Archangel Metatron: Sound Currents

archangel metatron image eraoflightdotcomMetatron: The Atlanteans possessed the knowledge of using certain sounds and sound frequencies to alter weather patterns at will. They altered the flow of waterways; not only rivers but also the ocean current. All was well as long as they remembered from whence all of this came and were aligned with Source. But as their system progressed they forgot and they were so impressed with their power to utilize these sounds that they began to utilize them in a manner that was not in alignment with Source and at times very detrimental to the whole of humanity.

As you see now on your planet there is much greed for not only monetary holdings but there is much greed in the area of power and control as was the case in Atlantis. Your scientists have been studying weather patterns and sound currents for some time and they have discovered many applications similar to those that were present in Atlantis, however, it has not been public knowledge to the extent that these things are used at this time. So it is important that I give you this information so that some of these things can be corrected and the applications of the frequencies of the ninth Ray of Creation be aligned in a more spiritual venue to offset the energetics that are now present.

Jim: Can the ninth Ray be used to neutralize some of these scientific activities through a targeted focused intention.

Metatron: Yes. Some of the applications that have been made have been through ignorance also. So as a civilization grows and a consciousness rises, there is always this propensity for mis-creation. This occurs because the denseness of the planet is being changed. You are a planet in transition, in a transitionary process moving towards ascension in a higher dimensional reality. That of the fifth dimension. This in itself can cause some problems because the manifestation process occurs much quicker than third-dimensional realities. So it is important when accessing the ninth Ray and using sound of any kind that it be done with the proper intention.

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