Benjamin fulford Full Report: Red October Begins

top news article eraoflightdotcomThe long-anticipated October offensive against the Satanic Cabal has gone into full swing, Pentagon sources report.  This includes attacks on Deep Underground Military Bases in California, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, the sources say.

The biggest battle was an attack on the underground base complex near Palm Springs, California.  This was where self-described Satanist leader Leo Zagami fled to avoid arrest in Italy.  Zagami claimed he could summon demons and admitted to eating human fetuses, and has been leading a campaign against Pope Francis.

The attack on the underground base was reported in the news as a swarm of close to 600 earthquakes. However, these bore the telltale signs of being caused by explosives and not natural processes, according to U.S. Geological Survey sources.

Pentagon sources also say “over 1,600 Israelis may have received extra-judicial treatment as protests against Bibi [Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] continue.”  Furthermore, Israel has been exposed for trying to start World War III by fomenting a dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia,” the sources say.  Israel is being forced to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and de-nuke as a condition for Middle East peace, they add.

“The attacks began after U.S. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on the first day of the fiscal year 2021 [October 1, 2020] and then left the White House to man battle stations for Red October,” the sources say.  It was also on this day that U.S. “doomsday planes” were sent airborne as a sign of preparedness for all-out nuclear war.

This offensive was telegraphed in advance on the Trump-anon (mislabeled Qanon) website with the following pictures. One shows a Mickey Mouse watch with hands pointing at 10 and 2 to indicate October 2nd. The other is self-explanatory.

However, Trump remains in imminent danger of assassination, multiple sources say.  The biggest threat is from his son-in-law Jared Kushner, P3 Freemason, and MI6 sources agree.  “The Trump business is confusing but there does seem to resonate some theory about him evading assassination….that dreadful Kushner was on the runway with one of the Hicks,” MI6 sources note.  They were referring to an un-named relative of Trump PR assistant Hope Hicks, who allegedly was responsible for contaminating Trump with a Mossad poison, hence the Covid-19 positive test result, the sources say.

The P3 Freemasons are saying they would prefer to have General Mike Flynn as President and Mike Pence as Vice-president. That’s because these individuals support their goals of a world republic and world peace.  Jesuit sources say Pence has been flown to North Korea for personal protection.

Regardless of how the Trump offensive goes, MI6 notes:

“The U.S. is a rogue state on the verge of all-out civil war with the general fabric of society in tatters and vast tracts of the country in a state of ruin.  It would not be beyond the realms of possibility the sitting president would be killed as part of this.”

It is also worth noting that the Tokyo Stock Exchange shut down due to a “glitch,” on October 1st, the first day of the United States of America Corporation’s fiscal New Year.

According to the Japanese Military Intelligence Service, the real reason for the TSE’s closure was to stop the flow of money from the Bank of Japan to the Khazarian Mafia.

Against this backdrop, Japan was, after the coup d’état of Nazi Bush on September 11, 2001 forced (under threat of an attack with earthquake weapons), the control over all to hand over its listed companies to hedge funds, which will own khazarian mafia kingdoms like the Bush, Rockefeller and Rothschild families were located.

The Bank of Japan (which is neither a bank nor Japanese) has since been laundering money through TSE to them. This flow of money has now been interrupted, sources say.

The international disruption of the flow of money to the financial industry is one of the reasons for the fact that today only 10% of the people employed in the New York financial industry are still working.

It is a good bet that 90% of this mostly parasitic industry has been permanently shut down.

Associated with this is the news that checks from the US Department of Labor are bouncing have begun. The first bounced checks appeared in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where members of the Rothschild family were hiding.

Please remember that it is publicly known that when Trump was a businessman, every time he went bankrupt, he was saved by the Rothschilds.

Has Trump’s relationship with his former financiers really changed?

We are aware that we have received contradictory information from our sources about Trump and report about it.

This reflects the fact that we have sources on both sides of this ongoing civil war in the West. It is almost as if there were two sides of the incumbent president.

One is the patriotic hero we support, who is rebuilding the Republic of the United States of America and bringing together all satanic pedophiles.

The other side of his public persona, however, seems to have been exposed to fraud with the Covid-19 (Certificate Of Vaccination ID 2019) and its vaccination schedule.

We must therefore ask ourselves whether he is sincerely pursuing this endeavor or whether he because he knows that it is difficult, if not impossible, to create a secure and safe effective vaccine and keep the stock market happy by Pharmaceutical companies calmed down with a positive outlook on their targets.

Our sources at the KGB, MI6, NSA and Vatican intelligence all say that Kushner is the top satanist. So it would be good if Trump would announce the arrest of Kushner to confirm that he is acting primarily in the best interest of the country.

P3 sources also tell us that a certain Paolo Foa, member of the Adosso Foundation in Washington DC, is one of the groups that still rely on a satanic leadership of the world.

They recommend finding and neutralizing it as soon as possible. All this is also connected with the news that the US Air Force is under Command of the US Army.

This is important because the Air Force Command had been thoroughly infiltrated by religious fanatics who were trying to trigger Armageddon. This is particularly relevant for Japan, because the country has been terrorized by Satanists who were hiding at the Yokota air base in western Tokyo.

Cited were they are from Barbara Bush’s cousin Richard Armitage and Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg of CSIS (Center for Satanic and International Studies). in-Control-and-Command-structure/6881601653690/

We note that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was forced at the last minute to to cancel most of his trip to Asia planned for this week.

He was told that he would receive neither money nor gold, not to waste his time with a trip where he has to beg and make threats at the same time, say Sources of the Asian secret society.

Pope Francis commented last week on the financial situation in the West with the following remarks: Anyone who believes that the only lesson we can learn is necessity, to improve what we already do, or to improve the existing systems and regulations refine, deny the reality …

It is essential to have a proactive economic policy designed to promote an economy that fosters productive diversity and entrepreneurial creativity and that allows jobs created and not dismantled.

Francis and the P3 support an anniversary, the creation of a meritocratic Future Planning Agency and a massive campaign to end poverty and Ending the destruction of the environment.

That is why the Satanists oppose him so resolutely.

But before we take a closer look at the ongoing civil war in the West, it is it is time to investigate some bizarre events that are taking place in the solar system.

To get an understanding of how world-changing events may be imminent, try a web search with the search term observatory disabled.

You will soon discover that observatories all over the world are violently can be switched off.

Supposedly this is due to Covid-19 or technical failures etc., but in reality it is supposed to prevent people from realizing that things like the planets move in a way that is not governed by Newtonian mechanics can be explained.

Maybe I had hallucinations for example (I don’t take drugs), but the Full moon on October 2 looked bright yellow and had a happy face.

Now we have a blue moon, a hunter’s moon and a micro moon, which can be seen simultaneously on Halloween appears.

This is said to have been announced suddenly, although I am sure there will be reasonable explanations.

Although blue moons shouldn’t actually be blue, see October 31st with your own eyes. If it is indeed blue, you will know that we are indeed living through extraordinary times.

In addition, the planets Mars and Venus seem to shine brightly and close together every night.

News reports explain the brightness of Mars for example with things like

The Mars oppositions take place about every two years, but this year is especially remarkable because it is the closest thing the red planet can reach on earth.

Of course, this could all be a coincidence, but why should all observatories be closed?

NSA sources also say that the planets are moving in inexplicable ways. But don’t take our word for it, just look at the sky with your own eyes.

However, back on planet Earth we see many signs that the good guys are winning. For example, former French President Nicholas Sarkozy faces a prison sentence for corruption.

Genocide suspects from Rwanda were also arrested in Belgium.

The Rwandans were massacred on the orders of the Khazarian mafia cabals because they refused to To follow orders to keep their population growth under control.

Now that the protectors of the Belgian royal family are no longer there, justice is being done.

To the reports we have received about the murder of the Dutch royals, tell MI6 sources that they cannot comment.

Sources of the British Royal Family, however, said: The House of Orange-Nassau [Dutch Royal Family] is just one of the many houses that make up the Venetian black nobility of Europe.

The original Phoenicians, who settled in Venice, are the roots Dutch and then the East Asia Trading Company, which was the corporate militia of the was the British Empire.

They were called Black Nobility because of their insidious deeds.

The Queen represents the House of Hanover through the royal standard, which also belongs to the Venetian aristocratic houses.

The sources also say that human sacrifice has always been part of the human civilization, and it will take time until they die out, as is the case with all changing of the guard.

We have already heard from another British king that in Castle Balmoral in England human sacrifices have taken place.

This old Phoenician practice has now been discontinued, sources say.

Whether such events are dealt with by a peace and reconciliation committee or not, the people will have to decide if this struggle for Planet Earth is finally finished.

However, it is worth remembering that those, who were born into these satanic cult bloodlines had no other choice but to to join these practices or be killed themselves. When the war becomes end, hopefully the majority of the approximately one million Satanists can be re-educated, rehabilitated and sent to work.