Galactic Federation of Light: What Exactly is Ascension

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomWe are the Galactic Federation of light, we are so very happy to be coming through this channeler with another message for all of you regarding your ascension. We’re going to be bringing through a lot of messages through this channeler exactly on all the energies and you know all the uploads and downloads, everything that is actually coming into your realm and today we’d like to talk about what is ascension and what exactly does it mean to ascend.

So you hear everyone talking about ascending to the fifth dimension, holding now on the fourth dimension. You know what ascension will look like. So we’re going to actually talk to you about why you’re ascending, what it means to ascend, what ascension is going to look like. We’ll be coming through this channeler with another channeling about what you can expect when you do ascend what you’re going to feel. We will spend a few channelings on that to really let you kind of know what to prepare for, but we’re going to tell you some straightforward things that will hopefully clear up any sort of mistruths or any kind of any of you that are wondering exactly what is going on.

What exactly ascension is? Ascension is when you’re moving from one dimensional frequency to a higher either or lower dimensional of frequency and vibration. So there are many dimensions on mother earth actually. You have been holding at the third dimensional with a third dimensional matrix and grid that’s been put in place for a very long time.

Mother earth wants to see what it feels like, she wants to experience going back up not only does she want her experiences but she wants to get out of this dense energy, she wants to get out of this sort of dark reign and she wants to pull all humanity up as high as she can go. So she has asked all of us in the highest councils exactly how high she could go as a dimensional jump and to the fifth dimension was as high as humanity could go because it’s a lot harder for humanity to go much further than that coming from such a denseness with very kind of foggy thick energy and sort of thicker bodies we’re going to say as most of you have shifted from your carbon base to crystalline.

So raising vibrations and ascending to another dimension is actually a lot of different things but we’re going to say it’s jumping up to a higher frequency to letting more light in your body and it’s going to a dimension where you can be more of who you truly are of where you’re going to have your gifts come back of where you’re not stuck in this lower realm and one of the big reasons for this fifth dimensional ascension is all of you can regain your knowingness.

So all of you can regain what you’ve lost on this third dimensional matrix was when you jump in and reincarnate, you basically forget everything. The energies are so dense down here. Now those that are reincarnating now and jumping in on the fourth dimension, a lot of the children coming in now, a lot of them are already holding a higher vibration they are going to have an all-knowingness, they’re going to have more, they’re going to know more, they’re going to know more of their sort of galactic truth or their angelic truth or sort of where they’ve come from. Even if they’ve come from earth and jumped back in, they’re going to hold and retain more of the information that is if they would have jumped into the third dimension matrix.

So all the children being born now, they’re coming in on the fourth dimension. They’re not coming in on this third dimensional platform, they’re jumping in and they’re holding enough light for the fourth dimension and they’re going to ascend very easily. All children have to do basically is hold the light. They don’t have to go through all this purging and their bodies are quite young, babies especially very easy for them as their chakra system is quite open and their third eye is open until the age of two or three or some of them third eyes, their clairvoyance will stay open like this channeler did. So it’s very easy for babies to ascend to the fifth dimension. All they have to do is sort of hold their vibration. It’s that easy and children of the quite young the same thing for them as well. For children to ascend it’s very very easy. There’s not a lot of effort, there’s not a lot of thoughts about purging and holding more light. The children and babies they’re already holding more light. They’re not weighed down sort of with what goes on with life.

So ascending is jumping a dimension. In this case you’re jumping two dimensions up. There is a need for your ascension, it is because mother earth does want to experience it, but mother earth also wants to pull all of you out of this denseness and get this darkness off the planet. So she doesn’t want this dark reign on here anymore, she doesn’t want the negative ET’s as she doesn’t want these sort of reptilian, this satanic humans, she doesn’t want the witches and sorcerers, she doesn’t want any of that on her planet anymore. She’s tired of being in this reign, she’s tired of all of you being basically powerless.

So she’s pulling you up to the fifth dimension and when you do ascend you will be transforming more into who you truly are, you’ll regain the gifts that you have lost coming into the third dimension and you will be holding a lot more light and holding a lot more light you’re going to be holding a lot more compassion, you’re going to be seated more in love and service to all. So these are three big things you’re going to hold more light, you’re going to be serviced to all not service to one or service to the few with all the money, but service to all and you’re going to hold compassion and love in your heart, you’re going to navigate out of your ego mind which is a third dimensional mind frame we’re going to say this ego mind. It’s very third dimensional, it’s very narcissistic, it’s very all encompassing the wants of me me me.

You’re gonna shift to the wants in your heart, you’re going to shift to being compassionate and sort of spreading that love and compassion for all. So what ascending actually means is: we can go through exactly the work that needs to be done but it means that you’re going to go up two levels to the fifth dimension and this dimensions gonna hold a lot more light, this dimension is gonna hold a lot more clarity, this dimension is going to be on a much higher vibration and frequency which is going to allow all of you to shift from this ego mind to your heart center.

It’s going to allow all of you to unify and by the term unify we mean you’re going to sort of unify the collective as one big body of light and you’re going to operate more as a body of light, a unified body in this cloud as this channeler says. You’re not going to operate by the wants of one or few with all the power and all the money and all the control. So this is a huge shift. You’re gonna be navigating as a unified body of light, you’re gonna be navigating for the fairness, the oneness, the equality and sort of the unity for all. You’re going to want the same for everyone. You’re going to feel compassion for all beings on this planet, you’re going to feel compassion from mother earth and you’re going to feel compassion for all the animals and all that is on mother earth.

This unifying as well as this jump to the fifth dimension is going to help all of you and heal mother earth as well. You’re going to shift to those wants of you know whatever works best to get the most money, to how can we help the environment, how can we help mother earth and all the plants, the animals, the sea creatures all that is living on mother earth beside the human, how can we help all of them survive, how can we heal all of them, how can we heal our environment, how can we be of service to mother earth and all that she encompasses.

That’s going to be another huge shift up because right now those that are holding the control, the dominance, the greed and the power they don’t care about mother earth, they don’t care about mother earth’s wants or needs they care about money, they care about controlling you, they care about how much money they can have because their thoughts is the more money they can acquire, the more power they can acquire. So these people that are not rising up and there’s ten percent of your collective isn’t going to the fifth dimension. They’re going out, they’re going to play the game for as long as they need to play it, long as those negative karmic charges will be hitting over and over until they’re not here anymore.

The rest of you will be rising up and caring about mother earth. You’ll be caring about your neighbor, you’ll be caring about all on this plane and this planet. So it’s a very different shift. You’ve got a lot of shifts in your consciousness but basically after you’ve purged your chakras, after you’ve really kind of holding a lot of light in your light body, after you’ve done the shifts in your consciousness, you’re going to ascend and the sun is getting very excited about helping all of you with your ascension as well.

We’re looking at about eight or nine solar flares or solar blasts to sort of really push that energy forward for those who are ready and as we’re saying the first and second waves are coming very quickly. We think the first wave will be by december. So a lot of you are doing a lot of the work a lot of the work. We’re going to tell you is navigating through this dense energy that’s flying at you, navigating through this third dimensional matrix, this grid system that’s actually breaking up, navigating through it and wanting more shifting your wants to that of the collective, unifying what their wants would be and shifting to that of more compassion and love.

So when you shift out of what you have down here you’re going to find yourself in a completely different space, you’re going to find yourself caring about the wants of everyone and you’re going to shift from your ego into your heart center. So it sort of all happens at once, you’re going to start purging your third eye and crown chakra. We will bring through or the Lyrian or the angelic realm will bring through a channeling on that. That is going to start very soon but really this next big search is for your freedom, for your free will taking your power back, that is needed.

From the fifth dimension you will have your freedom, you will have your choices, you will have your free will and you will have your power, you’ll be sitting more in the seat of your soul, you’ll be aligning with your higher power and your higher self and you’ll be navigating with your heart. So there’s a lot that’s going on but you’re all shifting beautifully. The main thing is raising that dimension up and with that comes a lot more light raising the higher vibration.

As the vibrations go higher and higher, karma speeds up faster and faster. There isn’t this darkness on the 5th, 6th, 7th 8th dimension. It doesn’t exist because you’re not seated in that anymore, you’re not trying to play the control games, you’re not trying to control anyone, you’re living in your heart and you’re being of service and you’re wanting the best for all. So you have to look at the high collective of light, you have to look at the angelic realm, you have to look at all that this channel has been talking about, all the high collective of light, all the beautiful angelic beings of light. What do they want, what are they doing? They’re being of service to you, they’re being of service to you. For being of service it’s the highest calling of light that they can do.

So as you transition to the higher realms, you are of service to all that need it, you always are of service to all that need it anywhere. As you get to the higher realms you leave this planet, you’ll be traveling, you’ll be doing all kinds of things but you’ll be of service, you’ll be living in your heart. There’ll be no need to control down here, there’ll be no need for all the selfish gain, there’ll be no need to have the most money and power and greed, there’ll be no need to have the third dimensional wants., you’ll be of service.

Look at all these collectives, beautiful collectives of light that are rallying for your ascension. Do you know why?They sit on the higher realms, they sit in their heart chakra, they sit with such an open heart and they are here to help you ascend and to be of service. They’re sending down you their love and blessings always. That is what you will be doing on the fifth dimension, you will be living in your heart, you’ll be sending love out, you’ll be living in compassion and grace and you’ll be of service. So something to think about.

I hope this answers some of the questions about ascension and exactly how you’re shifting, what you’re going to go through and then it’s a lot of it after you’ve done the work on your body and you’re holding a lot of light. It’s shifting how you navigate, it’s shifting your wants and that is huge. We are the Galactic Federation of light we’re so happy to bring these messages through this channeler we’re sending all of you, we’re sending you blessings, we’re sending you all love from the 12th dimension and we’re sending you light.

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Thank you Galactic Federation of light that was a beautiful explanation i think. I hope that it resonates with all of you. Feel free to put comments and questions down below. I will have these high councils of light i’ll come through with different channelings If there’s other things that you’re needed to know, but i hope this cleared up a little bit for you about exactly what ascension is. I look forward to coming through with many more messages for all of you. I’m sending you such love and light and blessings.

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