Saint Germain and Lady Portia: Predictions 2021, Two Worlds Colliding

galaxy eraoflightdotcomThe Final Battle for Earth is Here!

As I said, this is what has saved the earth! This is what has “tilted the scales” enough, between the positive energies and these levels of highly-destructive energies – which are still coming forward on the earth – and to the earth, because don’t think this is limited to just what is happening on the earth! Because there are still these levels of extraterrestrial interference that are coming to the earth to take part in this vast confrontation between the forces of darkness and light. You might say that IT IS THE FINAL BATTLE!

You have entered “the final battle” for planet Earth. And I know this is a “prediction for the coming year of 2021, so I will just tell you now that this is a battle that will extend far beyond your coming year! It will be in operation for many years! It will not be finished for quite a few more years, and I cannot give you an exact timeline because we do not know what is going to occur on the earth – and how the balance of power may be shifting and adjusting between these two forces! It is still in flux, because it is a dynamic energy equivalent between these two forces — which each command vast sources of energy reserves – even “off planet,” which they can bring to bear on this confrontation.

So, it is almost beyond description as far as giving you a big enough picture of what is happening now – the possibilities of how this may synchronize and shift – and evolve into new levels of confrontation. And we are very concerned about this, obviously! And not because we fear defeat in any way, but because we are committed to bringing to bear on the situation all possible reserves of energy and intelligence, indeed, even throughout the galaxy!

And that effort comprises a great degree of our work at the present time – it is to locate and to activate some of these civilizations who have tremendous energy resources that they can send and bring to bear on this situation. And that is what we are doing now! We are “marshaling our forces,” so to speak, so that the Forces of Light are receiving vast amounts of reinforcements, shall we say, from extraterrestrial realms, of course.

And that is our focus at the present time – it is to bring as much of this positive energy as we can muster, to bear on the situation, because that will have the effect of “tamping down” and diminishing the levels of this very negative and, in many ways, destructive energy which is opposing the light at this time on your planet. And so, it is our aim, through these efforts which I am describing to you, to prevent many levels of the destruction and damage which would and could, otherwise, operate on and effect the earth.

And, I’m sure what we are doing will morph, in time, into the process of including more and different types of activities which will be focused upon “marshaling our forces” in a response to this situation that I have been describing to you, in order to “stay on top of the situation,” as you would put it, in your vernacular, so that we are very well aware of what is happening, and we are able to respond to things “in real time,” as you would say – and not allow things to get out of hand in any area of what is happening.

This response is needed, because this is a very large, a very extensive event of energy and consciousness which is now playing out on the earth. And it is only going to increase for several years in your future.

Now, I’m not saying that it is going to be this intense at all times, because it will flareup and subside, in cycles. Some of these time cycles will be of very long duration, where it has subsided and seems to go away, and perhaps one side or the other will think they have succeeded in taking command of consciousness of a planet. But that will not be the whole picture at that time, because, you see, we always have more forces that we can bring to bear on things such as this!

Nothing is static at any point in time, and that is another major perspective that you need to keep in mind as you are evaluating this situation, because, as in all things, there is “an ebb and a flow.” It comes and it goes! Things change! You will see circumstances change and shift back and forth – many times – over the next several years, where you will say, “Oh well, the light is winning now! It has been successful! It has completely beaten back the darkness, and all of that is gone.” And then there will be another flow of these energies to the earth, because so much of this is extraterrestrial, you see. You cannot see what is coming many times! And that is the mistake that many people make when they are attempting to evaluate this situation and predict how it may evolve in future time on earth.

Even we do not know, and I could not tell you, all of the different time-frames involved, regarding when the light will be predominant – and when it seems that the darkness has reared its head again. So you will just have to wait and see what happens. But I can, and have, given you, I believe, the basic dynamics to have an accurate overview of this situation. And I believe I have done so.

You can have a short break with this, and then perhaps Count St. Germain will speak to you on this theme a little later. For the present moment, I am Portia, and it has been my great joy to be able to speak to you in this way, and Namaste.

Participant Question: Where are we now in this cycle of darkness and light?

Lady Portia: You can be wherever you choose to be, with the command of your consciousness that you have, you see! You can join either part of these two energy opposites, and it depends on the consciousness level of a person – and, more importantly, what they are choosing to focus upon in that specific moment in time, as to which energies they are going to contact – between the darkness and the light, the positive or the negative, so to speak. Because people shift back and forth all the time between the two of these energies.

You see nothing in the universe is “set in stone!” Everything is consciousness and energy which is moving and evolving. And, as you change the focus of your consciousness, you change what you are connecting with, you see. So you can connect with the light, or you can connect with the darkness, the violence, the negativity.

It would be, obviously, so much to your benefit to be aware of where the focus of your consciousness is located, and this is what many people do not have awareness of now, when their consciousness has been led into some of these areas of negativity, violence, fighting, and “one group against the other.”

And I have to tell you, it is very attractive to human consciousness when things like this start to happen – because it becomes very dramatic when these groups are confronting each other, especially in such a violent way. It is very attractive to human consciousness, and this is something that you are all going to have to watch very much within yourselves, and not allow this automatic reaction of focusing your consciousness on all of this violence and negativity, because then it creeps into your consciousness – because you are OPENING THE DOOR!

Be aware that when you focus on something, your consciousness is powerful beyond your knowing, dearest ones, and it is very easy for your consciousness to travel to some of these places that you are focusing upon, and then you are, in some ways, joining in the energies of whatever you are watching.

So I would strongly caution people who are interested in their well-being, to avoid paying any attention to these highly negative events – because it has a “drawing power” to the human consciousness, and it always has. This is the way it has always been on earth, since “The Fall.” You have to be extremely careful to monitor your consciousness, and to be aware if you are focusing on something of a negative nature.

And, if you find that you are, you have the power and ability to simply shift the focus of your consciousness – to something that is positive, creative, and beneficial to you, so that you are not deeply taking into yourself these very negative and highly destructive energies. And they have become highly destructive at this point in time!

You’re all going to have the ability to develop quite a bit in yourself awareness, and learn to monitor yourself — to see what you are doing with your consciousness – what you are focusing upon, or choosing to take part in, and merge with – simply by the fact that you are watching it. So many people do not realize this! It is really astounding; how few people have any comprehension of this simple method of self-protection – which is to simply turn off your television!

Count St. Germain: Greetings to all of you. It is very good for us to have a chance to sit with all of you, and we appreciate your kind attention to the subjects, as well as your invitation to be with you today.

Perhaps we will have the opportunity to input some important information for all humanity, as they are able to receive these messages and to realize the importance of all that is occurring on the earth now, because there are so many “hidden situations” that are taking place now that are affecting many things – events, of course, but more than that!

What is occurring now is affecting the tenor of the earth energies with this confrontation, as Portia has so rightly said, between these vast forces of what you would refer to as “the dark and the light.” And we will just continue with this analogy, because it does seem to make sense, and it’s easy for people to understand.

Know that this is a sign of the importance of the times in which you are living, that all of this is coming to some type of a crescendo now in your world, and in your worldview, because many people can see that things are not now as they were previously!

People can sense that there has been a vast change taking place in the emotional tone, as well as, of course, the activities of many people who have been creating quite a bit of destruction and devastation across areas of this country — in these cities that you know about. But this is not the most important thing that is occurring now, as Portia has discussed, because what is happening is far beyond what you are able to see with the physical eyes.

I just want to have a chance to talk about this a little bit, because perhaps this will clarify for people, somewhat, the IMMENSITY of what is happening now. And I want to describe, not only the confrontation, but the emotional tone of humanity, in the midst of what is, seemingly, this huge battle between darkness and light – the forces of peace and goodness against these attempts to undermine your society, and indeed to destroy many levels of the freedoms that you enjoy in this country.

And so, what I will tell you is that this is a “vast plan” for the United States that some of these political parties are planning. And I was going to say “putting forth,” but you see they are not putting it forth to you! And that is the difficulty of all of this, because so much of what is actually happening now is hidden from human sight! It is the fact that many human beings are not able to confront these things and try to stop it – or at least to “bend it to one side or the other.”

As a result, what you are seeing happening now is a vast deception of the population by those in political life who tell you one thing, while they have an agenda which is comprising goals and aspirations which are quite different from what they are telling you that they want to do.

And so, it is this level of deception which can be quite dangerous to your freedoms in this country. And that is what is at stake in this present election that you have coming up in a few months, because there is a vast need for the defense of the freedoms that you all enjoy in the United States of America! These things have been created for you through so much hard work, by so many people who founded your country.

And I was there to enjoy some of this activity, and Portia as well, because, as you know, we have been quite instrumental in the founding of this country – though we were not there in human physical form. Nevertheless, many of the founders of this country had a significant spiritual presence – which, unfortunately, has been lost in many of the leaders which you are now, shall I say, in the process of “enjoying their presence” on the earth.

As to the founding fathers who came forward and dedicated their time, their efforts, and, in many cases, most of their life’s work, to the founding of this country, they are no longer appreciated and cared about as “beacons of hope and light!” And, if their messages of freedom were ever heard, these have faded into the background of your history, I’m sorry to say.

We are very concerned about this situation, because it is very much “up in the air,” as you would say. And nothing has been decided at this point! No one can tell which way this is going, because it is in flux – it is in a powerful process of change, which evolves daily, into yet another version of itself! And so, I’m afraid I cannot give you any definitive answers or descriptions about what is going to happen with this process in the year of 2021, or what is going to be the ultimate outcome of your election (November 2020) – or exactly the energies which are going to move you into the coming year (of 2021), because it is so much “in the process of evolving.”

And, perhaps that is a good thing, because many people have tried to establish dominance in this area, but fortunately, none of them have succeeded! And your entire political process is still “up for grabs,” so to speak. There is a great deal of fighting and backbiting, and “grabbing for power,” which is going on at the present time in your country. And we are awaiting to see the outcome of this, just as you are, in order to know what the future may hold, because we are unable to predict certain things like this when, obviously, it is within human control, and people are very changeable! They can change their minds, because of that “small thing” called freedom – which you know about so well!

And so, the best that I can tell you at this point in time (August 20, 2020) is that there WILL BE great change within your country in the coming year! But, in WHICH DIRECTION it will proceed, I cannot predict at the present time, because all of this is, and will be – for quite some time – in a state of flux. And that is precisely why your LIGHT is needed now, dearest ones, to focus the power of your consciousness on having DIVINE GOVERNMENT manifest in the United States of America, because it is so needed now! So much has gone awry in this country. There has been so much backbiting and deception behind the scenes, until you hardly know what is going on in your government at this point in time!

But you WILL! At some point in time, you will have a good description of this activity coming out, but perhaps not ALL the facts – revealing the entirety of what has transpired. But you will have a very good idea of what has, indeed, brought you to the present circumstances in this country. And we want to be very clear, as we are communicating with you, to tell you that – as soon as will we know the outcome of certain things which are being worked upon now – that I will then be in a much better place to give you what we hope would be an accurate description of the coming year.

But there is no way to know which side will be predominant – which side will, in effect, be in control of your country in the coming year, because this is such a big process of determining the fate of the United States at this time. There are so many powerful elements which are “jockeying for power.” And, of course, we do not have control of this type of thing!

We are the “observers” of much of this, as you will be observing it, as well. But what I can tell you is that you will be surprised by many of the things that happen, many of the shifts of power among the “players” in this vast drama.

Those who seem to have the ascendancy at any one point in time – given enough time, they will be “dethroned,” and there will be a shift in power. And then, new people will sit upon the seats of power. But I am talking very “long range” here, so I’m not speaking about your current election that is coming up (November 2020).

November 2020 Election

But I want to say a word about that, because, in many ways, the outcome of that election will determine the course of history of the United States for a very long period of time in your country, so this is an important election – unlike any other! And we, of course, do not determine who is the winner and who is the loser in these types of things! That is up to YOU! It is up to the people who comprise the population of this country.

But what I CAN tell you is that what it APPEARS may happen, is not what will IN THE END happen! Because there are so many manipulations! There is such a “cloak of secrecy” over much of what is going on, that even you do not know the truth of what is happening! And I don’t expect YOU WILL – for a very long time!

And so, nothing is foreordained – the powers are shifting back and forth, and changing daily at the present time. Everything is “up for grabs,” so to speak! And we await the final decision – just as you do!

But it will be important for this country, because some people have your best interests at heart – and others do not, obviously! We hope the better factions win – and do take power! But we do not know, and therefore we cannot speculate.

There is such a dichotomy in what is happening now, because on the one hand there is great good in this country, in the hearts of many people. But on the other hand, there are many who wish to destroy this country! And so, there is great danger, in some ways, that only the most ignorant would disallow! Having, hopefully, taken stock of this situation – just by watching what is going on – this is one of the most important elections in the history of the United States, at this point in time! It is divinely inspired, in many ways, in those who are participating.

Nevertheless, nothing can be taken for granted, because there are so many “behind the scenes” manipulations by powerful forces in your government – which are hidden areas of power. You think you know who runs this government – you do NOT! And this will be coming to the fore, these levels of knowledge that I am speaking of – but it will be many years before this is fully revealed to the human population! And then there will be another great shift and change in the circumstances of this country!

So, we can see all of these vast changes coming on the horizon, but you did ask us about this specific year that is coming for you shortly (2021), and I will tell you that, to the most part, IT IS AN UNKNOWN – because of the magnitude and force of these OPPOSING SEATS OF GREAT POWER!

And we do not control these things, so you see that this is out of our hands completely! We OBSERVE – just as you do! But it is so important that we are endeavoring to have some input into the process – to, perhaps, AFFECT THE OUTCOME – even though we are not allowed to directly influence something like this. Still, we are allowed communication with people.

And so that is what we are doing now, by saying, that is the great focus of our operations. It is communications – not with individuals – but through the higher levels of the human consciousness, to enhance the effects of great and powerful thoughts – symbols – on the human consciousness – such as FREEDOM! And the EXPERIENCE OF FREEDOM in your country, which has somewhat “fallen by the wayside,” or fallen out of favor with some lately.

And so, it is in many ways, a BATTLE FOR HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – a battle for control, which will then allow things to affect the outcome of this election – which is the MOST IMPORTANT THING that I can see which will affect all the circumstances that you will be experiencing in the coming year that you have asked about.

And so, this is a strange and unusual situation that you are looking at, and confronting! And we are, as well! Because so much of what is possible, or the “probable realities,” which could occur in 2021, are dependent upon things which are completely out of our control – and out of human control, to a great degree! So this is a very interesting type of occurrence, and I can’t say that I have seen anything exactly like this occur for any of your prior election cycles. But many are watching this – and not just those of earth, I will tell you!

So many “far-flung civilizations” are observing very carefully what is happening on the earth in regard to where you are now – these current events, and, of course, the election that is fast approaching! Because they know, as do we, that the effects of this will be felt long and hard for a very long time on earth!

And yes, we are very concerned about this! I’m not going to tell you that it is not, in fact, this way! Many are concerned about it, because of the possibility of the ascendancy and control of some of these elements which do not have your best interests at heart! They are HIDDEN, dearest ones, at the present time! You do not SEE THEM! You’re not even AWARE THAT THEY EXIST! AND YET THEY DO! And they desire control of this country. That is what they are working toward – that is the focus of their activities. I have never seen so much hidden activity importantly affecting the fate of a country! And it would be fascinating to watch, if it were not of such DIRE IMPORTANCE FOR THIS COUNTRY!

And so, all I can tell you at the present time is that we are very intently watching this situation, and all of these different activities which are taking place — by all of the different players in this scenario. If you could see what is actually happening, you would be amazed, you would be dismayed – as we are. But it is fascinating on a certain level, because it involves evolution in consciousness for your planet – for your country – and for all of you, as “inhabitants” of the earth! You are all going to be affected by this – your very lives WILL be affected by who wins in this election! IT IS THAT IMPORTANT ON THE EARTH!

But we are all going to have to WAIT – to see what the outcome is – because, as I have said, there are so many forces, that everything is in a powerful state of flux, change, ebb and flow – as power shifts back and forth between these powerful elements in your government – and in many of the other aspects of life on earth.

And so, that is all I can tell you at the present time regarding the question that you have asked. And I can tell you to heed Portia’s words, because her words HAVE and WILL HAVE tremendous significance in your lives as they continue – IF you pay attention to what she has said, and HEED HER WARNINGS AND HER DIRECTION, because she has given you some excellent information today!

And we are both so happy to be with you today, and to have this unique opportunity – both to speak with you and, hopefully, to advise you in how you might continue on a higher path in your responses to all of this material, and all of the circumstances which are certainly happening, and certain to take place and continue into future time on your planet.

It is, indeed, “Two Worlds Colliding,” – two great forces colliding! No one knows the outcome – as of yet! And so, you will not completely know it, even after the election. But this will give you some indication of which way it is heading!

We wish you all the best – all of you, who are so kind to attend these events and receive our messages. We wish we could give you better news on what is headed your way, but we know that, whatever it is, you will be able to deal with it – in your usual style and grace, because of the intelligence that you maintain, and the balance, and the equilibrium in your lives.

And so, we will bring this dissertation to a close now, because I believe I have given you the salient points on this subject. But do not lose hope, dearest ones, because sometimes when the days seem the darkest, there is a great resurgence of light! And that is what I expect is going to happen, and that is one of the most important things that I can tell you about this entire time-frame. It is that there will be a huge and unexpected cause for gratitude and joy, and a more positive outlook on this country coming very soon for each of you.

So let that be our word to you today! I hope you have benefited from hearing what we have had to say. Until next we meet, our love to all of you, and our best wishes for your continuing freedom on this planet! Adieu, dearest ones.

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