Reflecting Beauty From That Which Has Been Fractured

star bright eraoflightdotcomMirror Mirror on the wall… Inner-beauty crackle Crystal

As we all move forward like a school of fish swimming to the end of 2020 we realize just how much of our inner-self we have lost in translation of this year’s events. Very little sparkles in this time and place even though we try hard to keep the sparkle alive in our actions and clothes. We wear sparkle socks, sparkle eyeshadow, and sparkle jewelry trying to breathe life back into the flame of our personal and planetary need for sparkle. As we get closer and closer to more Holi-days and all that entails we will actively seek that which reflects our true beauty and soul-light.

20/20 has left many scars upon the world, scars you can see, scars you can feel, invisible scars that you don’t even know you have. It has been a year of walking on broken glass as we all feel fractured, cracking and breaking away with so many sharp edges. We hold tight to what we know ourselves to be but do not see it in the reflection of our daily or future events. We are trying to break free from that which seems frozen in time.

We feel like a ‘mother iceberg’ calving for the first time, revealing what has been hidden from sight for far too long.As we look deep into the mirrors of life there are fractures within our heart and thinking and yet within those fractures are beautiful living Rainbows of Love that reflect back our true inner Exquisiteness. These beautiful reflective crystals come to reveal the rainbows within the fractures of self and soul. They come to remind us that we are not Fairy Dust in the Wind. As humans our soul light lives within the fractures of life.

Thru out many ancient civilizations left relics of crystalline importance to house their ancient truths. We are learning to use the fine lined fractures of self and life’s circumstances to create a beautiful light ‘within this present moment of time’.

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