Life Tapestry Creations: Giving Away Your Power

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

Perhaps you feel your life is more complicated and unpleasant than ever before despite our promises to the contrary. Such beliefs are so because your world is in complete upheaval. What was, is not, and what was not, is.

So you are returning to yesteryears’ fear that the world is ending. Even though the world you knew is ending, the world is not at an endpoint.

Your fears, as we have stated previously, are fears that have been hidden deep within you for eons. The fear that the world is ending is as much about past fears driven by memories of Atlantis and Lemuria as any current reality.

Your earth reality now is workable. That is not to say that the present earth environment is necessarily pleasant or even comfortable, but instead that there is an end in sight, the earth will survive and thrive.

Think of this very uncomfortable time as spring housecleaning with everything in disarray. Once that spring cleaning is complete, you know your home will be cleaner and more organized. So it is now. It appears as if everything of the earth is out of place. And it is. You and millions of others are providing the energy required to clean those earth items that have been hidden under rocks.

Perhaps you wonder what we mean with the phrase, ‘you and millions of others are spring cleaning earth’ for you think your current role is to merely be. And so it is. For a large part of the earth’s spring cleaning is you clearing the fears that help you believe all is lost. That Atlantis is once again in a destruction mode. That anything you do will not change the course of that destruction. That you are powerless.

So it is we return to that element you try to ignore, deny, refute, and even lie to yourself about.

You are a powerful Universal Angel.

Why do you continue to deny to yourself and others your Universal Angel skills?

Such is so because you have trained for eons to hide, to fit within society, to be who others told you to be. You completed that role so wonderfully it is now difficult to climb out of that box. Your 3D segments are encouraging you to continue your 3D fears. Your beyond 3D segments are amazed you want to remain in that box. You are fighting yourself daily.

To return to our spring cleaning analogy, a part of you is scrubbing the floors, and another part finds the results too clean and uncomfortable.

This is decision time for you, as well as most of the earth. Those fully of 3D are now in the minority in terms of numbers even though they continue to hold sway over the majority. Not because those of 3D have the power to do so, but because you are giving away your power.

You have the power to say, “NO.” You have the power to move, to declare you are a new being with none of your previously accepted 3D roles of acquiescing to the interests and needs of others. You are the power. It is time to use it.

Many worry you will not be liked or held in esteem by others if you follow your inner voice. What you do not realize is that such no longer matters. For the earth is no longer enmeshed in group thought. Instead, unique powers and skills reign. Both of which are to be claimed NOW – not tomorrow, next month, or next year. You sit and tremble at the thought of a presidential election, illness, or someone leaving you. Yet you are more powerful than all or anything of 3D.

Simultaneously, you are part of a cohesive whole designed to shift the earth in ways never before thought possible. You are a unique individual with a unique role that blends with the roles of others, rather than detracts.

This new earth is a bit like a stew of protein and vegetables that does not include cotton. Some 3D stances are similar to adding cotton to a stew. For not accepting other humans or destroying the environment are similar to adding a nonfood item to stew. Does that mean you should believe this or that? No. Listen to your inner-being. That is your direction. That is your message. For that inner message will direct you to the rebuild of an earth of love.

Messages from others continue your 3D role of doing or saying what others tell you, most likely based on their needs instead of yours.

This is not a time for groupthink. It is time for you to claim your power. Such is only possible if you listen to that loving inner voice that directs you to self-love. An inner-voice designed to complete the earth spring cleaning that is now underway. No one or nothing can tell you what to do or who to be – unless you allow them to.

Claim your power, and you will fulfill your new you role. Ignore or deny your power, your inner-messages and you will prolong earth’s spring cleaning far beyond what you thought possible.

Your role, your being is as powerful as any other. The only way it cannot be is if you allow others to direct your being and, therefore, curtail your innate powers. Let yourself be. Ignore naysayers or those trying to frighten you into returning to herd thinking and action.

You are a powerful, unique individual claiming your power by following your inner voice, not the voice of politicians, friends, family, or any groupthink. So be it. Amen.

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