Rod Steel and Charlie Ward Outline the Quantum Financial System

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomThe following video is packed full of information, so I took notes on this most fascinating of topics.  Rod Steel begins with sharing that titles of a number of different movies that document a variety of Deep State manipulation situations.

  • Wanta, Black Swan White Hat
  • World Trade Center
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The Manchurian Candidate
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Black Panther

That last movie mentioned above had the final ten minutes of the original cut.  In what turned out to be the end of the film, the narrator delivers a speech outlining the enormous wealth of Zimbabwe, saying that they have the most gold of anyone in the world.  The part they did not want broadcast that was removed from the final cut was where he continued on into detail of how Zimbabwe would become a global ” power force.”  They weren’t ready for the public to have that information…and Charlie commented that “it’s happening now.”

The discussion turns to the upcoming period leading up to Halloween and what all of that means to the practitioners of satanism.  At 14:10, they get into talking about Trump and the Plan, Biblical timing, Jubilee, World Peace.  Charlie said that Trump is working very closely with Russia, China and India.  Not in cooperation with the DS factions within those countries, but with the good people currently replacing the DS operatives.

They talk about Dick Cheney’s role in the events of 9/11.  NESARA was supposed to be announced then.  At 23:30, Rod gets on to detailing what the Quantum Finanacial System is…

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is within a Cross Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS).

It’s a virtual private network of Artificial Intelligence (AI) using QFS digital currency and providing pristine, clean movement of funds with absolute integrity from the originating account to the destination account.

The QFS covers the new global network for transfer of asset-backed funds.

The QFS is advocated in The Gold Treaty.

Twenty years ago we were told the exchange wouldn’t take place until securities were gold-backed and the transactions safe.

The QFS is completely independent of the current central banking system and makes all other transfer systems obsolete.

QFS currency is not crypto.  It’s a system based on asset-backed digital currency, and it uses  phototonic technology capable of moving 3.5 trillion frames per second.

It replaces the dynamic routing system with a true physical GPS authentication between the sender and receiver, providing unbreakable security.

The AI that controls the QFS controls both independent transfers and the global network.

The AI program will handle instant settlements in real time in seconds.

It’s operational, but we’re currently transitioning from one system to the other.

It will assign an individual number to each fiat dollar in every bank account around the world. The digital numbers are monitored in real time.

The sovereign currency of the republic of the US is the USN (United States Note) as noted in The Gold Treaty.

The AI will recognize adaptation and evolve over time to create appropriate banking responses.

There will be 100 million coins issued in gold and 100 million coins issued in silver, with no more ever to be minted. Each CIPS coin has a virtual counterpart. There’s a live coin as well as a duplicate in the system to keep track of it at all times. Each coin has a barcode for ownership and a GPS tracking code on it.

The QFS currency is comprised of Basel 3-compliant, gold backed coins. Under the U.S. System it’s called the GSM (gold silver measure).

There will always be transparency and a pristine, clean integrity to all transactions.

At 30 minutes he goes into exchange instructions.

The exchange won’t go live until the codes for the new asset-backed currency are activated.

The QFS ends corruption, covers transfer of the world’s asset-backed funds and works via GPS satellite…protected by the United States  Space Force. QFS headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada, with three large military bases protecting the area.

All currencies will reset at the same time, and no fiat will exist.

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