The Collective: Polarisation

council of light eraoflightdotcomGreetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

Today we respond to another question from a Light Bearer, who asks:

What is the purpose of the extreme polarisation of people at the moment? E.g. in Poland the Catholic/nationalistic movement which is anti-LGBT, anti-women, anti-Jews, anti-immigrants etc. It brings pain, radicalisation. Even Nazi marches are permitted.

We are very glad that you have brought this up, as so many are feeling the ill effects of the separatism, exclusion, and other forms of division occurring now in different parts of the world.

And we would say, that though this appears to be a very dense and painful situation, that these divisions have existed for thousands of years, and that their appearing now in such blatant ways is actually not a sign that they are “taking over” so much as being cleared away.

It is difficult to solve a health issue, for example, or any form of density in your relationship to a loved one, before symptoms of the issue show up.

It must make itself plain.

And so you are viewing now the symptoms of centuries-old divisions, and the pain and disruption they bring, including the expression of ideologies that say that certain groups of people ought naturally to be under the political or religious thumb of certain other people.

These belief systems (for that is all they are) tend to favor the white male of one social strata or another, and desire to subjugate all others under their very strict rule.

This includes having those males who feel they ought to be able to dictate what rights a woman has, even in relation to her own most intimate choices in life, and to decide that only those women who agree to that hierarchical structure ought to be involved in that which influences or directs public policy and political platforms.

Be aware that the word “political” is powerfully related not to the idea “representation” of groups of people, but to the “policy” (the strategy, plan, or procedure) of mainly one group.

And that group is generally those who have for thousands of years directed humanity’s path, and determined how human beings would view Divinity, the Earth, and themselves.

The masculine dominance of thought in human life has created a sort of built-in imbalance that is currently being righted by the increasing presence of the Divine Feminine upon the planet.

The Goddess energies, symbols, consciousness, and healing instinct are being felt in every area of life, welcome or not.

So that the old regime is asserting itself as strongly as possible now, to not so much circumvent this re-emerging Presence, but to call it unnecessary, irrelevant, and terribly wrong.

Will this work, over time? Is it working now, even?

Well, we would say it most assuredly appears that way, due to the left-brain masculine predominance of thought in your media, governments, most industries, and educational forms.

Yet we would say No, it is not working. It cannot work.

It is a weak attempt at best, because to assert the dominance of an imbalance which has had its day and is fading from human consciousness—from human makeup, inner presence and preference—is a lost cause, and a rather sad representation.

The old ploys, traps, and energy patterns—these are outmoded now.

That sinking ship will not carry anyone very far, and you have noted this, or you would not have asked the question with the energy of, How can this be, when we have overcome this sort of mindless lack of integration? This lower consciousness which is so self-defeating, so narrow and fear-based, so unwanted now?

You will see the old tricks and strategies employed now, by those who pull strings to control those who feel safest when they are being controlled.

And yet, despite the attention paid by the news media, the television cameras, the podcasts—this is old hat, these deceptions!

They are no longer relevant to your or anyone’s life or view of the world.

The appearance of the polarization is only an indication, as with all ills, of what has come up to be healed.

Healed in humanity’s consciousness, healed in Earth’s collective vibration, and healed in the energies surrounding the planet.

What surrounds you now is a growing form of Light that would not have been possible for you to assimilate into your physical cells and consciousness even five years ago, nor even one year ago.

This is why you will hear certain politicians or political groups threatening to take extreme measures to try to remain in power, or to keep or increase their stronghold in one area of government or another.

That is not a sign of actual “power,” and that word is being redefined now as humanity’s collective vibration reaches higher.

It is a sign of desperation, and those kinds of energies will not carry one forward now as they might have once done.

So that though you feel to be in a world war of sorts, we assure you, there is no Nazi stronghold that is not crumbling to pieces as we speak.

There are no separatist “Anti-“ this or that gaining momentum, despite appearances.

The beast will howl loudest, and angriest, just before it breathes its last, “demanding” that life still run through it, though the true presence of Life is what it has never really known.

You are yourselves now encompassing the energies of Life in its truest form, as you Ascend into crystalline consciousness and cellular makeup.

And yes, that is infuriating to those who have depended upon your DNA remaining a two-strand construct, and your self-image as humans remaining small, finite, and easily intimidated.

You may say good-bye to that narrow self-definition, for it no longer applies!

In its place is that higher Love which recognizes the Divinity in all persons—all genders, all orientations, all cultures, all ethnicities, all traditions.

We do not say that what is happening is not painful, as the beast of the au regime is in its death throes.

Most assuredly, things can appear frightening, divisive, painful, and destructive at the moment.

We would say, look beyond appearances, into the heart of what is occurring on the planet now, and know that you are not abandoned to any desperate moment.

Know that you have within you all that is needed to feel the beauty, power, liberation, and yes, the intensity, of the forms of Light reaching you now.

You did not come to be upon the Earth at this time to feel shocked, frightened, or defeated.

Allow those emotions to rise to the surface when they must, for you are simply releasing that and all old paradigms now, as you move to a place where you see that you are accepting your immortality, your long-hidden gifts and abilities, and your own higher sight and ability to heal yourself, others, and your planet.

All is not lost, dear ones!

As you see those who are in such pain that they prefer to be manipulated and lied to, send them Light from your heart center, and know that their path will be illumined when the time is right.

Allow them their expressions, however misguided they may seem to you, and affirm for them, “This too leads to our Divinity.”

Then know that we are with you in these “growing pains” moments of throwing off the dark cloak of loss and destruction over many eons.

Know that you did not come to be taken in by old forms of deception, but to see through them, and to usher in that which rings clear with your freedoms, your empowerment, your co-Creative expression.

And is the time right for that?

Most assuredly, dear ones. The time is now!

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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