virtual reality headset, by coming back into your heart space and remembering who you truly are, who you have been and who you really wish to be.

Do you have another question before we release the channel?

Davey: Yes, in terms of the light penetrating into the deep core and fabric of the earth, how is that going?

HDLC: This indeed is a good question, it is almost complete. The great flash as you have called it, as many upon your planet have come to know it is almost upon you. We do not give dates, in a linear fashion, for we do not operate in linear time. And by this we mean it is frequency based.

When you, our beloveds, reach the appropriate frequency, and you are so very close now, the flash will happen, the event will happen. This is how it really works and why we can never give dates and times, it could be tomorrow, it could be next year. It all depends on you dear ones, it’s all about frequency, frequency, frequency…

Match the frequency of the reality you wish to have, and so it shall be. Much is raising automatically, by the light coming into you, by you grounding the light, being the light. This is an automatic shift in frequency if you will. But you also have personal choice. You have the ability to consciously and continually raise your frequency each day. And the best way as we see it for you is to enter your heart space, be the love that you are, love yourselves, love your neighbour as you would yourself as Yeshua said many years ago. This is very important dear ones. Compassion, the wisdom of compassion, love, these are your true aims, as we see it.

There is much to unfold, but if you are in your heart centre, you will weather these transitions as easy as a lily floating down the river.

If there is nothing else, we will release channel now, and bid you farewell…?
Davey: Yes a question about the recent Schumann resonance graph recently going blank?

HDLC: Yes… we hoped you would ask this question, this is a wonderful question. You recently hit a band in transitions was ‘off the charts’ so to speak, they could not measure then energies coming in. They were too high, and your instruments could not function, as we see it. This happened temporarily and is stabilizing now. This was a burst of energy of gamma light waves from your brothers and sisters from across the galaxy and most notably from your Pleiadian, Sirian, Antarean, Arcturian families amongst others, which we will not go into details here.

This is a wonderful burst of energy and has rooted deeply loving codes, deeply transitional codes into your earth’s biosphere, into the earth fabric herself and within you, our beloved ground crew. These are energies for you to assimilate. For you to hone to. To help you more deeply align to your truth. To assist you to get into that heart space of yours more effortlessly and deeply. These are beloved codes that we are so very glad to have sent you, amongst other energy packets that were sent to. We cannot go into too much detail at this time, much of this is multidimensional in nature and beyond your current perspective. But trust that this will unfold in you in time and it will be beautiful dear ones…

That is all for now… We would like to release channel now, so as to not overload this one too much…

Goodbye for now we love you all and we hope to speak with you very soon.

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