Message from God: All is Within

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomBeloved human family,

in the silence the New Earth is born and in your inner being the new humanity is born!

Go even deeper into your inner being, explore your past and, after you have healed your wounds, shape the future. This future will be created in silence – almost imperceptibly – by more and more people. So it happens that all of a sudden the fruits of your work become visible and the outer change can take place.

It is not yet so far, nor is it a matter of more people waking up and turning to their history. It is still the case that the dark collective seems to dominate.

But the upheaval is underway!

More and more people are realizing that now it is only about healing themselves, bringing them to the center, to the center and to inner peace – not a sham peace achieved through resignation, but the deep inner peace that can only be achieved through understanding and self-love.

Remain true to this path until lack of understanding has turned into understanding.

Be persistent in dissolving your inner conflicts and reconciling with yourself.

No one can hinder a person who really wants to, in his transformation work. Whoever still reflects too much on external stimuli, on the distractions in the world, is not yet ready for an accurate inner vision.

Peace arises within you!

It is as it is. For each person different things are essential and each person goes his own way. Therefore do not judge this or that:

– Only when you understand, you can get an overview and make a picture.

– Only when you have understood yourself can you understand the people and the world – the contradictions dissolve and you stand in the light.

– Only when you love yourself unconditionally can you love your neighbor and make peace with everything that was originally foreign to you.

Peace arises in you – and if you do not find peace in yourself, you will find it nowhere.

In this way, you are working for the healing of humanity. It is the most effective means to put an end to all the harmful goings-on on the upper earth.

What it is all about:

Stand up for your way. Do not fight the windmills of this matrix, which will only keep you busy and distract you from yourself.

Take sides for your own healing, everything else will be given to you. Create the kingdom of heaven within you and it will be where you are. The teaching of this message is:

In yourself you find everything – and through God, who I am!


» Source » Channel: Jahn Kassl