Yeshua: The Whole Enchilada

yeshua eraoflightdotcomBeloved and holy and only child of the one source, child of light, divine. That is who you are. I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Truly, always we walk together, hand in hand, mind to mind, heart to heart, and I hear you when you speak to me. It does not have to be in audible tones, but just in the mind as you become aware of my presence. You can say hi to me, sing me a Song, hum a tune that perhaps we both know, and allow me to feel your love. Because truly that is all that you are, and when I say “All that you are”, that is the essence of wholeness, everything, unlimited.

You think that you are just the body. You think that you are just the mind. You think that you are perhaps the emotions of the heart. You are all that and more.

In this evening we are going to have some fun, because there have been some questions, unlimited type questions that are fomenting and wanting to know answers. So we will play with the questions later on, but in the beginning we will play with a question that has been asked by your beloved friend who wants to know predictions for the coming year. What is it going to be like?

Well, in a few words, it is going to be very much like this year. In other words, there is going to be energy that is going to be working through, energy of ones protesting the way things have been, ones who are looking to the future, wanting to see a bright and loving, more calm future—which is where some of you are already—saying, “Please, let us have some calmness.”

It is going to be for others allowing the releasement of great energies that have been stored from past lifetimes as well, where there have been many memories stuffed into the psyche that travel with some of the brothers and sisters. These energies want to be acted upon, want to be neutralized, want to be loved. So you are going to see in the year to come much of energies rising up, being allowed to dissipate, and coming back to that place of love.

But before you get to the place of love, there is going to be much of housecleaning that you are going to watch. Some you are going to feel yourself drawn into, because

truly you have known other lifetimes when you have been the one that seemed to be limited by the brothers and sisters who thought they were above you and that you were only to serve them, if you were noticed at all.

So there is a feeling within you in this lifetime that you want to be acknowledged. You want to have ones see you, love you, engage with you on various topics and come to a place of acceptance. Truly, everyone wants to be accepted as the brother/sister that they are and wants to be accepted as the unlimited spirit which they are just now coming into realizing they could be and are.

It is an exciting time to be alive, because many ones in their protesting seemingly against something are having to look at, “What do I stand for? What am I wanting to see? How is it going to come about?” And that is the knotty question.

So ones are working on releasing the tightness, and as you have seen, it is not always pretty. Ones are allowing to surface much they have carried with them from other lifetimes, the same as you have, but you have worked through a good bit of that which has been heavy so that you can come to an evening such as this and set it aside, all of the seemingly injured parts of yourself, and focus on loving; loving the friends, loving yourself.

Now, truly, each spark of divinity—Each brother/sister—is wanting to come home, is wanting to feel accepted, wanting to feel whole again, to know their own inner nature as spirit and as wholeness. In order to do that, the separated ego feels it must throw off all of the cloaks of limitation. So you see ones out there—And you have said this in your words—Acting out all of the hurts and remembrances of times when they felt very, very small and put down. And they are saying, “I will not stay down. You have to pay attention to me.”

One way or another, they are asking, as the small child, “Pay attention to me. See me as whole. I want to see me as whole, and I want you to mirror it back to me.” Now, that’s the tricky part, because ones, as they are mirroring something back to you, are working through their hurts and remembrances of times when they have seemingly been put down and not appreciated for who and what they are.

So there is what you see as an encasement, much as you would understand a hurt that grows a growth over top of it called a scab, and it is being peeled off. As it is being peeled off to get rid of it, it hurts. And when ones get hurt, what do they do? Yes, they cry, they scream, they make noise, because they feel that’s going to get it to go faster.

So in this year to come, ones are wanting to know, “What is the year 2021 going to bring me? What is it going to look like?” Well, in truth, it is not going to bring you anything. You are going to be filling it day by day as to what you have in store within you that wants to be healed, that needs to be healed, that in truth will be coming up to be healed.

Now, all of you listening to these words have been, in one lifetime or several, the healer. You have been at the place where you could encourage other ones to know their wholeness. You have seen their light. You have seen their wholeness. Perhaps they have not seen it, but they want to see it, they want to know it, they want to live it, and they feel that you are the mirror for them—And you are—to show them just how Light they are, how perfect they are. And they are crying out, literally crying, screaming at the tops of their voices, “Look at me. See me.”

That is why you have the protesters out there, thinking that they are protesting limitation, and in truth they are, but they are protesting their own self-image of limitation. However, as they are the small child, after they have screamed and demonstrated and protested and carried on long enough, they are going to come to a place of peace, at least for an instant. It may not be for a half hour. It may not be for a day. It may be only for an instant of knowing hope, “I hope someone can hear me. I hope someone can see me. I can’t see me. I don’t know. I just know I hurt. Maybe you can see me.”

And this is the greatest gift you can give to another one, to look at them deeply and to say in words, in audible tone, “I see you. I love you. I love that which you are.” At first they are going to say, “Well, that can’t be true. For eons of time I have been told that I am lower and lower and lower as the lowliest slug that crawls along the road. I cannot be what you say you see.”

And yet you will keep on saying, “I see the light of you. I see the holiness of you. Your maker is the truth of your being, and your maker”—you have a saying in your world

—“does not make junk. Your maker only makes the very best.”

Now, the maker is not an energy outside of you. It is not that you would say, “Please, please, please, I’ll be good.” You don’t have to do that. You are already good. Your maker is yourself—capital “S”, the divinity of you that has put you here to have the experience that you are choosing to have.

“Oh, no, no, now you’ve gone off the rails with that one. I would not choose this kind of life.” Yes, you have, for the healing in it, for knowing the power of the divinity of

you in it. You have chosen it out of great forethought. Out of great unlimitedness you have said to yourself, “Look (As in a mirror). See the light of you reflected back.”

And you say, “Well, I can see this in this one and this one and this one of my friends. They are all very knowledgeable, they are all very kind, they’re all loving, but no, you don’t know the thoughts that sometimes I have.” I have news for you. Yes, I do know those thoughts. Did I ever have those thoughts? Of course.

Everyone who takes incarnation has thoughts, questions, wants to know, “Why am I here? Why do I feel so worthless? Is that the truth of my being, just to suffer, just to have self-judgments?” No, it is not. It is to throw it aside and to come into the realization

—Making real in your awareness—the realization of the Christ of you.

And yes, I have used that word advisedly. The Christ is your divinity. The Christ is the power that you have used to make that which seems to be human, or whatever form you have chosen. It is not something far from you. It is not something that you have to pray 631 times for before you get it, and on the 632nd time it is instantly given to you. It is there the whole time. It is the essence out of which you fashion that which you think you are and more.

So allow yourself the deep breath—right now. Hold it. Take the breath and hold it. And in that space you have been healed. In the space of the deep breath you have been healed. Now, anytime when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by events that are happening, things that you see on your square box, the protesters, the anger, the words that hurt, take the deep breath and come home again. That is the healing. Take the deep breath, hold it for as long as you can or as Short; it doesn’t matter. But hold it and know that is the essence of you, the realization of your wholeness. Then after that, treat yourself to a great drink of fresh water. It will revive the cells of the body, and you can go forward feeling more energized.

Now, back to the predictions. The predictions do not, in truth, need to be specific.

You are going to see more and more of what you have been seeing, ones finding themselves thinking that they have to go out en masse to show their power. Now, truly, their power always abides within them; otherwise, they would not be. But they think if they come out in a great grouping, then they are more powerful, and in human terms it looks that way.

They do not have to even come to the place of energizing the destructiveness in order to show their power; the power of a smile, the power of a word: I love you; you are a friend; I greet the friends one by one. That is your power. That is the power in the

whole grouping of ones who think that they are only this big, perhaps maybe an inch. Well, maybe some get puffed up and they think they’re two inches, okay. I have known ones like that.

But in truth, you are the power that activates everything that you see—the plants that are around you, the trees that are around you, the fish that swim in the ocean, the ocean itself. Who put it there? You did. And if you turn your back on it, where does it go? “Well, I think it’s still there. I hear something.” And you turn around very fast. “Ah, there it is; it’s still there.”

You play games with yourself. You play games to prove something to yourself, and then you say, “Oh, well, it’s only a game. It’s not really true. I’m not that powerful. I couldn’t see that.” You’re here, aren’t you? That takes power. It takes power to be—full stop, period. It takes power to be. So here you are, and what are you going to do about it?

You’re going to reach out and love: buy groceries for a friend, speak loving words to one who is hurting. “I’m going to speak truth to one who is questioning what is really true.” You’re going to say to one who feels they need a friend, “I am your friend. I will walk with you.” You speak, you encourage. You say, “Whatever you need, we will call it forth.”

And because ones believe in a power outside of themselves, they believe that the Christ of me can call it forth—which I can, and I do. Ones call upon me, and they believe in me. Accept the Christ of yourself; otherwise, you would not be. You would not be here. That is how strong you are.

So, predictions. Specifically, you personally—I will be speaking to the one known as Bill, William—you are going to come home in this next year. You are going to, in a meditative state, reach that place that says, “I am. I am That I am.”

You, by the name of Timothy J., you are going in the next year to find the body shaping itself in a more healthy way so that you can go easily without having to ask, “Is the leg going to work, is the back going to work, is whatever going to?” And you are going to know it and feel it. There is going to come a day in this next year when you are going to jump up in the air and click your heels together. And no, you are not going to Fall on your Face.

You are going to know the love that surrounds you, because you are giving it. This next year it is going to come right up in your face, and you are going to say, “It’s about time,” And you’re going to hug everyone who comes to speak with you, because they are

going to want your love. They are going to want that which you can give, the hug that says, “Come home. Come home to the Christ of us.”

It is going to be a Very good year. The angels are singing for you. They know that you hear them, and they are happy, because so many of the brothers and sisters go on their way and do not feel any joy. And there they are; they are singing, some on the shoulder to the Ear, and ones do not hear them yet. But you, because you speak words of truth, say, “Hey, look, there’s an angel right there, smiling at you.”

And they say, “I don’t see this, strange one.” But it puts a Suggestion in their mind, and they say, “Well, if she can see them, and she says they are smiling at me, you know, that feels good. I really like that feeling. I don’t know if it’s true, but it sure feels good.” So you have changed their energy. You have given them hope, a new vision. So they are going to try it out.

This next year you are going to see some of the fruits of your labors in the previous years coming to fruition, to a place that says, “You know, I liked your words a couple years ago. I liked what you were putting forward, but I didn’t think it was for me. It was maybe for others, but it wasn’t for me. But, you know, I’m hungering and thirsting for the angelic touch, and when I’m with you, I feel that.”

So you’re going to find that ones are going to be happier around you, and they’re going to come back for more. And then they, because they’ve been touched, are going to go out and touch others. Thank you for the work that you are doing. Thank you to all of you for the work that you are doing. You do not call it work. You just call it being.

And the same for you. You have the heart that is as big as the palace. It is huge. It loves. It wants to serve. You find ones who need something, and you say, “Okay, I will go to the store for you. Okay, I will do what you need to have done. I will take you to the store, and we will buy chocolate ice cream.” And that brings a Smile to the face; to your face and to the one who is being gifted.

All of you within the sound of my voice, in this next year you are going to be more and more aware of the Christ of you. You are going to be more and more aware of the gift that you give to others. You are going to be gifting to yourself that knowing of the Christ walking in your size 13 shoes; or size 5; whatever size fits. But you are going to feel the Christ of you coming alive again. How do you like that for a prediction?

And it is true of your being. It is time. The Christ of you has been coming out year by year sneaking through this crack, sneaking through that crack; times when you weren’t even thinking about the Christ of you. A lot of times you would have said, “No,

that can’t be me. Maybe I want to be a friend to someone. Yes, I will do that. I can be friends. But the Christ, oh, that’s someone who was up on a Cross a long time ago and managed to come back alive again. What a demonstration. But me, hm, no, I just die, get put in a box, get burned up, whatever. And then I come back again. So, yes, you do resurrect yourself in the form that you believe serves the living Christ. You are very powerful.

You are going to be seeing the Christ of the protesters, of the demonstrators, of the ones who are angry at what they call the system. You are going to be seeing miracles, where ones are going to be in step with other ones, walking, protesting, whatever they want to call it, and then something is going to happen where they reach out and put an arm around the one walking next to them, then pretty soon an arm around the next one.

You have already been seeing this, where ones are coming together. Now, they think it is because of a cause outside of themselves, but in truth, the cause is within them. They want to know the walking, living, breathing Christ. And I use that word advisedly, because that is Who and What you are.

And yes, it is okay to get up in the morning and say, “Good morning, Christ,” As you look in the mirror. Try that on for size. On the morrow when you first go in and look in the mirror, look at the mirror and say, “Good morning, Christ,” And give yourself a hug.

The Christ looking back at you is going to smile. Allow yourself to stand in that radiance of the smile and say, “Hey, that feels good. I don’t know if it’s true. Jeshua Says it’s true. I don’t know if it’s true, but you know, it sure feels good.” Even with the hair all messed up. You know, you get up out of the bed, and the hair—well, if you have any—gets messed up.

Allow yourself to play. Allow yourself to greet the Christ of you and say, “Hi, Christ.” “Oh, my God, I used that word. I’m waiting to be struck from heaven. Hm, nothing happened.” And you smile. “Well, it’s just my secret with the mirror, you know. The mirror won’t tell. I guess it’s okay.” And it is okay. The mirror just shows you Who and What you are. And as I say, with messed up hair or whatever, the mirror just mirrors it back to you.

Have fun with yourself—capital “S”. In this next year you are going to have opportunity to say, “Woe is me. What is the world coming to? There’s so much wrong in the world.” Or, “Hey, you know, I’m seeing ones coming truly alive. I’m seeing ones reaching out in love. I’m seeing ones who really want that hug.” And you give them the

hug. You have a Smile on your face. Maybe you’ve got the mask, yes, but that’s okay. You can hug with a mask on. It’s okay. It takes courage.

Live in your Truth—capital “T”; not just the truth as the mind says, “Well, this could be true. Maybe it’s true.” But live in the Truth of your being, in joy. Enjoy your life. You have gifted to yourself life everlasting. Those two words go together very well: life everlasting. Because this is not your first lifetime. And I share with you, it is probably not going to be your last lifetime. It is always a Choice, and as we have spoken many times, you think, “Well, I’m going home. After this lifetime, that’s it; no more. I’m not going to suffer this world anymore.”

But then you get a different perspective and say, “Well, there are one or two things that I haven’t experienced. I haven’t really experienced love; true love. Yes, I have known human love. I have been in love many times, and that has felt good. But to know really true spiritual love, where I see the Christ of you, and where you see the Christ of me, and we come alive in that energy; I want to know that again. I want to feel that again.

And I don’t want to have to lay down the body, as it would be an impediment. I don’t want to have to lay down the body before I know the Christ of me and the Christ of you. I want to see that right now, right now in this lifetime. I don’t want to have to wait and read about it somewhere, that someone named so and so has Conquered the belief in separation. I want to know it, I want to feel it, I want to be it.”

Why not now? In the year 2021, come home, come alive. You do not have to even relinquish the body. You can come home right where you sit, right where you stand. Right where you are grieving, you are home, free, no charge, only the acceptance to say, “I am home. I am in love. Oh, wow, I always wanted to be in love. I thought if I did such and such, someone would love me. There were all kinds of caveats and things that I had to look out for and things that I had to be in order to be loved. And then one morning I woke up and remembered the words of Yeshua, ‘Come unto me.’” And by that, I did not mean Yeshua as a person, but come unto me, the One—capital “O”—that we are. Come unto that knowledge that you have resurrected the true Self—capital “S”. You have awakened.

Your next year is going to be full of love, full of energy, full of, “I can’t wait to see what is coming for me. I can’t wait.” You have known someone who used to say that a lot. “I can’t wait to see the good in this.” And you don’t have to wait. That is the beauty. Right here and now you see the good, you feel the good, with one who is near you or perhaps

miles away. You are one with them. Come home with them. It awaits only your choice to say, “I am alive. I am the Christ. I am happy. Wow! I didn’t think it could be.”

And you are; Alive, the Christ, expressing; on two feet, one foot, four feet, no feet. You are the Christ, living, breathing, expressing, and above all, hugging, mask or no mask. That which you are, you are going to come to know more and more in the year that you are birthing known as 2021. But what are numbers? Come, know the Christ. So be it.

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