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mass meditation eraoflightdotcomGreetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day because your time has intersected again. You’re moving at an incredible pace. Although we know that there are difficulties, it’s working. There are challenges or energy rubs that you experience as you are coming back together. In effect, you are living multi-dimensionality over here with one name. Then you’re also living over there with a similar name that’s maybe spelled differently, or here with an entirely different name. Your spirit could have all these experiences simultaneously, so when you bring that home it imprints the Akashic records as a whole.

Humanity is at a tipping point. Large shifts of energy put people into survival mode,and then most people can only see what is directly in front of them. Keep in mind that there are additional opportunities further down the road, just out of sight. Anticipate them and allow them to be drawn to you naturally.

Many of you may want to go back to the old ways, returning to the systems that you knew before. We tell you, dear ones, humanity has changed. Your work is starting to adjust to that change, although some elements will seem to fall apart because they no longer work effectively in the higher vibrations. However, it does not mean that the intent was wrong but simply there are energy rubs that need to be worked out. If humanity is able to step into a new harmony these can be resolved. But if not, it will take longer. Pay attention to where these energy rubs are, because these are the opportunities for mastery before you. Remember, dear ones, you are here during the times of mastery. These are very interesting times when all the energy is pushed together very tightly and compressed. This happens because the energy is accomplishing something, although most humans only feel the pressure.

The Need for Personal Space

One of the things that this virus has brought to planet Earth is an awareness of your own physical space. That’s going to become very important here as things progress, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be around other people or have them within your physical space. Quite simply, it means there is a new awareness of personal space.

Now it is as if your world has suddenly changed and the rules are different. With the distancing people are becoming aware of where their energy is. Interestingly enough, if someone were to come up behind them they would feel that even if they couldn’t see them. The Keeper used to have an exercise during his seminars where he would line people up on one side of the room, then their partners on the other side of the room. They would walk forward in a straight line and their partners would be holding up their hands in a straight line. The idea was that the person would get as close to that person as they could without touching them. It was a fascinating exercise in learning how to feel other people’s energy. It was perfect, because it allowed people to start trusting their own senses. If you live in a crowded city, such as New York City or Amsterdam, there is a stimulation of the energy field because there are constantly people all around. Some people are drawn to the energy because it feeds them, while others feel lost in the confusion. Humans are now witnessing a migration pattern out of the cities into suburbs and surrounding areas. Cities will still thrive as major hubs on Earth, but some people will now realize they suddenly require more personal space. Further migrations will eventually begin northward as the climate changes.

Over periods of time, you can see much of this taking place as people are becoming more aware of their personal space. Of course, the virus is also working with the aspects of loosening the ethereal body, which is one of the many attributes you must master to proceed to the next level. This is a collective mastery and everyone on the planet is included, even the animal kingdom.

There is another virus waiting to cross over in a similar fashion, but at this time we place it somewhere around late 2021. However, massive energy is being focused to stop that virus from crossing over. With some focus and energetics from your side of the veil, it does not have to enter your reality. Repel it with your thoughts now, then give it no mind.

Right now, humanity is still confronted with a novel virus. It has never been on the planet before, which makes it very difficult because people are using old rules to try and work with these new systems. Humanity is adjusting many of those systems now, with your hospitals and first responders at the forefront. Yes, they are doing an incredible job and have already learned a tremendous amount about this virus. They are trying to share this information amongst themselves, and at some point, a central hub to collect that information would be very helpful. Since trust is not yet in place a global database would not work at this time, although we are hopeful. From an energetic perspective, lightworkers are creating the overall collective energy field around humanity. This is happening much the same way that a magnetosphere surrounds your Earth, these fields surround and protect your physical bodies as a collective. The field is growing and some of these possibilities are now available,mostly because of the adjustments in awareness of personal space.

Much of the cost of the virus this has been postponed and propped up because of politics. You’ll soon see several things happen very quickly, as the real cost of the virus begins to show. If the heart of humanity has sufficiently emerged, it will pass soon as hope and new building emerges. If not it will take longer.

No More Secrets — The Internet

You may find that the internet is somewhat of a difficult place to be right now. It appears that war, as humans have known it, has moved online. Hacking is being used by countries to attack other countries, infrastructures, companies and high-level individuals. As this becomes big business, the majority of people are effected by the outcome but do not see the origins. Of course, this can only be accomplished if people are sufficiently divided.

On an individual level, humans have entered a new relationship with the internet, for they are now the product being sold. Not long ago humans were concerned when their personal information was stolen or revealed. For most, that has already happened at least once. The larger concern is the information that’s being collected and sold with your permission. With new technologies, companies not only know your information, but they know what motivates you and what to place in front of you. It has become a business model and it is perfectly legal by your laws. Over several years this has been a major factor in the separation of humanity you see today. Each person seems to live in their own uniquely built reality, which always reflects favorably. What we suggest is that you visit the internet as you want to, but do not live there. Keep in mind that if the product you are using on the internet is free, most of the time you and your actions are actually the real product. And that behavioral information will be sold to others. These are carefully designed to shift you into alternate realities, ultimately having the effect of altering behavior.


Common sense will get rid of this virus. However, the biggest challenge is that roughly 70-80% of the people who get it don’t know they have it or never feel sick. They’re highly contagious and out spreading it around, even though they may never have a physical symptom or only mild ones. And that’s the challenge, so find ways of working in the new world a bit more separated. Assume that everyone is contagious and it will come under control quickly. In time, you be able to hug people again and do the things that you used to do.

These things can only be mastered collectively. Everyone can help by looking for ways that people are alike, instead of focusing on ways they are different. Dear ones, you are all in this together. We ask that you expose yourself to a wide variety of sources for information, rather than only one. They know how to make you turn the next page and watch the next video. Step back, take a closer look, and then choose carefully what you place into the incredible creation machine that sits atop of your shoulders. Times are shifting very quickly now, and that’s part of the reason you came. Yes, there are many time travelers amongst you and we will address that fairly soon. In the meantime trust that you’re right on target, even though some of you feel like you’re out of sorts or not sure which direction to go. Remember, you have contracts that will guide you to the open doors but you are the only one who can step through them. It is with the greatest of honor and love that we reflect you in these ways. We do this not to tell you which way to turn, but simply to show you a larger, energetic picture from our perspective. Take from it what you will. The beautiful part is that even though the human experiment is separate in so many ways, as long as you carry that love it will rebound. So, it is with the greatest of love that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity, and play well together as you create a new intersection of time.

Espavo, dear ones,

I am the Keeper of Time.

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