Saint Germain: The Wait is Over

saint germain eraoflightdotcomDear brothers and friends. Saint Germain speaking to you. I come to tell you that your long wait is over. Everything is coming out of the mouth and as planned, today the redistricting of wealth on planet Earth begins.

It is with immense joy that I inform you that Nesara and Gesara are fulfilled for the greater good of humanity. I can affirm that today the planet enters the Golden Age of love, abundance for all and the immense peace, which so far was the privilege of few.

We’ve had to wait 20 long years to see the full implementation of the Nesara / Gesara Act born. It’s been a barren and torturous road. But with the invaluable help of light servers, we’ve made it!

Dark hats haven’t made us easy at all. But, with the help of President Trump, we managed to drain the vast Deep State swamp. That’s already a fact.

There’s still one another who continues to fight against the unequivocal victory of light. But they are very aware that the battle is over and the war has ceased, with the uncontestable victory of light.

No more delays. No more dilation. That day October 01 marks the beginning of your new way of life on that planet. Ultimately, we enter into the full Age of Light, with all that entails. Very soon the whole planet will know the truth they tried to hide from them so much.

The Earth is, from now on, a full-fledged Galactic Society. It’s the beginning of paradise on Earth. Your planet will be rebuilt in a completely different way, with a fairer society, with redistribution of wealth, which is no longer in the hands of a minority.

Evil has been removed from Earth. You can open the champagne now. Let the joy reign! I want to see everyone celebrating. And when your mind tells you, ′′ I still have bills that I don’t know how to pay “, replace immediately with ′′ I’m free “!!!

From your friend and brother, Saint Germain.




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