James Gilliland: The Suppression of Joy and the Ungodly in the Days to Come

the truth rising eraoflightdotcomWe want to talk about systemic suppression of Joy, Passion and being Spontaneous. We will also cover the weaponization of PC correct to usher in rigidity and control. In the ECETI Kitchen you hear joy and laughter, essential ingredients to food preparation. There is a lot of humor in the kitchen much of which is PC incorrect. There are jokes about anatomically correct fruits and vegetables. Bizarre shaped zucchini, carrots, plumbs and other fruit. Then there is the infamous scrotatoe that keeps appearing. You often hear that’s what she or he said jokes. The gardening and building projects are the same. People who are rigid, controlled, judgmental often get offended. Some will go as far as use what was said in jest as blackmail or to self-righteously further their own agendas.  PC incorrectness is a counter measure to the what is now epidemic suppression of joy. The PC correct rigid controllers are, in my opinion the antichrist. God/Creator/Great Spirit in its most unlimited expression is pure unconditional love, joy and bliss. Humor fits into that category, humor lightens the day and brings one closer to God,”Joy”. Diminishing your love, joy and bliss, the absence of humor as well diminishes your connection to God. Diminishing your passion and spontaneity suppresses your expression, your creativity, freedom and is enslaving.

Diminishing your joy, passion and spontaneity your freedom of expression, are the goals of the tyrants, the dark hearts. Tyrants and dark hearts are found in business, political and even religious institutions. What we are seeing play out in today’s politics is increasingly obvious to the trained observer which has not been subjective to the social programming. As a whole each party has a platform. Your president is passionate, he loves this country and is fighting for the people trying to better the lives of everyone. He is not PC correct at times nor is he perfect, there is always room for improvement which I rather admire. It makes him human, approachable. The left however has become the party of PC correct rigidity and control. They want socialism where all the power and wealth are diverted into the hands of a few, the narcistic elite, who are going to dictate every aspect of your life. With the left nothing is off the table to reach their goals. This includes the destruction of America, all values, creeds and beliefs many of which are founded on very spiritual principles. There is always room for growth and change but the left want to throw out the baby with the bath water. The left energize and escalate the division between race, culture and religion. This includes perpetuating the gender wars. The white male is their latest target yet is not targeting any race being racist? How about judging by character and action? The lame stream press which has become the arm of the left feign outrage, make false accusations upon which when you do a little research you find are in fact what they themselves have done or are doing. Russia Gate, now spy gate are two prime examples where the Democrats accused Trump of what the facts now reveal they themselves were guilty of. Hilary the DNC and the deep state within the agencies all colluded with Russia using a fake Russian dossier to take down a duly elected President. Newly released declassified documents prove, Obama, Biden, Clapper Brennan, the top level of FBI and CIA were all in on it. So was the lame stream press who are still covering this up.  Research is not sitting in front of your tell lie vision watching CNN. That’s a controlled narrative 95 to 98% in disfavor of Trump. This leads us to the ten thousand dollar question the left cannot answer.

Why do the global elite, the corporate owned lame stream media, the corrupt politicians, the drug and child sex trafficers, pedophiles, including the majority of Hollywood and the music industry hate Trump. This is not a trick question.

The socially engineered need to ask themselves this question several times, let it sink in. Why is the left so hell bent on fueling and perpetuating the race and gender wars? I see racist white people hating white people, many of the BLM protestors are pissed off white kids looking for a place to vent rather than looking at the real reason they are pissed off. We are not saying injustice does not happen and it needs to be called out. What we are saying is using the injustice to further hidden agendas also needs to be called out. These race cards, feigning rage by the media then leaving out the details around each event has an agenda.  Women and the LGBT community are calling out for Sharia Law? A dog has more freedom under sharia law and being gay is forbidden punishable by death. Where is the common sense. The left get triggered when they are called socially engineered, critical thinking and research impaired useful idiots. What is sad is this is a very accurate description of their behavior and be lie fs. They want Marxism, some communism or a lighter form of socialism. What happened to history class? All the tyrants guilty of genocide in the past took the path of socialism which often degenerated into communism or Marxism. The path where all the power and wealth ended up in the hands of a few, eventually one, leading to the enslavement or death of anyone that opposed them. These detrimental forms of government are easy to enter with free everything but hard to leave without losing everything including your lives. They diminish freedom, spontaneity, passion anyone who steps out of their PC correct norm, anyone who disagrees is ostracized, in some cases dealt with violently. Have you seen the left speak out against the violence, the burning and looting, the killing of which are mostly innocent people of every color including blacks during these riots? Does the left disavow the Marxist goals or violent acts of Antifa, BLM? They call these protests peaceful and are demonizing and defunding the police during the violence, burning and looting. They deny their complicity in these events, the take down America plan of the global elite then blame the President. This is a classic example of end time madness.

Where is the love, joy, unity, passion, spontaneity? The only thing spontaneous is random acts of violence, tyrannical acts especially toward those that disagree with their agenda. This election is not Trump VS Biden. It is Trump VS Biden, Hillary, Obama the global elite, the deep state, the corrupt politicians, drug and child trafficers, pedophiles replete throughout Hollywood and the music industry, the corporate owned press with their controlled narratives.

It is also a war with the socially engineered, critical thinking research impaired useful idiots doing the lefts bidding as willing participants in their own enslavement and eventual demise.

How is that for PC incorrect? Is this unspiritual? No this is what Quan Yin would call wrathful compassion, or tough love. How can anyone stand by and do nothing when the people they love are taking a path that leads to their own enslavement and demise? The world I want to live in is a world where people are passionate, spontaneous, free, each fulfilling their own unique soul purpose. A world where people are kind to each other, themselves and the planet upon which they reside. A world where the double speak ends and clear communication begins. End time ascension not end time madness. Which world are you ushering in?

James Gilliland