Powerful Energetic Upgradings

chakra body eraoflightdotcomNote that we will go through immensely powerful energetic upgradings in the next three months, which is, like I said yesterday, comes with huge reconstruction on cellular levels, as well as throughout the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and all 12 energetic bodies.

So many souls will awaken now, who were still asleep and those awakened will now move into the Upper Levels, the Higher Rooms and thus will find that much of what was once familiar, how they lived, operated, served, will now disintegrate and move into the higher octaves of frequencies.

It just means a totally new life and way of life in much higher and lighter frequency band.

I was struggling with some editing work which needs to be done, and what I wrote even a few years ago, I felt I had completely transcended. It then dawned to me, that that was what I lived as my highest service a few years ago, but was not relevant anymore. I have shifted lightyears since then.

You will all find this in much higher degrees now.

It so important to live every moment now in the Present. To be fully Present in the moment. And then become conscious of every thought you think – it will manifest instantly now. Even feeling you have – it will attract exactly what you are feeling.

When the emotional charges come up, and the old wishes to pull you back in, immediately stop the bus right there and then, and go into your heart space, and ask to be lifted into the Higher Levels and then observe this from the higher frequency band with love.

The minute you move into the heart of Love, your seeing and feelings will change. The emotional charges will be discharged and you can see and feel with the eyes and heart of Love again, and thus will bring the higher vibrational frequencies into the situation and into the souls involved and thus will not react anymore. Indeed, with the heart opening you will bless them, thank them and then the whole will resolve itself.

Why? Because you choose to stay in the highest frequency of Unconditional Love, and thus the lower self, and lower vibration, has no effect anymore. You are centered in the Heart and Frequency of Purity and Pure Love.

Note that you will often feel fatigued during this time. That is because your whole energetic systems are going through this intense revamping, and your physical form will have a hard time keeping up with it all. Allow yourself to take minute vacations, to seek out stillness, nature, and if need be, go for a walk and breathe in fresh air – or whatever it is that you feel will assist you in some refreshing way.

I find that when I do this, I find my inner joy. I find joy in highest loving service, and I find joy in resting and being and allowing.

More than this, one has all the support, all the loving Guidance and all the Infinite Divine Love, Light and Wisdom within, to bring all into the highest states of Oneness and Unity, within and without!

What an immense blessing this is!

I wish that you feel the Divine Love, Light an Blessings in a profound way today.
In this moment.

Fully Present.

I love you!

Judith Kusel.