As Lower Timelines Collapse

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomKeep remembering with all that’s unfolding that things are not what they appear to be. There is Divine Order to the chaos & all that’s coming to light! Keep coming back to your heart & sacred breath whilst releasing all that needs to cleanse and be transmuted back to love & a higher conscioussness. Keep releasing all arising fears knowing Love is ultimately the only truth. Love all that arises knowing it serves a bigger picture and purpose, beyond what our minds can often perceive and comprehend. DIVINE LOVE dissolves the lower realities and experiences as these lower timelines collapse NOW. It’s always now, let go of the past and expectations of the future without losing focus of what we know is manifesting. TRUST, have faith, believe, be the centre of the storm and do your own world. We rise above the rubble of the old collapsing by focusing on all new creations, joy and love. Bulls eye!

Us feeding our attention and therefore energy on those collapsing realities that are aligned with control, manipulation, deceit and corruption only gives them energy and extends their lifespan. Whether you’re for or against something, energy is your currency. Keep focusing on that which you want to see manifesting not that which you don’t and make light of the remaining. Light as in fun. Laughing at the craziness actually really helps and does the trick. Off course that doesn’t mean suppressing anything that wants to clear. Always stay in the NOW moment and be present with whatever arises. Thank you all for your service! BIIIIIG week ahead! Keep flowing like water and hold onto no one and nothing.

Trust that what’s meant for you will be and what not is being removed. Keep working on dissolving the polarities held within as this will help them to collapse out there and for humanity to unite again as One. We can be both soft and loving as well as strong, determined and take no BS. This is not about building walls, pointing fingers and closing down our hearts but about keeping them open, dropping ever deeper into compassion for self and ALL others whilst simultaneously discerning what we feed our energy towards, that which we don’t and have firm boundaries in place without being defensive or having to protect ourselves. In a state of no fear nothing can harm us! This is a constant fine tuning process, so be patient with yourself and all others.

Transcending the dualities through a whole brain state. No more feeding of the old paradigms of good versus evil, right and wrong, light versus dark. We are here to transcend all this. That’s us anchoring in the trinity wave pattern and Zero Point Field, the Holy Trinity within which changes everything! Trust the Divine Plan and follow your inner guidance of how to assist the collective purification process and shift to a higher conscioussness awareness, experience and perceptions. Be the change you wish to see! 🙏🤍🦋🌺✨

Eternal Love & Blessings,