Mercury Retrograde, Oct 13th to Nov 3rd 2020; Mental Havoc

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomOctober 13th, 2020 Mercury Retrograde starts off in Scorpio and ends on November 3rd in Libra.

Mercury opposite Uranus plays a major impact during this Mercury Retrograde and adds to THE amplification of potential communication problems. This includes speaking, thoughts, projects involving internet, wifi, radio, tv and all travel.

Most people on Earth function in 3D Earth externally based. Those that will experience BEING ASCENDED ARE NOT externally based, they live within their heart. For the majority as of now, Mercury Retrograde messes up the way they function and process things as well as plan things. This is not because this aspect is against how things function. It is that it is the intense nudge to NOT do that. TO move towards INNER BEING through the heart.

This nudge, with this aspect intensifying the impact becomes a huge explosive push towards COME ON NOW shift from external based to internal DIVINE awareness FLOW in the moment awareness.

Speak less, listen more carefully. DO not shoot your mouth off, like so many do. NOW are the moments to walk your talk. STAY INTERNALLY FOCUSED.

This practise and way of being is WHAT WILL be the WAY YOU TRANSITION into BEING the DIVINE.

Start somewhere, start now.

NOTICE each thought, each breath, each internal movement of your heart, yes I SAID THAT.

IF YOU can 24/7 be aware of every breath and each heart beat you will have MASTERED form.

Pay attention. TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this we activate you now! In love, NOW!

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