Archangel Gabriel: The Shift into 2021

archangel gabriel image eraoflightdotcomMany of you are feeling frustrated that certain things are not coming together for you. This can make you start to doubt, to have anxiety, or to think you are doing things wrong or are blocked.

What you are trying to manifest for the next phase of your incarnation is not stalled. In most cases, those dreams are simply waiting until you integrate an energetic shift that moves you into alignment with them. We wish to remind you that energetic shifts cannot be rushed, they must occur in their own timing, one divinely guided step at a time.

2020 is a year of flux, of moving between the old and the new. It also contains a series of profound energetic shifts that are designed to prepare you for the creation of the new. You have been receiving these energies throughout the year and they will continue to ramp up until you step into 2021.

Trust there is divine intelligence behind it all. Surrender, faith, flow, and trust are the elements that help you move with and integrate energy with the most efficiency. The transformational process you are part of simply cannot be done all at once. It must be done in a series of steps in order to make it sustainable for you.

As you integrate the rest of the energies that will be made available to you throughout the remainder of 2020, you will start to receive inspirations and discover the seeds of new potentials that give you an idea of where you are going. Hold the core essence of your hopes and dreams and let them bloom and grow from there.

Prioritize whatever is being energetically supported at any given time and focus on remembering what you know. You will have far more clarity when it is all said and done than you would have had at the beginning of this year. This is all setting you up for success in moving forward in the next exciting phase of your incarnation and what your heart wishes to experience and create.

» Source » Channel: Shelley Young

3 Replies to “Archangel Gabriel: The Shift into 2021”

  1. Daedalus

    Heres the honest question to everyone :

    Whats the point of promises and continous typical postphoning “it will surely come next year” ? It surely doesnt have a benevolent intention, because many people become even more hopeless after such messages.

    In truth, I know many of these channelings are fake and untrue, or simply distorted. This was like this not just for few last several years, it was for decades, even before internet was a thing.

    What do you see now happening ? You see a great unveiling, a great purge of bad things. For something to be purged, must be unveiled first. Its not necessary that some things will take a long time – but it all depends on human mentalities. And everyone has their own unique mentality.

    Regardless of what these channels say, the exposure of truths are ongoing, sometimes with rapid unfolding…

    Fake hope is there to make you passive to do nothing and lie back in conformism – while the truth is, every single authentic grow is made by going through unpleasant and often painful periods of time.

  2. memetestlknRambo

    Well , the reason for the frustration might be your constant promises for many years and the lack of any kind of manifestation. I can go back and read your own words for you in different channelings over the years and point out the manipulation and how nothing you have spoken about has manifested in our physical reality.

    Lightworkers have been under the impression that what we send out will be returned to us, per Universal law.

    I only see lightworkers with several dark night of the souls behind them but absolutely nothing to show for it. Lack of resources, no physical healing, constant ”ascension” symptoms and nothing of the great Light they have created within them is being returned at all.

    For many years now the same narrative of hope with the constant let downs that have only created loosh. Maybe that was the purpose..

    It is pretty clear we have no reason to believe anything you say anymore, regardless of the channeler..

    Thank you for letting me speak my mind..

    1. Divsy Pafe

      Spot On !!!
      Great to know some of us espouse this same understanding.
      Initially it was 2018 – `polish your dancing shoes`
      Then 2019 – `the year of all completion`
      Followed by 2020 – `A special year where all our hopes/dreams will be fulfilled.
      And of recent many channels are now talking about what to expect in 2021???