Autumn Equinox

earth shining eraoflightdotcomWith today’s Equinox energy there is a definite increase in the intensity and the frequency of the incoming energy. Currently the incoming waves of energy are clashing with the outgoing waves of energy creating disruption and turmoil for us all.

As the incoming cosmic energies get stronger and stronger and our soul’s impulse to evolve intensifies and we are pushed to rise above the chaos of the world and establish a new way of being.

The Equinox as a marker of a seasonal change always brings life changing events and the opportunity for transformation. With this Equinox especially you are being shifted into a new cycle that will culminate with the powerful Solstice expected in December.

It is essential in this time that you stabilise your energy as suppressed emotions, old fears and old insecurities surface to be cleared. As you release these thoughts, feelings and emotions great potentials are exposed and incredible possibilities emerge.

Much love


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