Deep Cellular Level Clearing

schumann resonance eraoflightdotcomMultiple timelines converging and clearing as the crystalline grid recalibrates to anchor and stabilise the new templates. 3rd eye activation as high frequencies open neural energetic pathways which enable greater receptivity to an multidimensional consciousness and time streams. Golden unification light codes on merging with the electric blue & magenta rays downloaded into the grid for December as this is a huge transitional collective gateway and timeline tipping point.

Ancestral lines clearing as lingering karmic threads are being brought forward in this mercury retrograde energy. Higher heart upgrades reconnect to the true inner guide within and assist with higher heart expansions which create a bridge between Multidimensional layers which creates access to our gifts & wider soul expression, many reflective fragments across our dimensional experience are reintegrating as we come home to the heart temple within.

Deep cellular level clearing is underway as we clear distortions and separation templates particularly around the masculine feminine archetypal templates/wounds as a reclamation of our wholeness/sovereignty/unity consciousness through self empowerment and detachment from codependent separation narration particularly through connections that cause catalystic karmic abandonment/rejection or unrequited heart wounds.

These narrations/loops/old templates are purging through the intake of frequencies which are leaning us back into heart space/sovereignty without the need for role play karma drama/unrequited/runner/chaser projections being the catalystic gateway back to our inner unified heart field.

Personally I’m experiencing huge heart, throat & 3rd eye upgrades and deep layers of wounding through timelines clearing, hyper ungrounded vibes, sensory tingles, deeper access to multiple timelines strands akashic patterns, time glitches & telepathic connectivity.
Grounding is key as is discernment and your own inner guidance.

Drop a comment below and share your experience. As a community our experiences support each other’s journey as different perspectives and insights help to create deeper layers of awareness and innerstanding.