Voices from the Vastness of Being: Rudolph Steiner, Loved Ones of 9/11

stargate eraoflightdotcomThere are teachers of spiritual wisdom who are no longer in the physical dimension with us who are coming forth to assist in the deepening of our awareness and our spiritual awakening at this time. These teachers are speaking through many channels and they are with us to help us navigate this chaotic time. Some of them were well known figures in the world and others were people who went about their lives and lived from their hearts without making a big splash. All have wisdom to share and are coming forwards in many ways to assist us in this time of change.

There are some people who say that we shouldn’t trust channeled material. I say, trust your inner knowing regarding any information that comes your way, as always. We are becoming more telepathic and intuitive. Self-love and trusting our intuition is how we can navigate through all the information that is churning and bubbling in our world.

I keep feeling that it is best to look up and beyond all the political “news and views” that we are being bombarded with, because it feels like a diversion. There is something much deeper going on within each of us – within our personal journey. The radiance of our energy field goes out into the world – the energy field of Earth. We are adding our own frequency to the harmonic resonance of Humanity. Many are aware of this. Bringing ourselves back into our center of love helps us maintain the frequency of our unique Divine Soul Essence. This is not the new age spiritual bypassing that many spiritual teachers speak about these days. This is our personal experience of energy management in these chaotic times. There is a lot of misinformation flowing through the Internet so that it is difficult to distinguish what the truth is. Tuning in to our center and simply being within the radiance of our Divine Soul Essence helps us to find peace and if we so desire, we can link to the Inner Net where we connect with one another in the beauty of our collective consciousness.

Sitting in my garden with the sunflowers, butterflies, bees and hummingbirds one morning, I opened to channel, hoping to connect with Seth, and instead Rudolph Steiner came through. I don’t know a lot about Rudolph Steiner. Subsequent to his messages, I did some research on him and discovered that he lived in a time, similar to today, (during World War I) when fascism was rising. He was subject to censorship and attacks and yet his wisdom created an energetic pathway that is still an influence for Humanity today. He had first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to live in times of upheaval and confusion.

Intending to go to the stone cottage with the fire in hearth, where I usually meet with Seth, Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, I wasn’t able to connect in with that setting. Nothing can be forced when dealing with different dimensions, so I stayed in my garden. I was reading Rudolph Steiner earlier on this morning and I felt his energy with me. Hummingbirds were coming and hovering around me and there was a pair of goldfinches flitting among the sunflowers.

Seth is here. And someone else.

We are coming into your world. A very beautiful place you have created. We like your sunflowers and purple coneflowers. A sanctuary. This is a good place to be in the mornings and late afternoons. Let us gather here for a while.

Rudolph Steiner

I can see you sitting, wearing the embodiment you had when you were in time here. I feel a body of knowledge that is very big and I may not be ready to take it all in and translate into words. It’s like there is a fog of density in my head.

It is in the process of lifting as you bring the light forth through your energy centers. The light of Source burns off the fog. You have felt this density in your head for a long time – like your head has hit the ceiling. Patience and steady focus will help shift this. It is true, what you’ve read about the upper dantian [area of the pineal gland] receiving an “energetic upgrade.” Within all that is happening in your world, there is much more going on energetically. This will help you to create a practice of focusing.

I want to speak to you about some practical matters involving free will and subservience. Look beyond the chatter about what is happening and all the diversions. It is like churning waves in the ocean. You divert your attention there very often. Instead, tune in to your energy centers and practice opening and expanding in the center of your brain. You see the glands in your brain like seeds of light. They do open into non-physical realms of perception and insights that carry much expansive wisdom. This is available to you and will help to build a bridge to more expansive knowledge or knowing.

You are tuning into the vibration – the energetic signature – of my soul. You have a longing for connection and for home. You can find it here within yourself in this lifetime. Earth and humanity are in a great transition. You spoke with your friend about how you feel you are moving through a portal. And you are working on a painting of the portal. Yes, you are all spinning, spiraling through the portal. Opportunities for opening and expansion are within this portal.

So… free will and subservience. Please continue if it is the right moment.

There are powers that be that diffuse the energy and offer diversions to humanity – diversions from growth and expansion. These diversions keep you spinning in circles of fear and anger. Humans are oftentimes subservient to this power because it is in the ancestral lineage in your DNA. You know this already. The so-called upgrade of frequency in the head is bringing this to the surface.

Humans have been blindly following, blindly obeying a frequency of information that was set in place thousands of years ago. The history you know of is incomplete. We know you have a desire and an intention to learn about the history of humanity on earth. There was a time when earth experience was not so linear. There was a time when perception was more expanded. As you clear the ancestral energies (which will also help clear the fog you sense), neural pathways will open that haven’t been opened for eons of time. This opening of awareness can be expressed through all the varied forms of creative inspiration. Letting go, surrendering to this expansion brings forth new possibilities of wonder and joy. Creating through love, curiosity and allowing amazement to fuel the expansion, will bring great joy and will open up pathways of expression that have not been opened before.

Humanity has been subservient to the limiting beliefs and energies that were set in place thousands of years ago and guided by fear. Now is an opportunity to suspend, to let go of forever, this subservience and to become aligned with the loving and joyful frequency of creativity, no matter what any people –including some spiritual teachers – have to say about this – YOU are being called to explore these pathways – and even more so to create new pathways through the embodiment of love, which is in your Divine Soul Essence.

Find the feeling tone of your Divine Soul Essence within you – the innocence, the lightness, the joyfulness of your true self. Be with this feeling, allow it to permeate your being all the time, find it and bring it forth. Spend less time focusing on the churning ocean of chaos and more time with the expansion and the new wisdom that is being birthed through you and many others.

[The hummingbird has come again to hover around me before it flies away.]

Looking at the churning energy is a kind of addiction. How can I change this?

You already know the answer – you have guides that are there to help you. Call upon them – invite them into your field – ask for their help for focusing. Make it a practice every morning to open your centers and amplify Source Light through your being. Taking care of your body will become a deeper part of your practice – all is connected – clearing the accumulation of your lifetime, exercising your body, tuning in to your essence and amplifying it through you along with the Source Light will all help you to begin working towards your goals of writing, music and painting. This kind of creative expression may not be for everyone, but it is for you. This message is for all who read this: your gifts are wanting to be played with, whatever they are. You are loved. There is no one criticizing you for not doing enough. The anxiety you feel at times is related to the gifts that are wanting to be danced into being! Never mind what happened in the past, now in each moment is your present.

So what about free will?

Free will is what you embody when you release the shackles of slavery – subservience to fear. Free will is your ticket home.

There are philosophers that say we have no free will. That we are subjected to all that has gone before… or something like that.

That has been true, when in the subservience energy. There are things undreamed of that you will tap into and discover for yourself through [here’s the hummingbird again] the exercises outlined above. So, go forth and make your day delightful.

Thank you so much. Rudolph I feel you as a brother to me. And Seth a dear, dear friend.

R: Yes I envelop you in a divine hug and I am here with you.

S: We walk along side you. In any moment of your day to day you can ask us for insights or just to be with you so you feel our energetic connection. We will meet in your garden again.

I feel your love and support. As the hummingbirds chase one another around me. There is a significance to this. (Hummingbird’s message is joy and a renewal of the magic of living.) Thank you – radiating love to you.

And us to you.

Now today, as I put this blog together, is the anniversary of a terrible event (9/11). There is much grief flowing in the collective. And the Western area of the United States is on fire at this time. And there are other places in the world filled with strife.

The Loved ones of 9/11

We are with our families and friends that we left behind on that day. We are with them whenever they think of us. Please find love in your hearts and in your lives. Find gratitude. We will be together again someday. Our love is essential to change the tide of fear. When they say, “Never forget,” we say, “Never stop loving.” Share love through helping others. Be kind, allow your grief to open your hearts to more love. We love you, we love you, we love you.

Voices from the Vastness of Being

There has been an energy – an actual being – that is dark and dense and filled with hate that has been on Earth for eons. It flows through many Human Beings, hooking them with fear and manipulating some of them to do its bidding. The frequency of Love has been on the rise and has reached critical mass and is growing. Know this with your heart and soul. This will help you to extricate yourselves from the tentacles of fear. Energy healers are working with multidimensional beings of Light to draw this dense being off of the planet – out of people’s hearts and off of the planet.

This density has appeared as demons to some seers. These demons can be placed in orbs painted black on the inside and removed from the planet, their tentacles loosening from the hearts of the humans who are doing their bidding. Removing these beings from this plane of existence and sending them to the appropriate astral plane according to their vibration is possible and is happening with the help of all seers, energy healers and now you – all who read these words. These demons dance where there is strife and destruction.

Love, in the visualized form of cool water, or in the color of cool blue light can fill the places where the tentacles connected to humans and to the earth. Finding your way into energetic visualizations can affect the situation. Do not doubt the power of human beings united together. You are powerful – more powerful than you have known. All Humans have the ability to work with energy. You can do this visualization by sending Source energy out from your field towards any situation that you wish to bring more love to. The color of the love frequency can be whatever appears to you. We offer the blue cooling ray to the fires in the West. Trust what you feel and see. Not all have the inner vision but all of you loving Humans have the ability to move energy – and when you realize you are all connected within the Inner Net, you gain more momentum and power to create a standing wave of love that will make this Earth a place where this demonic energy can no longer survive and thrive.

It is up to each individual to work on managing their energy, dissolving the tentacles of fear into love over and over again within. The radiance of your love will assist those who are struggling with fear. Trust yourselves. Trust your intuition. And know that there are many, many beings in the non-physical who are with you to assist you at this time. Each of you has your own personal experience and your part to play. Love yourselves, believe in your beautiful hearts and ask for assistance to connect with your Divine Soul Essence so you can live your truth and honor your beautiful innocence. Those who have left the physical still live, their essence is still alive and they are with you to help you navigate from fear to love. You are not alone.

I tuned in to the fires in the West and saw the face of a demon. Calling upon non-physical beings who are transporters of souls, I asked for assistance in placing this demon in an orb that was black on the inside. As I saw this happen, it was like my view receded to take in the entire West coast of America and I saw many other orbs rising from the flames. There were black tentacles reaching into the flames and we created an energy field that drew these orbs out of the flames and they were escorted off the planet. Then we sent cool, blue water flowing to the earth, flowing to soothe the flames, to help quell the fires. The water turned to blue light, cool light to soothe the fires and the fear and grief of the people who live there. I offer this visualization to assist anyone who might want to work with helping to put the fires out on an energetic level.

Much love to all,


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