Mother Mary: Feel Carried By The Wind Of Life

mary magdalene eraoflightDear friends,

I am Mother Mary and I bring to you a gentle energy. You need that, because you have been wounded by life on Earth. Those wounds can sometimes become so deep that you lose your way here and you wonder if you can face this life. You wonder if you can bear it and what is the meaning of it all.

First, I want to convince you of how great, how brave, and how beautiful you are. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. I see the heart of courage and determination in you. Despite all the pain that you have been through there is a flame inside you, an inner drive to face this life.

You are like a bird, a beautiful heavenly bird that has been imprisoned in a jail which is dark and musty and dank. Yet, you have come to do some things in that prison. You have come to retrieve a child who is hidden in one of its corners. That child has been mesmerized by fear, by the restricted ideas of other people, by the society around it. That prison is not real, but for the child it is: the walls are very strong and the room is very dark. You have come to redeem this child. There is a way out of that prison, but first you have to find the child.

Imagine you are present in that dark room in the form of a bird or an angel; your body, your essence, radiates light. In that musty, dank space, you emanate a soft, bluish light. The child sees that light and feels something arise in its heart, because it recognises in you the energy of Home, of trust and of light.

To this child you now say: “Come out! Come to me, I am your mother”. Feel that mother energy within you, the warmth in your heart; the empathy that you have for that which is vulnerable, for that which is distorted and broken in yourself and also in others. Feel the gentleness in your heart. You all carry that mother energy in you.

I was a representative of that mother energy in the life on Earth when I was the mother of Jeshua. But it is a universal energy, an energy that gives life, that protects, but also gives freedom. This energy comes to you, and it is my deepest wish that you will recognize it in your own heart, because you have such need of this energy in order to heal yourself.

Let the child now come toward you and greet it with your eyes and your hands. Maybe the child feels neglected and is scared or hostile, sad or vulnerable. Look at it, and take it in your arms and comfort it. Do not try to change anything, just envelop the child with the gentleness that it needs.

When you accept the child completely the way it is, you are one with it; you recognize it as yourself. The inner child is not a separate thing, a separate being; it is an aspect of you, of your earthly self. But because you, as a human being, are inclined to suppress or neglect your emotions, a part of yourself has become trapped, because it could not show its spontaneity. So it might help to visualize the inner child and to meet it in this way. But remember that you are one with this child; it is the spontaneous life in you. Its emotions, its passions are a part of life itself.

Now feel the life energy of this child, the innocence and the original joy. Every child has joy and the will to live, to explore and experience life. Let the original life energy of this child back into your body and into your energy field. Not the pain and the burden of the past, but the original vibrancy and inspiration of this child. Realize that this child is indestructible.

You have gone through many lives with much trauma and pain. Yet the child in you still wants to live, but needs your care. For that reason you must envelop it with your love and fly away, along with the child, from that dank prison. Just look to find a way to do that. Maybe the walls fall away by themselves, or a window opens wide, but you find a way out.

Then spread your wings, and allow yourself to float on the air and to feel free. Feel protected by the powerful wings of this bird or angel. Know that you are truly carried in your life – you do not have to go it alone. When you listen to your heart there are forces around you who want to help you – time and time again.

You need to feel free to make mistakes, because making mistakes is very human. You are here to learn – or rather to play and to try out things – and you may stumble and fall when doing so. Allow yourself that freedom, just like a child learning to walk or ride a bicycle. You may fall and get your knees scraped, but do not be too hard on yourself about the “mistakes” you have made. Scramble back up and feel the support you get from the universe. Feel carried by the wind of life.

Thank you so much for your attention. Feel the energy of love gathered here around you.

Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

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