Message from JFK: Be Kind to Yourself and Others

holding hands love eraoflightdotcom(Note from Losha…John, as I call him, seems to be shifting his focus and message lately from that of the Q-related, “state of our times” messages, to those regarding the individual now, because he understands that is the most important topic to ensure the continued evolution of humanity. He knows the individual is the most valuable piece to our “life puzzle” of our beloved planet and all of its inhabitants achieving Ascension, and evolving into a Better Life for All)

My beloved ones…it is so wonderful to be able to speak with you again! I have missed you! (my muse has been very busy lately…which is a good thing!)

I have a lot I would like to say tonight so let us begin…

The most important topic I would like to discuss today is the idea that no one has any control over what is currently happening in the world…at least from an individual perspective.

That is not entirely true, you see. There are many ways in which you can feel that you have at least a modicum of control over events happening around you.

First, you can control yourself…you can control what you are choosing to focus on in any moment. If it is not “of the Light” or it does not provide a positive “outcome,” then I would suggest that you try to either see that topic from a different perspective, or move on to another topic altogether.

Now, I know there are many, many current event topics which are not “of the Light” (however, the outcomes are) so to speak, but many of you dedicated patriots believe it is part of your mission to continue to keep these topics “visible” for others to see, so that they might begin to see the Light themselves. That is very admirable work, and I am proud of you.

However, as I stated in my last message through my muse here, not all patriots and lightworkers have that same path in life…and it is to you, beloved ones, to whom I am speaking right now.

My muse is beginning to question whether or not we are beginning to “repeat ourselves,” and she would be right, to a point. However, there are still many out there who are trying to “force fit” themselves into a role that they are not truly born to do.

The ones who are joining others in trying to expose all the dark deeds of the elites, are doing so at the expense of their own heart…and health. I know this sounds dramatic so I will use my muse as an example to expand on this topic.

My muse has recently been realizing that she has been depressed a lot lately, and it surprised her when she truly began noticing it. Then, slowly, her awareness of how she was “feeling” during the different tasks she was doing each day grew “louder,” and she finally realized that she was most depressed when she was “browsing” the social-media sites.

It is not solely the media sites themselves that are depressing your energy (although, we also know there is still a terrible bias among most mainstream sites), but it is the content being passed on by those whom you have decided to “follow,” that is contributing toward many of you who are experiencing a low energy, low morale feeling when you browse the content.

So, my muse got to the point where she could very quickly feel her energy level dropping (and her mood!)…and she had only been viewing the site for a few minutes! It astonished her to discover how quickly her browsing of those sites could negatively affect her mood and energy levels! I encourage all of you to monitor your energy/mood levels while browsing your social media sites to determine if there are any energy fluctuations.

Now it is not all just the content that is contributing to the energy fluctuation…until the Restored Republic is able to take over all aspects of technology, there will still be some residual “negative” energy frequencies emanating from your phones, and yes, even from the individual applications.

As a matter of fact, that is the biggest contributing factor to the drop in users’ energy and mood levels…the biggest social media sites are still “programmed” to affect the user’s energy “body.” That is what my muse is experiencing so noticeably now…how her mood drops so quickly when she is on these major sites, to the point that it almost doesn’t matter how positive or negative the particular post, or story, is at the moment…the energy frequency that is emanating from the application itself is the culprit…at least for the very sensitive ones, such as my muse. However, I have observed that this is a challenge for many others too…they just have not discovered the connection yet.

I guess this must seem like a rather particular topic to be talking about, but I am concerned that some of the lightworkers who are still believing that it is their “job” to expose all the evil doers are doing so at the expense of their own health.

I can state categorically that my muse has cut way back on her social-media browsing recently and her energy levels and mood have been much higher (and happier!)…and that then allows her to use that extra energy on other areas of interest and passion, which also helps others directly and indirectly (that is where the heart comes in!)…and that is a wonderful thing…and something that I wish for everyone to achieve. The helping of others is also something that is desperately needed at this time in our world.

My next topic is to give you my assessment of the current state of affairs, primarily in the United States, for this particular update.

There is much going on right now, and of course the dark media is only providing one side of the issues, so the lightworkers and patriots need to use discernment as to what is Truth…I know you have heard this caution many times already, however, it still holds true at this particular juncture.

We are truly close to the “end times”…but it is the “end” of the dark world only, and it is soon to become the “beginning” of the NEW world!

I wish I could show you all that I have seen that is coming in your near future…and coming sooner rather than later…more wonderful technologies than you have ever seen before! Many of you have heard of many of these wonderful devices, such as what are called “Med Beds,” Free Energy devices (which will free humanity!), and amazing cars which can fly!

And that, my friends, is only the beginning! Life is going to be so much more peaceful, kind, and compassionate…and all we have to do until then is to focus on our continuing to help others, listen to others, and love others, while we are waiting for that better life.

Speaking of better…I have been able to watch how so many of you patriots are getting better at raising your energy vibration levels, which then also raises the levels of all those around you.

My muse had a very profound insight recently. She heard someone “tell” her (yes, it was I!) that she herself was “responsible” for the energy levels of all those people who surround her, and are part of her “group,” so to speak.

Now, that was a heavy statement for her to hear…but it has gotten her to become more aware of how she presents herself to the others in her group, because she realizes that she needs to try and “lead” more, both with her words, and her demeanor/mood. She is very good at leading with her words for the most part, however she knows she still has work to do to learn to lead with her demeanor…she has bad days physically (as do so many others here on earth), and she has a tough time letting go of her attachment to those physical symptoms. She is learning though, that she can push past those symptoms and discomfort at times and is able to then provide great comfort and inspiration to others…even more than usual.

I give my muse great thanks and admire her courage for allowing herself to be used in these examples of mine, as it is not always easy for one to read about one’s “shortcomings” in print, and then [have it be] shared with all the world to see! She also knows though, that she is benefiting from my words and she has been making great headway in following her own passion and putting herself “out there” more…and even though it has been difficult, she is happier now than she has been, because she has learned to appreciate, and even enjoy, being outside her comfort zone.

As with most of us, that is when one feels most alive…when one is challenging oneself. The Lord knows that I also had moments when I was challenged greatly…and I like to believe that I performed fairly well during most of those moments. Hence, that is why I am now passing along my lessons learned to those of you who are choosing to listen.

Well, as always, I have gone on and on…with no end in sight, except that my muse’s energy is wearing out, so we will call it a day, for now.

I look forward to our next moment of sharing…and until then, I simply remind you that I am watching over you all, loving you all, and helping you all, in any way that I can. Be kind to yourself and to others.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

**Channel: Losha

10 Replies to “Message from JFK: Be Kind to Yourself and Others”

  1. Adrienne

    My Inner Guidance has repeatedly told me the social media is draining my energy. But have I listened? I have not!

    I think I’m stuck in this loop where I physically feel like hell, so I lay around a lot. WITH THE PHONE!

    Thank you, Losha and Mr. President for this transmission. I really needed this.

    Going to put the phone down now …

    1. Janet L Gazda

      Beloved Adrienne…I am pleased to read that Jack’s message was so helpful to you. He did the same for me!

      The only thing I can offer when one sets down their phone, is to try and find a hobby that will fill up some of your downtime. Find something you are passionate about and enjoy!

      Blessings to you always, Adrienne! Love, Losha.

  2. Patrick42

    Losha: I have been w Potus for 5 yrs now, realized Divine Intervention on election night 2016..IamCUEanon. I am aware of upcoming Galactic Event (Rapture)etc. Ive noticed my desire to be more positive on twtr the last several months b/c I could feel the negative energy drain me afterwards b/c of what Jack alluded to…I need to keep vibration HIGH…Please tell JFK thank you! for the confirmation of needing to be more positive, and I will try to do even better in the future..Also tell him I said to say howdy to Jr. soon for both. MAGA!

    1. Jan Gazda

      Patrick…Wow, that is all awesome to hear! My connection with JFK is pretty strong so I can hear him saying right now, that you are doing great already!

      Keep it up and keep the vibration high! He loves all of us very much! Blessings upon you, Patrick! Love, Losha.

  3. Brenda Aloiau

    Thank you! You are still so inspiring and loved by all. Your words uplift me in my patriotic endeavors and in my efforts to guide, educate, comfort and teach.

    1. Jan Gazda

      Brenda…myself and Jack thank you for your thoughtful reply to his message. Please continue to bless others with your passion to guide, educate, comfort, and teach! Those are the primary, and most important reasons, that JFK is providing these messages to us all. Bless you always, dear Brenda! Losha.

  4. Gabrielle C Swanberg

    Lovely vibration and messages, a) less media browsing, b) be hopeful and positive for the upcoming changes, c) hold positive and leadership-level demeanor/energy. Thanks, Losha & Jack ! In hot California

    1. Jan Gazda

      Dear Gabrielle…thank you so much for truly capturing the primary meanings from Jack’s message!

      As the channeler who was used as the “example” in the message, I truly hoped that others would be able to also relate to those important topics.

      I am learning to trust that “John” has it all planned out, in accordance with the Highest Good for All! Blessings upon you always, Gabrielle! Love, Losha.