The Seraphim: All Ends are Temporary

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomThe final battle is upon you, dearest inhabitants of earth on whom we look down with great sadness, but also with great reverence for those who are involved in the battle, and who continue to work day and night towards the “lifting” of the dark veil. We cry for those who have not yet noticed that there is a dark veil at all: they are so used to darkness that they do not even contemplate whether the opposite exists, or whether there is a path towards the opposite which they could viably follow.

Why is it that some of you are fuelled with curiosity, desperate to uncover the causes of the madness you see around you, while others while away their time, distracting themselves with all manner of “work” or “leisure”? For those who realise that this is not a “child’s game”, this is no easy journey. They will look back with nostalgia at the times where they were full of spontaneity and abandon, without a care in the world, jumping and playing with innate enthusiasm, greeting everyone and everything with a smile. Those smiles have, over the years, slowly disappeared, and lines of worry have appeared on their faces. They often have to “bite their lips”, for fear of being attacked, although there is SO MUCH that they would like to say.

The time for all these “unsaid” conversations is now approaching. There will be an end to all this “unnatural” behaviour – the constant need to suppress the truth of what one knows, due to fear of reprisals. It will also be the end of those heinous crimes and circumstances, of which there are so many on your world, which are the origin of so many troubled minds. These are the minds of objectors, of the fighters, of the ultimate carers, caring not only for their own fate but for the fate of the entire global population. This is a very heavy burden to carry, yet they struggle on and are “used to it”.

This also shall fall. The burden will be lifted and you will be able to return to that light, joyful feeling which you experienced as a child, or with children. Those surviving this huge change will, in fact, become “childlike”, crying and laughing often, and by turns, because there will be SO MUCH to laugh and cry about.

The GREAT INTERRUPTION will take place. You may feel that this is the END OF THE WORLD, and in some sense, you will be right. It will be the realization of your worst fears – that something really terrible has been going on for thousands of years, and that you have failed to perceive it in all its perfidity.

Simultaneously, there will be huge relief. A period of intense questioning will follow: it will be the “followers” who will have the worst time, for they will have to question EVERYTHING which formed the parameters of their lives so far. If they are not prepared to LET EVERYTHING GO, then they themselves will have to GO, for there will be no room for anyone on this planet who has sunk into complete stagnation, and who intends to remain in a state of stagnation.

While this may seem to be an end, it is also a beginning, for not only revelations about a heinous past will flow, but also new thoughts and new directions. Lofty ideals will come to the forefront. It will take your breath away, and it must be obvious by now that there will be many people who cannot deal with this and who will depart. This many call “death”. And it will seem to many (due to constant propaganda to the contrary) that this is their END. Yet this end too is only TEMPORARY. They will be required to review their part in all these proceedings, whether they choose to do this on earth, in the times of great revelation, or whether they decide to do it in the next realm, after what you call “death”.

There is no escape from reflecting on what has happened, and how you yourselves took part. It is best, as we have been saying all along, to start this process of self-reflection as soon as possible, in order to ease your passage. The fact that this is only a “passage” should be your focus at this time, for it will relieve your possible feelings of desperation.

If you are thinking IT CANNOT GET ANY WORSE or THINGS WILL NEVER STOP or I CANNOT BEAR IT ANY MORE, then take a deep breath and say to yourselves THIS IS A RITE OF PASSAGE WHICH IS PART OF THE IMPROVING PROCESS. It is inevitable that some of you will get stuck. Keep the knowledge that this is TEMPORARY in your hearts, and try to impress this upon all those who land in the depths of despair, for they too, at some stage, must come out of their conviction that this is the end. They will, at some stage (if not now, then later), realise that life continues, despite corruption, despite abuse, despite desecration and even despite DEATH, and they too will climb out of their misery and look forward to a NEW AGE.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the new age movements which you have been seeing operating on your earth. There is no point in delving into any number of “esoteric” directions if you have not got your feet on the ground, or if you purposely ignore the ugliness around you, for it is your mandate to use the physical vehicle as a MEANS to have a spiritual experience, not the other way around. If you are not INVOLVED in daily life, and if you are UNCONNECTED TO THE REST OF HUMANITY (all aspects of it) then you cannot have such a positive effect, and you can be sure that it is your mandate to have a positive effect WHEREVER YOU GO.

We can also call this your MISSION, which is a word you will be hearing a lot in the future. This has nothing to do with an official religion. THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL RELIGION – YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL QUEST TO FIND A DIRECTION WHICH CAN BEST ASSIST OR UPLIFT OTHERS. This may be something which others consider to be comparatively insignificant, or “humble”, and it may not even be officially seen or recognized, YET IT IS IMPORTANT.

And here we come to another very important aspect: HUMILITY. Those who wish to survive these times intact must exercise HUMILITY – not in the sense of being easily manipulated but in the sense of SERVING OTHERS and also ADMITTING ONE’S OWN MISTAKES EASILY.

Can you imagine, Beloveds, how many mistakes have been made on this earth? THEY ARE COUNTLESS. You have been indoctrinated to think that mistakes require PUNISHMENT, and indeed if that were so, there would be a great deal of punishment coming to this planet, for the crimes committed are unparalleled, and the crime of LETTING those crimes take place, is also UNPARALLELED.

This is not the time of punishment, however, which would result in final destruction. Instead, this is the time of CONSEQUENCES – seeing the real consequences of all your actions. As we have so often said, it is necessary to see all consequences of one’s actions, in order to change the actions and thus change the consequences for the better.

Thus it will seem to you on earth that the “sky is falling down” and that the earth will stop turning (as indeed she will). But she will then continue, carrying those who have come to the realization of their part in all this. They are the ones who are willing to make amends, to start again, and to strive to create a peaceful world, with whatever means and skills they have at their disposal.


Following this, it will be possible to progress towards all the dreams you ever had – a world where everyone is treated justly and lovingly, provided with all possible chances to develop. And this change will be possible because the PEOPLE THEMSELVES WILL HAVE TURNED THE CORNER, UPHOLDING JUSTICE, SPREADING LOVE, AND PROVIDING OTHERS WITH ALL POSSIBLE CHANCES TO DEVELOP. Thus we are back to the basic cosmic law which states that WHAT YOU PROVIDE, YOU WILL RECEIVE.

So do not be dismayed, dear friends, at the enormity of the END which is facing you, for it is ONLY TEMPORARY. The fear of facing an “end” is so deeply instilled in your psychological makeup. Whether you are finishing a project, a relationship, or an era of GLOBAL HISTORY, you may well feel depressed, as if you are leaving something valuable behind, as if you have “lost” something. You are fearful that those past feelings of exhilaration, or joy, or fulfilment, will not come again. BUT WE ASSURE YOU THAT THEY WILL! There is so much before you, Beloveds. When you re-read this in the years ahead, YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT THE TRUTHS SPOKEN HERE.

Irrespective of how large a project is (and this was very large project called GLOBAL RENEWAL THROUGH DISPENSATION ALLOTTED TO CRIMINAL MIND), all projects come to an end. An attempt was made to “rehabilitate” and teach those souls who have veritably gone off the rails. The project was partially successful. It will be studied so that these experiences can benefit other planets who went into “rebellion mode”. What is “rebellion mode?” Total disrespect for life in all its forms, coupled with brazen declarations of independence from cosmic law.

A conclusion has to be made. Closure has to be initiated. Who will “round off” project Earth, Beloveds? You yourselves have failed to turn things around. War is still rife. Violence is widespread. Corruption is rife. Though there has been an upswing in altruistic behaviour and charitable institutions, they have either been corrupted or not powerful enough to make any difference, and your warlords have simply laughed at these pathetic attempts to wear down their power.

You have not succeeded, therefore WE MUST INTERVENE. Those who have investigated thoroughly will know that earth is not a rock which simply floats around in a dark void. She is member of an ordered and structured universe, which is overseen by celestial advisory bodies, of which we are one. Those who have done their “homework” will know that there is a very strong extra-terrestrial presence.

Know that we CARE ABOUT YOU – hence these many messages to accompany you on this dreadful but also amazing journey. It is a journey which NEVER ENDS. Remember this when you fall to the ground in desperation. It is a journey which ALWAYS IMPROVES and which ends at the pinnacle of PERFECTION. And even then, the journey continues, for to rest eternally on the pinnacle of perfection would be to ignore the “less than perfect” which surrounds you, and would prevent you from improving the “less than perfect”. Such cycles are never-ending.

We bring this information to you at a time of great distress. KNOW THAT ALL ENDS ARE TEMPORARY. Seraphin.

**Source **Channel: Rosie