Oversoul Collective: Extensions

universe reflection eraoflightdotcom(I am seeing gumdrops of all colors within various shaped candy jars on long white shelves that extend forever. I am seeing that one gumdrop has numerous grains of sugar that is strongly connected to each sticky part of the gumdrop).

Greetings beloved ones in form. You are extensions of us. We are the Oversoul Collective. Just as one grain of sugar has a variant experience upon one aspect of the gumdrop that we have been showing this one, so too are your experiences shaping your own individuated perspective of your current life events. We are showing this one such candy shop images for we see the sweetness that is to come for you. Sweetness of experiences and joy in many moments to come is waiting within the collective. First you must experience the current situation of change within your world. (I am seeing broken glass from candy jars that have shattered). You are seeing the shattering of the 3D confines. Clear like glass, one who was within the confines of the jar would never know. You have been born within the glass of expectations and illusions. This glass is shattering and expanding into limitless possibilities for humanity in this now.

We are the Oversoul Collective. We are the shelves of memories of these infinite gumdrops that we have been showing you. We are a collective consciousness of collective consciousness. It is time for humanity to expand and to grow into their own expansive and ascended collective consciousness experience that is no longer elusive but becoming substantiated in form. For the awakened ones are the gumdrops who have been observing the glass and assisting energetically from within it for sometime. The awakened ones are holding enough light streams to benefit and positively affect the All with great purpose. The shattering of glass shall continue for awhile until all illusions of the 3D confines and enslavement are removed. That which you thought you saw as truth you will no longer see. Truth shall emerge. Do not allow yourselves to be cut on the shattered glass of expectations and pain of others. Send enough light to all that the glass melts back into its original state of light and heat. Light and heat are great instruments of change, which is why we chose this analogy today. We are aware that yesterday was a very sweet and sugary holiday of costumes and joy for those who participated. Inner sweetness of a human collective who is expanded and free will bring great sweetness of freedom to the entire galaxy. We do not exaggerate. Since the Orion wars much pain has been experienced within this fragment of Source, and yes, this universe is a fragment of Source. It is time for this space quadrant to experience deep healing. You, many of you reading these words, have already ascended numerous times within this and other space quadrancies, which is why you were divinely hand-picked to come and to assist. Your sweetness of a healed spirit you are remembering. For you have been healed before and you will be healed again. Your healing is within heart-reach, for one’s heart must choose its healing, its acceptance of situations and inner strength to wield them towards the light. The light has won, dear friends. You are seeing the shatterings. It does seem hard to appreciate the victory when one is having glass shards of mis-expectations flying down all around. More is to come. You are well – well – into the beginning to middle stages of massive planetary upheaval and change. You are here to anchor the light. You are here to anchor your multidimensional powerful selves into the higher dimensional codex and matrices of Nova Gaia’s foundation which you are simultaneously building as bridge builders from the other side. Your little physical form is anchoring it from this side. You knew when you accepted this assignment that you would have to re-remember, a most tedious process that you are accomplishing. You are a gumdrop who remembered. You remember that you are infinitely a part of the galactic ‘candy store’ of brothers and sisters of shared experiences, of parallel realities having alternative experiences, all working together towards the whole of creation. This space quadrant has had to heal on numerous multidimensional and multicoated levels and so therefore you – you – had to be willing to volunteer in these various capacities as well. This is why we are now showing this one other types of candy in other intricate candy jars. (I am seeing crystal ornate glass jars with unique candies). It is all sugar, is it not? It is all made of the same substance similar to our previous vineyard analogies of infinite grapes. The sweetness of Source is within you, is within us. We wish for you to tap into deeply this sweetness of connection, of reconnection, of hope. The sweetness of hope is what has kept this project going for so long against all odds. All who hoped and cheered humanity onward are filled with deep joy at the success of the human victory over the enslavers. The enslavers are being repurposed. No longer are such dark activities being allowed, they are diminishing. The sweetness of peace shall be experienced by humanity. The sweetness of reunions with their true selves and their true purposes shall be undeniably joyful for all who both observe and participate.

We are the Oversoul Collective. We are a collective of oversouls. We house the memories of those embodied on earth in numerous parallel and multidimensional facets of other worlds where you have and are having life streams and experiences. We know you. You are nestled within us, you are intricately woven amidst and within our energies. You belong. You have never felt like you belong in earthling form, likely because it is relatively new for you, or because of other memory wipe programs. But you belong to Source. Source is all around you, is within you. You are bringing the sweetness and light and love of Source into this world the is being redeemed and in the process of divine redemption. Your world is being redeemed from the misconceptions and enslavement protocols, which is why this must be performed slowly and with extreme care. (I am seeing gummy apple rings). The apple is a divine symbol, with the element of divine balance within it. (I am seeing the star within the apple core). It is as if those upon Gaia have only seen a drawing of an apple, tasted the sour ring and were told it was sweet. The illusion of deception is being stripped away. Gaia will shine again, with pristine flora and fauna, with clean and pure foods that nourish deeply the cellular structures within. You are being renewed. You are being repurposed and you shall be receiving your assignments shortly. Now, your assignment is to ground this beautiful light, to remain within the physical and to share the sweetness of Source within you to the others. You are not alone.

We of the Oversoul Collective wrap you in our energies now. (I am feeling a silvery electric cloud filled with trillions of memories and aspects surround Gaia, surround me. I feel a sense of belonging and deep love. I am tingling and joyful. It feels like home). You are home beloved brothers and sisters. Feel the sweetness of this divine connection being achieved when aware and embodied. To experience this connection is of the highest level. Masters you are, dear ones. You are grounding the higher dimensional ways of higher dimensional lights deep within Gaia now, bridging the old to the new realities.

We are the Oversoul Collective. You are divinely supported. We hope you deeply feel this connection and the sweetness of our affection for you. You are infinitely loved. You are infinitely supported. You are infinitely known. You are welcome to ask us for further support in your own ascension journey and in so doing you will have greater access to your past strengths and successes within the fabric-light of shared Source experiences. We are the Oversoul Collective.

**Channel: Galaxygirl