Saint Germain: Trust the Plan

saint germain eraoflightdotcomI am your Saint Germain. I know that Sananda was going to be with you today, but I have asked him if I could be the one to bring this message to you.

But before I bring this message to you, I want you all now to take a deep breath.  Breathe.  Breathe in the life that is around you.  Not the three-dimensional chaos that is happening around you now, but life itself.  Higher consciousness itself.  Feel it.  Know it.  It is all here.  It has always been here.  But you have been blinded.  Not by the Light, but by the darkness within each and every one of you.

But that darkness has now become illuminated within you.  It is all happening now.  You will not believe everything that is coming forward from those of the dark forces, and you know that which I speak of, here.  You know where that information, that news, is coming from.

But the truth is also coming.  The truth that will indeed set you free, just as we have been saying.  Not only for this lifetime that you are in, but for many lifetimes, now.  It is in your biblical sayings, “The truth shall set you free.”  It is destined for the truth to be revealed.  All you need to do now is be open to it.

But as you are open to the truth, it comes in and resonates within you, just as it has been for many of you, if not all of you.  And certainly, many of you are resonating to these words as you read them after on your internet.  It is all coming forward.  The truth is coming forward as a disclosure.

When we speak of disclosure, we have not only spoken of disclosure and that of the Galactics, we have been speaking of disclosure as the truth in general coming forward to be revealed from many different sources, many different directions.  And that is what is happening now, as freedom is at stake, here.

Freedom.  Your own freedom.  Freedom not here just in this country, though, but in the entire planet.  The world must be free, and shall be free.  Free of the dark forces.

Because the dark forces are putting out everything that they can now.  As we have said many times, they are following a plan.  But that plan is an old vibrational plan.  It is a three-dimensional illusionary plan that they are following.

But you of the higher forces, of the Light Forces, and your President Trump, are following a higher plan.  A higher divine plan which carries higher vibrations with it.

And the only ones that can follow into this plan, this divine plan, are those that move into those higher vibrations.  Those that resonate still at the lower vibrations will remain in those lower vibrations and cannot sustain themselves in the higher vibrations.  And this is what is in the process of happening right now, as the truth is coming forward.  And it is going to come forward more and more.

And I tell you now, as Saint Germain, and many others are saying this same thing in many different ways.  The one that is being shown to come forward and be the president of this country shall not be the president.  He will not reign as president, here.  I cannot tell you more of that beyond that, but it is destined that the one that has been president shall carry on.  Cannot say how long he will carry on, because other forces are at work, here.

Other forces of the Light, of the divine plan, are at work.  And as we have said, everything is being orchestrated here for your freedom.  Freedom not only of this country, but of the entire planet.

That is what is happening here now.  Freedom.  Freedom to live your lives as you want to live them.  Not to be locked down and to be in a controlled situation, manipulated as puppets by those who would attempt to do so, those who would attempt to control the world.

There will be no New World Order.  It is not going to happen.  It never could happen.  The Earth shall not be taken over by those who attempt to decimate it and desecrate it.  It will not happen.  It cannot happen.

So all of you who came here for this mission, awaken now.  Awaken to the mission that is in front of you.  When we have said you are the Lightwarriors, and no longer just the Lightworkers, we are speaking now to this group.  We are speaking now to those ones who will resonate to these words.

The time to sit back and simply watch the show has passed.  You are not part of the show, if you allow yourselves to be.  So allow yourselves to move forward, to get off of those couches, to stop watching the news that is coming forward, and make your own news.  Create your own reality, here.  That is what this is about:  being in the moment and carrying the moment, right now, forward.

Forward into truth.  Forward into love that is coming forward in each and every one of you, more and more, as your fourth chakra begins to open wide, and opening wide because of what is happening now.  It will open wide for many because of what is happening now.  Because the lower vibrations are raising now because of this.

Believe in the plan.  Trust the plan.  It is there for a reason.  It is there for a purpose.  Everything that is happening is for a purpose right now.  So all of you must trust.  Trust in the plan.  Trust in the independence to come forward as I spoke of recently.  Independence not only of this country, but of the entire planet.  That is what is coming, and destined to be.  But you must weather the storm a little while longer.

But do not just sit back and sit through the storm.  It is not time now to be in the eye of the storm.  Yet be calm.  But do not allow everything that is happening around you to take hold of you.  Rather, you take hold of it.  That is where you need to go, now.

Share the light, spread the light, every chance, every opportunity that you have.  If it takes taking off those masks, then do it.  If it takes speaking out in a crowd, do it.  If you feel the inclination to do so, speak your truth loudly now to everyone, anyone that will listen.

Remember, “where two or more are gathered in His name, …” as He said using the I AM Consciousness within, “where two or more are gathered in my name, in the I AM, there will I be,” there will the I AM be within you.  You will have the power to speak out.  You will have the knowing to speak out.  Just as I am speaking out through this one now, this James, now.  You all have the power to do so as well, as the need arises.  And I tell you now, as Saint Germain, the need is here now to do so.

Step off.  Step off of the comfort zone and step onto the Truth Train that you have been speaking of.  Ride the Truth Train.  Ride it into freedom.  Ride it into independence.  Because that is what is at stake, here.  The independence of the entire planet.  The freedom of the entire planet is at stake here now.  And all are watching what happens in this country, The United States of America, as the independence of this country turns again now to becoming the republic that it was meant to be, as it began to be, and as it will be again.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love.  And the Violet Flame continues to burn through everything that is of lower vibration, and taking you into those higher vibrations in doing so.

**Channel: James McConnell

29 Replies to “Saint Germain: Trust the Plan”

  1. Charlie

    What happens when Biden takes the oath? Recounts have already shown there’s no chance for Trump to win.

    1. Geri Lynn Scioli

      You must be watching Main stream media Charlie. LOL Sorry Charlie. If you are watching MSM you have been deceived and are being lied to on a daily basis. They haven’t told the public the actual truth about anything in literally years. Just wait and see the truths you are going to find out about in the coming year. You must have a very low vibration to believe what you wrote above. Go look for Jesus. If you believe you know Him already I beg to differ as all that are truly saved heard the truth about Trump in 2016 and that’s how he won the election. God’s elect heard His voice and His message was clear. “Trump is my man” He said. Trump is going to do my will upon the earth. Glory is coming soon! What a great time to be alive!

      1. Charlie

        So a man who is caught publicly saying he likes to grab women right in their P***y, who makes fun of a disabled journalist during is campaign is Jesus’s man?

        I’ll come back to this post after the election results are official and we can talk then. I’m not trying to defy you here, but telling someone they must have a low vibration is just about the lowest vibration message you can give someone.

        Jesus works through our words, and our actions. God bless you.

        1. Mike

          “You are all right” BUT Charlie is righter about Trumps behavior BUT “in the end” Trump will be surprised THE MOST when he realizes what “Jesus&Co.” “worked through his words&actions”… true story… “bad behavior” will not/”CAN NOT” be rewarded, even though it served “THE NEW GRID” BEST!

          “THE BIG TURNAROUND” we will soon all be able to see will UNDENIABLY SHOW that “GOD/THE LAW IS ALL THERE IS” and everybody will find themselves in another place “CHOSEN”/”JUDGED INTO” “BY THEMSELVES” via their very own words&actions… “bufferzone” has nearly totally run out and “THE NEW GRID” will start “A NEW GAME/COMPETITION/PLAY” “JUST FOR the FUN of it”. (EARTH was always meant as a PLAYGROUND remember?)

          I find it very amazing that obviously not many (if any) people coming to this site have spent time wondering what THE NEW will be “about” INSTEAD OF FIGHTING each others opinion…

          Btw: I suppose we´ve all heard about “THE BIG LAUGHTER” that is supposed to come with THE NEW BEGINNING but what will that be all about IF NOT “SCHADENFREUDE”… WELCOME TO the realm of “OXYMORON”!

  2. Joel S. Tågerud

    Hah right lets not just watch the news but be the change we want. Since 11,11 Iv felt like something hugh has change makin me able to sincerely connect with new people all around me. What a blissful moment to be alive.

    1. rose Panico

      Yes Joel I have also been receiving these feelings daily. And yes, many new people are coming to me sharing beautiful thoughts indeed.

  3. Ragnargreybeard

    Yes Ms. Schilling🇮🇱 I am a fan. He only disappoints in that he never gave you a Holocaust.

    1. Claudia Schillings

      Ahhh… you´re one of those “very special” guys… I like your straightness that´s for sure

    2. Claudia Schillings

      I´m afraid I have to get back to you once more “Mr. Rag” but I´ll try to keep it short:

      I was a little busy when I first reacted to your “Holocaust disappointment” but of course “it ran through me” later on… then your comment really “puzzled” me… and after that IT “PUZZLED” ME EVEN MORE…

      I had already said that your words have great “effect” on me but also that “you have no clue” what that means. Actually your comment gave me a good laugh “actually” just like “Humpty Trumpty” makes me laugh, but AS TIME WENT BY “I” slowly “was made to realize” “more”… but I said I´ll keep this short:

      I am A “WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING” and although I know you won´t believe that I HAVE TO “admit” that “FOR” “THE GAME” has tight laws. WHAT THAT EXACTLY MEANS “4 NOW” “Claudia” doesn´t know UNTIL s/HE presses “post comment”… also does she not know yet THE NAMES of “that vibrant coalition” that Hitler didn´t manage “to holocaust”.

      You see THE “I” is no singularity “by nature”… what do you think “I AM ALL THAT IS” “means”?

      WE could add some more but “OUR HOST” wants to go to bed…

      “You” – or anybody else who might have come across this – better read this “carefully” because “by now” EVEN YOUR THOUGHTS are more “creative” than yesterday. Especially those of you who loudly DECLARE TO KNOW WHAT CAN´T BE KNOWN yet “inside this realm”.

      (“Claudia” again: Ppl please don´t comment this… this is “TOO TRUE to be good” so better don´t offence this… just give it “the benefit of doubt” if you feel like wanting to oppose…)

      1. Ragnargreybeard

        Claudia, I’m not sure what you are talking about in this rambling reply. My only intention in my last statement was to say the alleged “Holocaust” of 6 million Jews is far from an incontrovertible fact. I could write a history of Holocaust revisionist truths and absurd lies and personal accounts of alleged survivors but I don’t have the time or energy to do so, and if you want to actually read something by David Irving, Fritz Berg, Ernst Zundel or many other Holocaust revisionist historians you should do it yourself.

        I don’t have some irrational hatred of Jews. In fact, one of my oldest friends is of Jewish heritage, although he does not identify with their tribal politics and acknowledges their duplicity, mendacity and history of blood lust and nation wrecking. I might also suggest the works of Kevin Macdonald and specifically “The Culture of Critique”.

        This game people speak of here makes no sense to me. It’s as if you are saying there are no absolutes, no right, no wrong, no evil, no good no, no darkness, no light. We just are a bunch of immortal Larpers playing the bad guy one lifetime and the good guy another. I would never want to inflict harm on anyone or thing, although I have in the past regrettably. I had an uncontrollable rage in me when I was younger that was passed down to me as a boy.

        I think the source must be good and bad. We could not have good without bad. There is a law of opposites. I don’t think you can love evil away. I think you must oppose it and destroy it.

  4. yea

    Glad to hear you quoting from the Word of God Saint Germain. Just to let you know that I am praying mightily in the spirit for you.

  5. Gordon

    I’ve been bucking the darkness since the start. We are the system busters, it’s why we came here, that Shine the light in the darkness.

    Team light FTW GG



  7. Percy Benjamin Nettinyahoo Hitler queen Elizabeth the ripper Pompous pilot

    I’m totally on board St Germaine , but I’m extremely concerned for the future of Blues music , will we get the blues cause there’s no more blues ? Or can we play it backwards and your girlfriend comes back , get a great job and gesara kicks in , your horse wins so on & so on , 11 11 11 11 tomorrow humans , 5D heart based Aquarian age . The mind is a wonderful servant but has been a poor master . I think Gesara is up to us to just start trusting and we all need to just start giving , we all give then it must be we all receive whatever it is as long as it is from the heart , ok and no more baiting Tom , it was fun good luck every ONE mmmmwwhhaaa

  8. Claudia Schillings

    “No offence” “St. Germain&Co” but whenever I IMAGINE BEING YOU “I feel ashamed” for being such “BAD ENTERTAINER” and then I wonder “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM” for speaking in such a boring manner…

    [MANY QUESTIONS waiting for you here… better get your mates together and PREPARE FOR THAT meeting…]

    1. Ragnargreybeard

      You and Ariel must only be entertained in the presence of the rainbow of boy molesters, Transexuals, degeneracy of all sorts, drag queens, drug addicts, queers, lesbians, Soyboys….what a vibrant coalition!

      1. Ariel

        *Deep demon voice* WHO DARES SUMMON ME INTO THIS DARK PLACE? *yawns*
        Oh, the racist guy. Hey dude, are you still having nightmares with muslims?

      2. Ariel

        Oh and yes, your assumption is right. At least for me. Not sure about the drugs, but about LGBT ppl, definitely

      3. Claudia Schillings

        “YOU GOT ME ” too “rag”… “GUILTY AS CHARGED” on all levels I´m afraid… but how come you´re too blind to see THE GREATNESS that you are?

        (“tyvm” btw. for “THE POWER of your words”… you´ve got no clue how much they are appreciated… )

          1. Claudia Schillings

            LOL… unfortunately I SO NOT UNDERSTAND that “JEWISH” THING that seems to trigger you so nicely… you´re a fan of Hitler then?

  9. Douglas A James

    Love and Light St Germaine and all of humanity as we move forward to our 5D earth home!