Preparing for High Vibration Leaders

bright new world eraoflightdotcomFor ten thousand years we have been controlled by low vibration leaders and we will soon be ready to have wise, honest people of integrity in these posts.

Here are some snippets from 2012 and Beyond

People Power

The world is starting to see the rise of people power. When individuals worldwide start to accept self-responsibility, they will make their own choices. Everywhere citizens are demanding freedom, honesty, peace and fairness. The old paradigm of leaders and led, rich and poor, authority and submission, adversarial politics or dictatorship, is losing its grip. Already co-creation and co-operation are becoming possibilities.


In the pre-2012 paradigm the masses gave their power to leaders and with it responsibility for their lives. In the new every individual will be treated as an important contributing part of society.

It is said that cultures get the leaders they deserve. The Law of Attraction tells us we attract reflections of our inner being. Third-dimensional humanity votes for low quality leaders.

For centuries we have had masculine-dominated politics. On their negative side they display qualities like: controlling, logical without heart, authoritarian, divisive and short term. On the positive site they are logical, considered, numerate and they take action so that change is possible and conditions move forward.

People will look back with amazement at adversarial politics, bullying tactics and dictatorships. The idea of owning or enslaving another soul will be an anathema. Yet in some traditional patriarchal societies or those with very entrenched views, there may be resistance, which comes from fear and control and will hold everyone back. When you resist you focus on what you do not want. The way forward is to embrace what is for the highest good. Every individual who is ready for equality, fairness, justice and empowerment of all can assist by visualizing the new and calling in the Silver Flame.


Soon honourable people will emerge to inspire the world through the transition. During this period honesty, integrity, openness and the ability to empower others will be qualities that are increasingly respected.

In my September message I talk about claiming freedom so here is the link to the petition to be free from control if you decline the vaccine. I am not saying whether taking it is right or wrong. That is a personal choice. But I believe we should be free to make our own decision.

© 2020 Diana Cooper

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