Adama of Telos: The Inner Star Gateway

adama of telos eraoflightdotcomGreetings beloveds of the planet earth, I am Adama of Telos and this is my message to you this day. A great many things are transpiring all around you, and most importantly within you. This is the real secret dear ones. What is happening within your heart centre is the real deal. I know that sounds a little strange to use those words… we wish to approach you in a more grounded humorous way for we see that far too many of you are becoming distracted with the outer world.

We have said many times just how important it is to reach inside, to feel inside of you, to feel the infinite expanse that is within you, which is who you truly are.

It is important to grasp and fully understand that the events transpiring around you are a direct reflection of what it is within you collectively and as an individual being. You can change your outer events by going inside. And here’s how we suggest you do that… Inside you dear ones, there is a labyrinth of light possibilities. The quantum field that you are and that you are within is now brimming with possibilities. But why you continually focus on your outer world, as if these are your only options, you will place your focus on them and continually re-create them. Dear ones, this is not what we wish for you. It is time now to come inside, to realize that the inner world, the great expanse within you, is waiting for your return home.

Much like a diver being afraid or somewhat hesitant to go into an unexplored cave, because of the ‘unknown’ factor, we see many of you resisting, or feeling unsure. Because you have known yourselves to be ‘of’ the outer world, to be ‘In’ the outer world for so long. We understand this dear ones, we know this is difficult for you to transcend, but it is what you must do at this time. This is what we ask of you.

It is VERY important dear ones…

Going into your inner world is a little like melding into a great and tremendous sun, that has infinite expanse and infinite connection. Just like the womb of the mother, this is where all your creativity happens. When you look at your outer world, it is a holographic projection of what you choose to create WITHIN your inner world. In an analogy, we see so many of you believing, as you have done for so long, that to change your outer world you must take action, that you must take control of the outer world components, move them around, form them into what you want and then that is considered ‘job done’.

But this is not true dear ones…

You are moving into higher vibrational realms of the fifth dimension. Here, everything is created from within. If a fifth dimensional being wishes to create something, they go within themselves, they create the reality they wish to experience WITHIN the infinite expanse within themselves and then they watch

it unfold very quickly in the outer reflection, that is your outer world (I feel this is much like a womb of pure creativity of which the outer world completely and faithfully becomes in holographic form, like a mirror that constantly jumps to become what you are inside).

This is a very important concept to understand dear ones. We wish to help you, to assist you to transition from being stuck and lost in an outer world, to being beings that are fully centred, fully connection to their inner creatorship. Where you can create and generate the outer reality EAXCTLY as you wish it to be dear ones, no more being blow around like a feather in the outside space as if you are to succumb to outside influences this way and that way. This is not how it works, and this is ONLY a symptom of you giving your power away… And what is it to give your power away? It is to entrench yourself, to believe yourself to be OF the outside world. You therefore allow your power, and you are doing this to yourselves dear ones, you allow your creations to take command of YOU. By entrenching your focus, by entrenching your sense of what is real, your sense of self – that’s the most important part – in the outer world, and then you become OF your outer world.

Dear ones, you get pushed around so much by the outer world elements while you do this. You know this, you experience this. This has caused much frustration in the human race and we see this.

This is why we continually ask you, please come back into your inner space, your inner truth, your inner world.

Your inner world is an infinite expanse… The outer world is but a fraction of what it is to be in your inner world dear ones. And like an analogy this one has used before, the outer world is much like a virtual reality headset that you put on. It can seem very real, so real in fact that over many eons of time you have become enmeshed in this game.

This is a time to wake up and to awaken to your deeper truth dear ones. We talk to all of you the awakened ones. Many of you are still, including this one we will say, still spend far too long, with your attention and your focus on the outer world, seeing what happens, seeing how things change. It is ok to do this dear ones, but do not get lost in this. Do not allow yourselves to be enmeshed in the outer world’s goings on. Do not identify with it, for you are your inner world.

The outer world is an expanse for you to experience your inner world creations as a reflection… We wish for you to ponder this, to contemplate this. Take the time to meditate, go within, go into that beautiful heart centre of yours, feel the love, the potential, the expanse of who you are. Play with it, like a child going into a sand pit for the first time, playing with the sand, feeling it, moving it around, sitting within it, covering yourselves in it, have FUN dear ones!!! Then, certain important powerful truths will dawn on you. Things that we cannot explain here, through this or any other channel, but that which you musty experience for yourselves, you must realize for yourself. And oh dear ones we wish so much for you to do this, and we rejoice in knowing that you soon will. We only ask… we only ask for you to take the time to go within, to meditate. We know you hear these message often dear ones, and we know many of you feel they are repetitive, but this is SO VALUABLE for you dear ones, this is so important.


It has NEVER been outside of you.

The events taking place outside of you are but a jostle of energetics in this giant transformation, where the old chaotic hidden is coming out and dissolving away, and you are seeing it. This is not who you are, do not involve yourselves in it, unless you feel guided to do so.

Please place AS MUCH OF YOUR FOCUS, YOUR ATTENTION within yourself as often and as deeply as you feel you would love to.

We love you all so very much, and we will leave you with this final thought and feeling if we may…

We are giving an image to this one of a bright sun, a beautiful powerful sun with a universe all around it. This is analogous to your inner and outer worlds. The sun is your inner world, when you step through that portal inside an expanse, an infinite expanse opens up to you. You have yet to fully understand what suns are, many of you have a good idea, but most do not. And the outer expanse around the sun is your outer world. Dear ones, where does EVERYTHING in the outer world get its light from, yes dear ones, the sun.

The centre of you is the source of all your life.

You are a sun in human form

We urge you to go into that portal in the centre of your sun and realize the ENORMITY, the EXPANSE, the INFINITY, the CREATIVE WELL inside of you, it is infinite dear ones. We playfully ask you to contemplate this to feel it.

Find and connect with your inner world portal, your SACRED HEART as many call it. The gateway to the truth of who you really are.

When you do this often enough, you will release your attachments to the outer world, you will realize it full for the illusion and non-existence it really is…

We bid you farewell, until the next time, this is our message to you this day. We thank this channel and all for listening.

We love you so very much and we look forward to seeing so many bright stars, switch on far more deeply.

We bid you adieu, goodbye for now…

**Channel: Davey

40 Replies to “Adama of Telos: The Inner Star Gateway”

  1. Frann

    Hello Davey.
    Taking a hook from the response you gave from Kazar’s comment about the inward process…I have been on this path, or on the journey more precisely since 2012. And for some years now I have been practicing (or better trying) to meditate deeply but I just can’t get off the surface and get deeper into myself.I have spent more than an hour breathing and trying to “disconnect” myself from the surface of the mind in order to be able to relax more deeply and such … but to this day I have never been able to. Every time I go to sit down to have this time to look inside and be silent and meditate I start to have symptoms like the mouth salivating more than normal, wheezing and sometimes even shortness of breath … I asked a person who already practiced meditation and had already reached a high degree of awareness, I asked him why it happened to me. He said it could be something in my unconscious that “does not allow” me to access my interior, something that I should find out for this block to be dissolved.Now, how can I dissolve something if we have to get to the bottom of this and that is exactly what I am unable to do. I just wanted to be able to meditate and relax as anybody can do it and for me (meditating) is like a challenge because I try and try and I can’t get that deep relaxation that most people do normal. I know they are blocks and maybe afraid to get in there and know what I really am and that is why my mind keeps me from meditating?What can I do Davey? Would you have any advice to give me regarding this?I honestly don’t know what else I can do about it, I even tried to do hypnosis and I couldn’t be hypnotized. I just want to be able to meditate deeply to go inside myself, like I never was.

    1. Frann

      (Just complementing the first message) I have been going through this process of cleaning the inner shadows I have been through a lot of purging … but I feel very frustrated for not being able to get inside me and feel the love from inside … every day I ask for help my spiritual team to help me relax …. but I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

      1. kazar

        Hi Frann Just a possibility for you. As you probably know we have a physical body, an etheric body, and emotional/astral body and a mental body. There is a lot of talk here of meditation calming the Mind. Yet you must also deal with the Emotional body if your goal is to sit and meditate clearly. The techniques you might use for the emotional body may differ in approach to the mental body. For example i believe Asthma would be connected to the emotional body. So with shortness of breath this may be a fearful reaction from the emotional body. You might ask yourself when that happens, what am I Feeling or more to the point, what am I fearful of? Fear of the unknown is powerful. Fear of the loss of control could be frightening. Feelings of self worth or lack thereof could be triggered. Trusting in your own True self is whats most important. You may be looking at others that are seeming to coast along, however if anyone has engaged the True Path they will have encountered things in all their bodies they have overcome. That part is a process that may have highs and lows but eventually as you let go thru the process you become steady because you have revealed more of the real you. I do feel finding the right breath technique would be helpful. Persistence will produce results. Peace kazar

        1. Frann

          Hello Kazar.
          Yes, I totally agree with what you said because every time I have this intention to silence myself, all of this starts to happen. It is clearly a fight and flight reaction, I know it is. But I don’t know what to do to transcend that, you know, I really don’t know what to do. When these sensations happen I feel the fear behind them, I know it is the fear but how do I resolve it? Look, I’ve done so much, I’ve tried so many techniques, so many relaxation and hypnosis videos I’ve been watching, since I’ve seen them all, and so far nothing. I am even revolted by the fact that it is such a “simple” thing to do (meditation) and I can’t do it. Then after reading this message from Adama I went looking for videos talking about the inner world and if there was any meditation on it. As I am Brazilian it is a little complicated to find videos in Portuguese so I look for content in English. Yesterday I found a video of a woman who always visits the inner world, I left a comment and she told me that I was supposed to try to talk more with my conscious mind and possibly with the being that would be a kind of guardian of the portal of the inner world. She said it was for me to try to talk to him (I didn’t even know there was a guardian protecting this place) then she told me that, so I could try to talk to him because he could be blocking my entry. But I feel it has to do with the unknown and the fight-and-flight response, but I would love to know how I can resolve this.
          Thank you so much Kazar.

          1. Davey

            Hi Fran, just read your post here and thought I would offer some words. The inner world is not guarded by anything that is keeping you from it. It is not a place outside of you, it is YOUR inner world, it is the aspect of you which is infinite and only a tip of you has entered into a human vessel, through the sacred heart portal, to have the experiences you have come to learn and grow from. I have feeling that this is a key lesson for you, to learn how to connect inwardly and find yourself in and as your inner world. Something has happened to you a previous lifetime I feel that has caused a trauma. This is based on deep fears which have grown in to a defense mechanism to make it very difficult for you to connect back within. What I would suggest doing is asking your higher self, the guides you’re happy working with, to take you on a journey to feel the feelings associated with this. That’s the real key, being willing to feel your feelings on this, thinking about it doesn’t resolve the emotions and energetic blockages, you must be willing to feel, for this activates them to release. As someone who has been through some very long ended difficulties, I can say that my eventual surrender to simply feeling the feelings, the fears, the angers, simply honoring all of them, allowed the core issues to fall away. I got to walk on very rough ground by using my mind too much to try to solve things mentally. It is important to remember that nothing has gone wrong, this is your chosen set of puzzle pieces to find the solution for, as you are uniquely suited to do so. And the solution is to feel, not to analyze, the mind only references current experience and tries to extrapolate that into the past and the future. Past life and current life wounds are held in place due to the associated emotions not being released, once they are, the issues dissipates, quite rapidly. So in a nutshell, I would advise taking a feeling journey to feel through the layers of unresolved emotion, but do so with the guidance and way showing of your higher self, who can see the path through with crystal clarity. Just remember, you’re not alone, and all the help you need is within you and right beside you…

    2. Davey

      Dear Fran, thanks for your message. I do understand this, I to have had great difficulty in the past. In my experience the mind can be very tricky, especially those aspects of us that have been formed as a defense mechanism from deeply traumatic experiences of the past. I find that the mind often feels that by a person going into their heart, that it is somehow becoming redundant and its command is being relinquished (as it has been front and center for so long). And so it can cause issues by getting in the way These are some examples that have come to light. But it is important to make friends with your mind, to reassure it, for in truth it is an extension of your heart, a beautiful instrument that must operate from the heart, not as solo operator running its own show. However, I could do a read on you for your question, but I will need a way to get in touch to give you the results, plus of course I will need your permission to do a reading, if that’s what you would like…

      1. Frann

        Hello again Davey.

        Sure, you have my permission to do this reading.

        I have lived with depression for a lifetime (I am 42 years old) and I have always felt sadness within me in this current life. But when I was a child and then a teenager and such, that feeling was somewhat hidden by other situations that were momentarily happy. After my marriage ended, around 2004, and after having other relationships that didn’t work out, this depression really surfaced. It was years of taking all kinds of medicines. So, in 2011, I decided to stop all these medications and in 2012 I started having these awakenings. And now I’m on this journey that has been a lot of pain, a lot of pain, I don’t understand why it was so much pain. I never thought that the cleansing of our beliefs or shadows would be so painful to feel. Then I even asked a person to do a reading for me, because I really needed to at least understand the reason for so much pain (so much pain, it’s like I feel things that aren’t even mine) and I feel lost because I don’t hear my guides and mentors talk to me, so this guy told me that I came as a job to be transmutative and that my spirit is very brave and strong and I came with this mission to manipulate or transmute these dense energies. But there are days when I get up and I don’t even hold on, I feel like not even being more alive because what I feel is very strong. And that’s why I feel very frustrated because in addition to going through all of this every day, my mind still does it to me (as if it doesn’t relax at all) and I don’t feel a moment of relief and peace, you know. I don’t even know how I’m still standing, how I’m still alive because there are days when I feel like I’m dying while I’m alive, I really wanted to know why that was all. I know that nothing happens by chance and if I am going through all this it is because God / Source knows that I would be able to deal with it, but honestly I don’t even know how I am going through it.
        This guy told me that I was supposed to start focusing on good things and take the focus off all the pains and discomfort I feel every day, and that it would go away and that my guides are always with me. But it is very complicated when you no longer sleep properly due to the energies entering the body, several times during the night I get up to go to the bathroom, there is no restful sleep, then I get up already feeling very strong anxieties and everything that is kind of uneasy, and it goes all day, every day. So how do you think of good things if that’s it every day? A repetition of negative patterns in every path of my life? Forgive me for the outburst.
        If you need any information to do this reading I will send you by email. Thank you for listening to me.

        1. Davey

          Hi Fran, sorry I dodn’t see this one before writing the one above! I hear you, and I have been through some very hard walks as well. It took me nearly two decades to finally crack the problem. I found in the end, after all my labor, torments and troubles that I wasn’t honoring the residual feelings still trapped from past life experiences that have caused real problems in my current life. I was very heady back in my day, and so my first approach was always to try to move around the problem mentally. All this did was make the feelings worse. It took me a great deal of time, hitting many walls and falling down more times than I care to count. But in the end, when I through my arms up in despair, I hit the point of surrender. My mind had no resistance left to offer to feelings I didn’t want to feel and so I only one way, to just feel them. Not to entangle myself in them, not to identify myself as those feelings, but to simply feel them as an energy that needed my to acknowledge them just as they were. As I did this, I found the left very quickly, my mood lightened and heart started to open. I believe this is what it is to be human, to feel with the crystal clarity that you have to feel everything within you, including the yucky feelings. They are a response to a past experience that was not fully felt and so became trapped within you. They don’t want to be trapped, but released, so they keep coming back, asking for you to finally feel and so release them. you see, in what I have found, when you feel a feeling without begin afraid of it, or against it, you allow yourself to simply let it be felt and pass out, like steam from a pressure cooker. As you keep doing this, use you breath to blow them out, layer by layer, piece by piece. Then you will find the pressure inside of you dissolves, you mind becomes more peaceful and willing to surrender. It learns that it soen’t have to be afraid of what it can’t analyze, that it can simply watch without holding emotions down. Your mind believes it is protecting you. But it needs to see that there is nothing to fear in feeling your feelings, the feelings you created in response to past and current life experiences. You can do this Fran, you absolutely can. One of additional great ways to navigate unresolved feelings is to talk them out, express them. Do you have a friend you can sit down with and say anything you feel as it comes up, for that is another way of honoring them, activating them to release. For the problems you face are purely unresolved emotion, there is nothing complex or a huge maze that you have to go through and solve, simply feel your feelings my friend. This was my key, and I believe it is the key for everyone. When I looked into your field, I saw that your mind was acting in a way that it believes is a protective way, by stopping you from feeling the negative feelings you have yet to release. This leaves you with a feeling of something lurking within that you cannot escape and that no one else knows. These are simply those unresolved feelings trying to get your attention. Like trapped beings looking for a way out, they keep coming up to you, and it feels like you feel plagued by this. I would lovingly suggest as I have said above, you will be surprised how quickly they resolve and release when you are willing to just feel them. In some ways they are like school ground bullies that taunt, but are really hurt and wounded ,and crying out for help and acknowledgement and to be felt. I hope this helps you. As someone who has gone through this, I understand what you are going through, and believe me, the light solution to this is closer than you think, it is as simple as feeling. When you are willing to feel those bad feelings, rather than resist and fight them back, you will realize they have no teeth and that they are not trying to hurt you, they just want to be freed. When you do this, the sense of dread of them will fall away to a sense of just how empowered you are to feel through them and let them go…. That is the great power you have, to feel… I hope this helps, please feel free to share again with how you go with this.

          1. Frann

            Thank you so much for everything you said and for the tips you gave me. I tried to leave you my contact here but the site does not allow it. But thank you very much,I will continue in my cleansing process and I believe that this is exactly what is happening, I have to let everything surface and feel everything so that everything can be cleaned and healed from my being.

      2. Frann

        Dear Friend Davey… I thank you very much but very much and this is very incredible because when reading everything you said I felt like you were a person close to me, your energy and your words and your sincerity because I can feel and felt a great energy of compassion for me that I haven’t felt for anyone around me for a long time Davey. Not even therapists where I tried to go a few times and I always end up dropping because I don’t really feel that they even care. In your last message and everything you said is exactly the way I feel but nobody until today had really managed to feel like I was and you got it, it seems that I did 10 years of therapy just reading this message from you. I really wanted to be able to live nearby and be your friend because I know that I wouldn’t feel alone anymore in my process but I am so grateful just for having talked to you right here and for having helped me a lot. I don’t have any Davey friends and I find myself asking my Higher Self why that too, like not having even one person to talk to during the most difficult times and such. I live alone with my mother but I can’t say anything about it to her, in fact my mother is being another “cross” that needs to be recognized and released from my path. But once again thank you for everything and for the advice so valuable and full of compassion that you gave me. I will keep this message and whenever I need it I will read it.

        1. Frann

          Davey could you please give me your email? I’d like to ask you a few more things about the process. I dont know if you will see this post again but I really need your contact.
          My email is

          1. Davey

            Hi Fran, thanks for your kind words, I have written to the email you gave, hopefully it will get to you ok. If it doesn’t, please post here and I can find another way to reach out 🙂

  2. sea

    Empowering truths beautifully spoken. Yes! We are responsible for creating our outer world through our heart space. Thank Q kindly for this inspiring light-filled transmission 🙏

  3. David

    Davey, this is a revealing post; thank you!

    While reading this comment section, I am reminded the Arcturians occasionally come through with the idea that we each and all have many surrounding and helping us.

    I sense the key issue is how The Help is accomplished. The journey for the Individual is experiencing, learning, creating, expressing, coordinating, sharing. These activities are so paramount that the Dark Ones in Service-to-Self are in danger of losing their souls, for violating our efforts. These are Helping impede and frustrate us.

    Similarly, those higher-frequency light beings surrounding us will also violate Universal Law if they *do* things for us. Yeshua once said we could do/create/manifest as He had done. HOW? Even as rank trainees, it must be possible with what already has been revealed to us.

    Here goes — from what I’ve gathered, we must decide on the one next thing we want reflected in the outer world, (“Believe and do not doubt” now applies here.)

    At this focused stage, I am wondering if we could then

    1. ask these higher aspects for *help*?! (the Opt-in required?),

    2. Once asked, consciously realize they are released from Law to officially participate in a highly specific project. (One-at-a-time behooves us to decide the next most important… )

    3. When nothing results, ask for details (From Our Help’s higher perspective, how long should we watch for it to emerge? Maybe the request is too multi-faceted for one project, too self-serving, not enlightened or not advisable just now. The “help” is to receive these perspectives.)

    4. Refine your “Most Important* with the Step 3 new perspective.

    5. Continue attempting that Most Important thing.

    I’d appreciate anyone for pointing out gaps in the above process. Thanks for allowing me to order my thinking on this, in constructing a reply.

    Thanks again for the post!

    1. Davey

      Hi David, thank you for this sharing and wisdom. Yes i do agree very much that the fundamental law of individual experience is that each are full creators of their reality, by being the only one who can initiate the creation of any and all vibrations and vibrational patterns in their being, and so generate the corresponding hologram in their outer world. And this is where your ideas of invitation come in as I believe that other beings cannot come in unless you have a vibrational match to a certain degree, or that you give an invitation (which could be viewed as a beings willingness to change their vibrational state to match the being invited – I believe also that light beings also adjust themselves to meet us part way as well). In essence, I believe that when we ask for something in our reality, the vibrational experience is right there. But in order to then see that and live it in the outer world, we must accept the integration of those vibrations (to harmonize with that which we have asked for). This is the bit that many have had difficulties with, including myself at many times in the past. Asking and inviting is not the main issue I find, it is the willingness and the ability to then change into the new vibrational clothes one has asked for. This had slipped me up many times, and was a recipe for frustration. Now there is another step here in terms of how fast your hologram changes. And I believe this is a result of how open your heart is. In essence, I see the heart as both the magnet and the constructor. The primary magnetic field from the heart attracts the fundamental particles into your energy field, and the intelligence of your hear orders them to match the vibrations you hold. So I would say that in my view, important keys to manifestation are:

      1. first visualize what you wish for
      2. feel it within you – this is an important step, for feeling it,causes you to integrate and harmonize with it
      3. while doing this, open your hear space and blend with it
      4. while there, feel the feeling of gratitude
      5. Be aware of any blockages to attaining any of these steps and if you sense/feel any, work on what they are and releasing them with your higher self

      As this process is repeated, the layer sof blocks fall away, your harmonization with what you’ve asked for becomes stronger and then your outer world hologram will change accordingly.

      I do believe this is why the message of going within is repeated so often as this is where our power lays, this is the only place from which you can truly change your experience to what it is you wish.

      Love and peace to all 🙂

  4. Cheri

    Really the best post I have ever read from Adama of Telos and there have been a lot! So much depth here which is a testament to Davey’s integration level which is extremely coherent! We can only read the meaning from the level the channeler can convey and what level we are able to see the meanings as they are huge multidimensional concepts being relayed inside the words to reflect back to us. He really describes perfectly how fields of pure potential work as we create from within and the elements reflect back to us a holographic reality! However, we are still jumping out of the fallen matrix timelines which always reflect back failure, lack and limitation because they are dead end timelines and frozen rather than fractals of endless expansion so don’t get stuck and mired is great advice! Feeding the beast just keeps us in endless mind loops of suffering! We gotta just keep moving into the fields of pure potential Davey describes. A lot of us are transmuting the fallen matrix for the collective. Right now I am sensing great defeat and impending doom in the failing matrix and tons of anxiety omg! I have never felt such an extreme pull into a doomed mindset as I do now. Everything we feed the beast matrix is amplified way out of proportion!

    The key is stay positive but I know personally these challenges of living in this fallen system are intense! We now control the quantum field but we gotta stay together and coherent and not oppose one another but support each other and stay focused to control the outer reality! It’s not every man for himself any longer it’s about unifying as our thoughts create! You will notice team dark never opposes each other, they are lockstep in a hive mind that’s how they controlled the quantum field! We are team light! Stay focused we are down to the total collapse of the fallen structure that was reflecting their reality within the atomic blueprints!

    Davey I salute you for all your hard work as your energy is just wow!

    Love you all! We are creating this! All the higher aspects can do is encourage and give us the multidimensional messages to help us come out of this illusion! We’ve almost fully deprogrammed the false light structure! Winning massively! 🤩

    Love to all! It takes Warriors! Stay unified and upbeat because we are the Champions! We know how this ends because we are creating it and victims no more! 😉

    1. Davey

      Dear Cheri, thank you so much for your kind and humbling words :). I very much and heartedly agree, we must keep together and turn to help those that are caught in the web, with kindness and. The energy of negativity in all it’s forms is the downward spiral of the control system, which the more that is used, the more backwards, or downwards in vibration and possibility one will go. Love, kindness and compassion are always, always the antidote. For negativity is a contrived, machined and artificial grid that has no support unless people prop it up, in fact, as a fundamental principle, it can only exist if people are tricked into keeping it going, or choose to feed the grid with negativity. This is an essential guard to keep an eye on. If a situation triggers, walk away and go in to discover what trauma you have buried that was the triggered response. All the stuff in the unconscious is what is allowing the remnants of the grid to barely survive. It will come down, totally agree, and we can hasten that by only being loving no matter what happens… And for me, one of the best way of doing that is to continue to go inside the heart space. I find each time I do, it gets stronger and stronger. Every time throughout the day that I remember to do that. It gets easier, softer, more fun and the possibility of negativity takes a swift dive. I feel that was one of the many ah ha’s that Adama was talking about here. So I would very lovingly encourage anyone to keep going within, even if you’re new to this, I feel you’ll be surprised how quickly things start to change. But the additional point I would like to make is that you must surrender into the heart space, you cannot make yourself go in with your mind. I did this a lot in the beginning and got very little to go within ha ha!!!! I found, through a lot of bumps and knocks, that you have to feel and surrender to, the heart space, there is no force, no control there, only love, peace and the infinite that you are, and its defenses are formidable (and necessarily so), so it will only let the real you in and the love you allow, so just remember to leave your stuff at the door and glide in with grace :). Lastly, if you struggle to do this, it is most likely that you may have fears of surrendering, often letting go of self grip and control (understandable as the control experience has left many weary of those on the look out to control you). But this is not the case in the heart space, nothing can affect you there, nothing. Only the real you and the love you allow in can go there :). Peace, love and light, I hope this is help to many, the light has won, lets help each other get over the bridge as best we can 🙂

      1. Cheri

        Beautifully stated! We are in oneness on this! From my sacred heart to yours my friend! 😘

        1. Davey

          Thanks so much Cheri, much love and light to you as well :). This amazing journey is getting so exciting on a day by day basis, I for one am so looking forward to the sense of freedom and heart opening people are moving into, what a ride!

  5. Werty

    Adama, with all due respect, every single Lightworker on this site has consistently gone within to deal with their own Journey and healing and in order to deal with the chaos in this world.

    What every Lightworker on this site has failed to do is experience what you Said and promised would happen when we do this, and also that the outer World would reflect our inner experiences. NONE have succeeded in doing this, none have been able to successfully achieve anything of the kind.

    It is just constant promises that always fail to manifest. Hope deferred kills our souls and brings down our life energy, and leaves us fragile to the Dark agenda.

    Is that what you are really trying to do??

    For many years Lightworkers have followed your advice, some for decades and the majority since 2012.

    We still cant pay our rent, we still cannot put proper food on the table or take care of our loves ones, we are still completely dependant on others to survive physically, and emotionally and spiritually.

    This is the opposite of everything you have promised. All promises and suggestions from you Adama have been meaningless.

    Go back to where you came from..

    1. bodhimoss

      With all due respect, Werty, you do not and cannot speak for “everyone reading this site” or “all Lightworkers.” Some have succeeded in doing what Adama suggests here, perhaps by making different choices than you made, different priorities, focuses or sacrifices, choosing different life circumstances or making evolutionary/dimensional leaps you know nothing about. It’s fine that you dismiss Adama’s teachings, that you are frustrated or angry at the world as you find it, that is certainly understandable, but please do not assume to speak for everyone and thereby completely dismiss what others have been able to accomplish in realities you cannot inhabit yet. That is the life purpose and dedication of Wayshowers, some of whom have been awake for decades, far longer than 2012. They go first so others can follow.

      No one leaves the “Outer World” as Adama calls it, until they are willing, ready and able. Those who still have multiple attachments to lower realities have not yet achieved vibrational coherence. I did not create the universal law of creation, I’m only reporting what it is.

      1. Werty

        Bodhimoss, you have not been able to manifest any sort of abundance into this physical reality, which is my whole point..

        If my post upset you and made you judgemental, you need to read your own words and realize you are only describing yourself and expressing what you still carry within you.

        Maybe being so judgemental is the reason why you are not manifesting anything..

        1. Davey

          With kindness, I would say you seem to have a great deal of anger and trauma still present. These things will continue to bind you into powerlessness and 3D as your reality, until you face and release them. I feel the point of the message was that in order to connect with and activate the many gifts you have, as well as becoming your truth, you have to practice and continue to go within, to meld with your power within. there were no external promises in this message, only the promise of the great reveal inside you when you reach it within. In my experience, whenever you are angry, finger pointing and blaming others, these are symptoms that you are still very much focused outside of yourself and on a deeper level blaming something outside of you for not being in the position you wish to be in (as if something outside of you is holding you up). But since we are all 100% the creators of our own reality, how can that possible be? I’m not at all trying to be mean to you here, quite the opposite. I have been where you appear to be, many times in the past. What I learned is that you must feel through these feeling of anger and dis-empowerment, for they act as a veil that will always trick you into believing you’ve been short changed by the universe. You haven’t, you are the only one getting in your way, as I was to myself, many times, to what you wish to experience, and only you can choose to navigate through the veils you have, to arrive where you wish to be… In love and peace, I hope this helps you

          1. kazar

            Davey I want to thank you for responding to comments-not many channelers do that. That being said Werty has some good points. I had started travelling to Sedona over a decade ago, started hiking and made friends. What struck me after a time was that many of the Spiritual folks had no clue as to what was going on physically in the world. I pondered that for a long time and a part of me says ok–they are just holding space at a higher vibration and that is their particular service. However, as we have moved deeper into/towards the greater shifting many in the metaphysical community have started voicing uncertainty as it seems to be getting more difficult than Rosy glasses are ready for. Meditation doesnt completely solve this as we are here to interact with others.

            One would be hard pressed to name any dramatic increase in Enlightenment without dramatic change in the political arena. This has to happen whether you believe you have a ticket off this rock or not. I think Werty was just saying not just your message but many others have repeated the same thing over and over for decades. Its possible that in this part of the endgame no new info is being released. I just want to say that your message is good but Incomplete as it doesnt capture a way to work with the dynamic situation at hand for many. Has anyone here ever tried to meditate as their emotions are blasting away.!!!

            My best analogy here is personal. I struggled with low back pain for years now and thought my back was just out. I had past experience with NUCCA chiropractic and went back to a good practitioner. He took pictures of my neck like always. No help from his adjustments. A year later(because of covid) I went to another chiropracter and he took xrays of my hips which showed bone on bone in the hip joints. My point here is that NUCCA is good but it is not wholeness because it couldnt pick up the hips. Meditation is not a bad message but many folks here already do that and are still highly anxious and are looking for more. Especially in channeling whether their hopes for that are misplaced or not. Folks are looking for something at times for something they havent been able to lay their hands on elsewhere. Its important to know whats changing in our World. Truth is Independant.

          2. Davey

            Dear Kazar, thank you for your post and I do hear what you are saying, I to have pondered those words also, having been through many many knocks and blows, as have so many. I feel that the core of the message here is not to dismiss the outer goings on, after all Adama did say that is ok to continue to operate in the outer world. But to not get enmeshed in it. I take this in my own personal experience to mean that it is important to practice being the observer and to continue or begin the process of going inward more often. This is a transition from the 3D world of purely outer going’s on and action, to a 5D experience where everything is from within. This takes steps by steps. So I would say that it is important to practice, and the more you do, the more integrated into 5D living you will be and the more ‘out’ of the outer world trappings you will be. But like I said, this is an expanded transition, so I don’t believe Adama here is in any way diminishing or dishonoring the challenges faced by so many as they walk the transition. I to have had serious health issues as well as other big ones to deal with. I can say with experience, that I have as much compassion for those going through this as I have for myself in what I have been through. It its so important to share and help, so I am so glad to write in response to those who ask genuine questions as this path is at times pretty trying. But in a nutshell, I feel from my own experience and those beings that have taught much to me, is that no matter what happens it is imperative to stay away from role playing a victim. This only clouds an issue and causes a person to focus on outwards things, which creates a struggle loop (which is what happens when you have a challenge, you then view it as a perpetrator, and you the victim, you then feed the issue with that energy, it becomes stronger and worsens and the loop and spiral continues). When in truth, the ailment, issue or financial problem was and is always born within. After all, the only things that can exists in our realities is that that we have a vibrational match with, and the holographic outer world always shapes itself accordingly. If someone comes into your experience who causes trouble for you, they too are there by signature matching of vibration, an invitation if yo will. I truly believe the outer world was in part designed as kind of ‘here it is in front of you so you can’t miss it’ construct. That way, if you have issue that is unconscious (so that you are unaware of having those vibrations), an outer occurrence can and will show you. This is also why I believe it is important to never react to a situation with anger as the situation is there by vibrational invitation as a learning and empowering anger just creates a struggle loop (feeling, honoring and releasing it is very different). Sometimes the learning can be very hard, this is especially true if the trauma or vibrations have been heavily suppressed. I’ve had a few of those, very trying times! Anyway, thank you for your sharing and I hope this helps. Peace and love

          3. kazar

            Thanks for your balanced reply Davey. However if the Law of Attraction was actually functioning properly in this Matrix, how do you explain the Predators dominating the money supply and positions of Power??? I dont have a victim consciousness–but I do have a consciousness that says the focus on money, power over others, acquisitions, etc is a red herring. And to believe that the majority of the good people of the world have chosen their extreme poverty by their personal vibration attracting it means that someone has drunk the Kool-Aid. The majority of the Light-workers came in with the masses so as to be able to experience that vibration to be able to discern in these times. So what does it say when someone uses the Law of Attraction to be able to function well in a 3d controlled world? Just wondering how that all fits in. kazar

          4. Davey

            Hi Kazar, thanks for your question. And this is also to werty as well as I feel you both have the same question. What I would say is that you have to remember that as an advanced being who came to help on this planet. In order to play your part, you have to sample many different experiences in the extreme duality here, which included playing on the role of the negative as well as the positive. In doing so, you accumulated patterns, vibrations and often traumas from those lives that you carried through to the next and so on. I see this is collecting puzzle pieces that you gave yourself so that you could work on it as your corner of the grand puzzle to collectively find the solution out of this for humanity and the earth. Each person has a unique set of patterns they are working through to add the solutions into the collective. In addition to this, you have the negative ones who glean permission from you in various ways to install further junk that gets you to create lack, blockage and an assortment of other unhelpful dross. But the key in that is to remember that they have to use sub-diffuse and trickery to get you to accept the programming. Of course, there gets a point (the unawakened state) where folks just accept this nonsense without questioning it. But fundamentally, it is always the individual who has accepted or created those vibrations by giving their power away through fear (which is away the tool of choice by the tricksters and controllers). It can get complicated, as these programs can be sophisticated, but I find that as long as you are aware that they cannot hold any sway without you propping them up (running them) and allowing them to exist in your energy field, you can easily remove them. This is where awareness is a key ally, for as long as you can be aware of them, you can choose to delete them and replace them with something better. For the question of the horrors being played out on children. This is of course an unimaginable atrocity. This was a troubling issue for me for many years to know this was going on. But working through my own reactions and seeing things from a purely experiential and vibrational view point, I see this as being a mulit level issue. First, many brave souls agreed to suffer this in order to collect their puzzle pieces to help humanity get rid of it. For energetics still remain in the collective conciousness unless someone goes in and transmutes them. In order to do that, it has to be experienced. It’s unthinkable to outside viewers, who would want to do so. But as I find it, most light workers have in the past, it was an essential part to play in order unravel and clear these awful energetics and solve this piece for a humanity stuck in this duality. I also believe the lightworkers have played on both sides of this. This is because unless you know the problem, you cannot actively solve the problem. Yes, there are those who are so lost that they perpetrate this. But they will have a choice, turn to the ligh and run through the monumental amount of karmic backlash, or be dissolved in the light. I truly believe this process we are all in is not just for this planet, it is the entire universe, the game of darkness is ending as it was seen that a huge tyranny would result if it continued. And so it must end for all, not just one planet. But because this is where it has been one of the deepest, most eyes are on here right now. I hope this is an answer to your question…

          5. Maria

            Davey, I resonates with this. We are free Beings. I just mind my inner workings, aligning with my selves, and becoming less and less concerned about people’s behavior.

          6. Davey

            Thank you Maria for sharing. Yes, sometimes it is difficult with all the distractions outwardly and even distractions from the mind. But continuing to practice each day, inner peace becomes stronger and stronger. Love light and peace to you 🙂

        2. Ellie

          I would like to recommend the Christ Letters to you and a hypnosis session with your higher self. Find out the answers from within. These hypnosis sessions go under the name of QHHT, introspective hypnosis, or Beyond Quantum Hypnosis. Alba Weinman publishes her sessions on YouTube and they are truly life changing for those individuals she has performed sessions with. Christ Letters can be found doing a quick search. It will provide you with greater clarity and peace.