The Federation of Light: Announcements

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomGood morning to you, my friends. A while back when asking you how long it would be until the Announcement that would then lead us through to a second lockdown… you said, that it would be a matter of knitting a tea-cozy as opposed to a jumper! Well, I’ve knitted 50 tea cozy’s,10 jumpers, and 25million masks! Many remain in lockdown… Your thoughts, please.

Welcome to all who choose to access our words and that which we choose to send out, in order to uplift and assist. As you know, Blossom, much can alter and change depending on actions and reactions … of those/to those … who are completing the vastly complex cleansing of that which is occurring upon and within your Planet, right now. This is why we do not and cannot give specific dates for one has to ‘run with’ each and every day and its contents.

Nothing has changed when we state that there will be a Huge Announcement and there will be a more ‘rigid shutting down’ of the normal everyday running’s of that which you used to call ‘normal.’

Yet, you are unable to tell us roughly when this will be?


Why can you not tell us even roughly?

Because IF things changed dramatically for a time and nothing is out of the realm of possibility … then once again there would be concerns from those of you whose patience is running very thin that, that which we offer, is not as we say it would be.

We are not saying this is to be the case. We are stating all possibilities can arise and would have to be dealt with as and when they do.

I think my problem was that when this all began for me, returning from Hawaii at the end of March, I naively thought this ‘whole matter’ would be done and dusted in a couple of months. Realizing now, of course, this is far from the reality we are living in. You said there would be Five Phases and apparently, we are not in Phase Two yet! Sigh!

This is so. And yet, with respect, is this not assisting you in realizing how enormous this Divine Plan is? Your world cannot be changed with an overnight flick of the switch. Gradually, bit by bit you will see the changes unfold. You will see the Truths revealed and as more and more LIGHT POWER enters into your Planet, you will … become /feel … the strongest version of yourself that you have yet experienced.

Your role, Each One, is to hold the LIGHT in these times. To send it out to all corners of your Planet and continue to do so.

As much as you may not ‘see’ what effect this is having … you have to TRUST within the core of your Being that this gesture is making a vast difference.

Dearest souls … are you allowing these suggestions to sink in? Do you … KNOW/UNDERSTAND … this action? You may say ‘Yes, of course I do’! Yet, we ask you to do so, on a much deeper reality of yourselves.





You are not keen to wait. Yet, wait you must. So, within that waiting … CHANGE YOUR WORLD.

The time NOW is different from before.

You are feeling and therefore, recognizing … the Light of who you are and the need to ‘use it’, in order to see this transformation through.

I know. Yet, I have said this before and I am going to own up to it again. Sometimes, too many times, I am not doing the best I can. I get dragged under. You have told us not to feel guilty, yet, I do because this is why we came and what we came to do … and I feel so despondent about doing it sometimes. Yes, it could be the Energies, chemtrails, poisons, we could go on and on with excuses … yet, we are here to rise above all that and I don’t always do so. WHY???

Because at the moment, you and many, are processing all that you are discovering.

Even though I don’t know if it is a Truth or not? And if it isn’t a Truth … what a waste of time!

Yet, you are considering all possibilities of that which has been brought to your attention.

You would not be human if you just ticked off another ‘possibility’ without processing much of which it entailed.

I know we should detach, for it brings our ‘power outage’ down. Yet, as I say, I need to mull it all over.

And then detach. Or should we offer the thought of not attaching in the first place?

You can offer it … and I know its point. Yet again, with respect and Love … pop down here for a month, quarantine in a hotel at your expense for a fortnight, and reside within the ‘human capacity of understanding’ for another fortnight and see how you score. Marks out of ten. I am being childish I know … for I KNOW the answer. RISE ABOVE … TAKE MYSELF BEYOND.

Yet, we would add, whether you are feeling down or up … you are still RADIATING LIGHT … sometimes more Brightly than at others.


This has proven to help so many and we say to you ‘Its ‘effect’ is beyond worldly wide.

It strengthens your Being and connects you with the I AM Godliness immediately.

We are not saying you are not connected. We are saying it … gives/brings forth … immediate connection … of /on … a stronger Feeling and Knowing.

Indeed, so many write in saying it is a lifesaver, and I agree, for which, we thank you.

At all times, simply do the best you can and if YOU FEEL on a given day your best is not good enough, then take the time to forgive yourself, not for not Being good enough yet, for even thinking that you are not!

You are concerned also, that when things get a lot more ‘Topsy Turvy’ that you won’t be able to shine your Light then, if you feel you are not doing so well now?

You read my mind!

Dearest Souls. You were chosen as the GROUND CREW because of the Light you are and all that you would have to endure. In Enlightened days ahead, you will not look back on the days that you felt depleted (with every reason to do so) yet, you will only look forward … into the new days of LOVE.


Yes, we will. I TRUST THIS for I feel it in my heart … And, will now get off the ‘Indulgence train’ or at least move to a carriage with more windows and therefore, a better view. Ok. On to another matter. There is much talk now of ULURU, Dec 21st, 2020, and the Elders of this land Australia, holding a ceremony on this date and big things occurring. It has even been put out there that ‘The Event’ will take place. I could rattle on about my ‘unease’ of asking you such things yet, at the end of the day … I am simply the messenger and need to let go of past phobias about giving dates and just see what you have to say.

…? …? Am I blocking you? Nothing happening!

We are trying to format a new format! In order for your ease.

We metaphorically are showing you THIS ROCK with flames all around it, to signify the phoenix rising from the ashes. We are showing birds from all around flying around this site and squawking loudly … as if alerting your people of what is to come.

There is Drumming …  there is Chanting … there is Dancing … there is Forgiveness.

There is a time of silence as one waits … in great expectancy.


As in ‘the ‘Event’ you have spoken of many times?

No, not of this kind. Yet, a change in Energy of a great degree. The prayers and ceremonies shall be removing much darkness and inviting a MUCH HIGHER DEGREE OF LOVE ENERGY TO ENTER IN … WHICH IT SHALL.

So yes, there shall be a HUGE SHIFT in the VIBRATION OF LIGHT UPON YOUR PLANET which one shall FEEL … yet, we would not consider this to be THE EVENT we have been speaking of.

Do you know and I can only be honest … perhaps I have lost my nerve! I feel so much trepidation when asking you things like this because we have misunderstood so many things you have said in the past … me, probably being the prime offender. I just do not want folk to get all hyped up once again and then blame it on you, me, and the rest of the Light messengers who are just trying to do their best in bringing through the TRUTH. You must find me so frustrating. Yet, this is how it is for me. I’ll work on it. Lordy, Lord! You’d think after 15 years with you, I might have progressed a little further than this. Clearly not! Yet, no point in making myself out to be someone I am not. I Love you.

You speak for so many. You represent so many souls and the thoughts they have. Something will change/shift within you Blossom and within a particular point in time during which much, if not all of your questionings and quandaries shall subside and we shall watch you soar.

Well, I certainly look forward to that … Eh, a tea-cozy or a jumper away?

That would depend on what is taking place within your thoughts and acceptance of what is to be presented to you.

To which I shall reply … Let’s wait and see. I try not to say ‘sorry’ unless I feel it need be said and although I am not depressed, I do apologize to you and to the readers for being such a ‘Doubting Thomas’ at times. Not really what I am here to do/Be … yet, I see little point also, in trying to come from a place where I am not residing at the time of this channeling.


And let’s hope I have ‘grown-up’ by then! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

» Source » Channel: Blossom Goodchild

14 Replies to “The Federation of Light: Announcements”

  1. Carlos

    I’m just tired of reading almost the same things year after year, of doing the internal work, healing myself, being more and more aware of things internally and externally and seeing little or no progress. It cannot be said that we are advancing when rather we avoid going backwards.

    1. Claudia Schillings

      “LUCKY YOU” CARLOS or maybe not… depends on “the angle” you look at it… WE have obviously “chosen” our “ROLES” in this “ascension movement” DEPENDING on a variety of reasons (read: depending on “WHO we are”) that can´t be seen “from here” “AT ALL”… “SOME OF US” are “consciously” “working” on “the inner plane” while others ARE NEEDED to just BE where they are “ALSO for a variety of reasons”…

      “THE PROGRESS” that can´t be “seen” from this side of the veil “I EXPERIENCE ON THE INSIDE” CONTINUOUSLY but “IN ORDER TO BE THE OBSERVER” OF “THE FLOW” “I” got THROWN out of “MY old WORLD”/”LIFE” without announcement because “ANNOUNCEMENT NOT POSSIBLE” but I only learned that much later… “THE ROAD” “I” had to “follow”/”WAS suddenly ON” was MUCH WORSE compared to “WHAT JESUS” had to endure… (but that´s another story…)

      But “I DO AGREE” that “EITHER WAY” it´s been a pain in the ass BIG TIME and “I CAN´T WAIT” to “JUMP at those” who “bored us to death” with their “uninspired” messages “from heaven” “tyvm”…

      Thx for “reading” “Carlos”


  2. Tom

    Jerry and Daedalus your the nuts. Trump is not even in this article. I have read Blossom over ten years and Carlos has said in the past he felt she is not truthful. I just asked him.a question.
    In the past I have said Trump lies all the time and I stand by that .

    1. Daedalus

      You “just asked Carlos a question” that way, and you claim youre not obsessed with Trump ? Have you maybe noticed you mention Trump on article without any connection to him in any possible way ?

      Everyone sees youre obsessed with Trump, youre an utter dellusional lunatic.

      There is nothing to comment on your lunacy, youre on your own.

    2. anonymous

      Now I see here people are talking about Trump, but obviously not mentioned in the article. But this off-topic talk shows two points here: 1. The Trump topic whoever brings here indicates how intense the US situation is in the individuals here who cemented about Trump. 2. Attitude introduced by people reflects the certain frequency. I see judgement, which is a low frequency. Now back to the Trump himself, He, as POTUS, gained his reputation thorough his tremendous work with his teams: 1. Several channelled sources, like Mira/Kara from Pleiadies and Evo from Vega say Trump is consciously or unconsciously working with Alliance, Galactics Beings from higher realms, which leads a right direction for the US nation. 2. Trump, himself with his team, like Qanons, revealed a lot of infomation about sex trafficking, child trafficking, drug abuse and bureaucratic corruptions about FBI and CIA agents, this can be checked from the website: htpps:// 3. The Pleiadian Light Force transmission says the agreement between extral-terrestial and US government is history. Now you can guess who has the power to be representative of the US to call off that? Trump or under Trump’s permission. 4. He with his US soilder warriors SAVED the children from underground tunnels. This is the achievements he did that i am aware of. I cannot say Trump is the best US president ever, but he should be honored by his awesome work. His first president term is just paving the ways for the second, which will bring the best interest to the US nation and her citizens. Like many channelled messages said, your vote matters. Please vote Trump!!!

  3. Douglas A James

    Per cobra hot war commenced btwn galactics and draco ships a week ago.. something should happen soon

    1. anonymous

      The things behind the scenes will be revealed very soon because we can feel the strong energy pouring into earth now(not even to mention the level of energy is still increasing daily and finally to the tipping point) and because the articles posting by eraoflight are telling the truth. If you further dig the point in the articles, you will find more truth which are resonant with other sources like channeling ones. Believe and Trust is the term for all of us, just like the Pleidian says, “Trust the Plan”.

    1. anonymous

      The Truth is the reality you perceive, not your attitude. Instead of showing your attitude, you always know that half-half possibility for lockdown and other uncertain things like prediction. Time to use mathematics to discern 🙂

      1. Daedalus

        Again, obsessed with Trump, youre a total lunatic.

        Trump isnt even mentioned in article. Carlos didnt mention anything even remotely about Trump.

        But, “ORANGEMANBAD” incoherent blabbering every single time from you …

        Which is a sign of crazy obsession and TDS at its “finest”.

      2. Carlos

        Hi Tom, I don’t doubt of desire of Trump in make thing fine. But in order of accomplish good thing it needs make deal with some nefarious persons.