Sliding Down Tunnel of Transformation

expansion image eraoflightdotcomSome of the most eventful energy days of 2020 are unfolding right now – the impact having ripples long into our future. These involve both personal and collective catalysts for mega change. Consider that each of them is a bridge that can lead into a radically different reality. As we grasp what’s happening now and discover our role in what happens next, history-making miracles can occur. Continue reading for a big picture of our opportunities in these rare moments.


As we enter the final weeks of 2020, our world is experiencing an earthquake of evolutionary awakening. No previous generations felt this or were born specifically to witness and navigate this shift. We don’t remember “signing up” for this, of course. Yet as souls we did.

In advance of our births – as our souls carefully chose where, when and to what family we would be born – we knew these times would take us to the edge of our limits and comfort zones. We knew that all of our previous training on this and other worlds would need to be summoned and applied.

We trusted that our higher selves would bring into our lives the divine perfect juxtaposition of events. This includes everything from our birth circumstances to people and situations we would need to experience and learn from so that we could help ourselves and others in the highest ways.

That last part is a key consideration for this decade and beyond. No one person, leader, group or country can get us to the other side of this seemingly insurmountable junction. It’s a collective effort.

Sliding Down Tunnel of Transformation

Imagine you are sitting inside a dark tunnel and you can see a bright light up ahead. You instinctively are drawn to the light and you do your best to reach it. Sometimes it’s relatively easy for you to see this light ahead. As 2020 started, however, you may have felt blocked seeing the light or navigating your way through the chaos that appeared to block the light. Still, you trusted that it was there. And you still do.

Think of the tunnel as a symbolic visual of our collective awakening process. It’s about transforming ourselves and our society at a foundational level – then rebuilding a brand-new type of world in its place. This process has been underway for a very long time – yet it’s speeding up exponentially now. It’s about corrupt power structures collapsing and injustices seen and remedied. Not a quick process by any means, and we are conditioned to be impatient.

It can seem dark in the tunnel, and it’s clear that there’s only one way “out” – the opening at the end seems tiny. In quantum terms, of course, that opening is vast – but to our linear ego-selves disliking change and needing to adapt – the opening can appear daunting. When we remember quantum and that all of us can indeed fit through the opening and get to the light – it’s easier to relax.

The more that we can let go and connect with our wise inner being, the more gentle our slide down the tunnel becomes. What also helps tremendously is when we stop making things personal and realize that humanity is in this together. There are no victims and no saviors. We have come now to be the change.

Why No Other Life Compares to This

On those days when you feel like a stranger in a strange land – unable to get your bearings – one way to stabilize and find inspiration is to remember how unique this lifetime is for you. Most previous lives were incredibly simple compared to this one. You likely had one key role or job, lived in one place, and connected with a relatively small group of people outside your family. You had no idea what was happening half way around the world or how interconnected all of life truly is. Chances are, most people looked like you. They may have thought like you too.

When you were born, you were not aware of the significant planetary energy cycles impacting humanity and its evolution for millions of years. Even in this life, unless you are a professional astrologer or especially skilled understanding long energy cycles, it’s difficult to grasp the significance of these and their impact on societal change.

3 Things to Understand

You don’t need to know anything about the planets or your own astrology to be impacted by the rare planetary conjunctions and energy cycles occurring in this decade. Planets carry energy and we are energetic beings. Throughout the centuries during other lifetimes, we were impacted by energy cycles – some big and some small. Every full moon, for example, impacts all life on Earth. The moon is connected to our emotions and emotional response to life situations. During a full moon, with energies amplified, emotions can be more on the surface and intense. Below are 3 other planetary cycles to understand.

FIRST – Pluto and Saturn

First of all, the US is having its Pluto return – unveiling the country’s shadow and putting a magnifying glass on what has long needed healing. That process continues for a number of years – impacting not only the US but countries around the world. The entire world is also impacted by the January 12 Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, an energy event that occurs every 34 years. That conjunction involves Saturn that seeks to protect a sense of order and security – and Pluto that seeks to dive beneath the surface in order to unveil and root out inequalities. This particular conjunction impacts everything from big business, the world banking system, government, and the stock market. Corruption and other abuses of power get the spotlight too. Significant spiritual transformation can come from these cycles. Ripples will be felt a long time.

SECOND – The Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

On the December 21 solstice the Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place. This is a rare alignment that – combined with other energies already in motion – can help catalyze humanity in a brand-new and more positive direction. This won’t happen in one day or one month – and there’s no guarantee of full impact or result – yet the energy potentials exist for a mega shift. Most likely you are already feeling this, and will for some time. Suggestion: do your best between now and end-year to keep your frequency high, stay in gratitude, strive for empathy and compassion, and increase your meditation and other inner work so your mindset is as positive as possible in this window of time. Mark December 21 on your calendar and dedicate time that day to go within and be still.

THIRD – Eclipse Season

We’re now in eclipse season, which is like a wild card for change – on both personal and collective levels. All of us want changes in our lives and on the planet so we have a more just and inclusive society. Eclipse season gives us an opportunity to focus in positive ways on what we want to create – in our own lives and collectively. We cannot separate ourselves from the collective – we create together over time – not simply alone with our willfulness and intellect. Whether we recognize it or not, at a soul level, our hearts are collectively connected on the higher levels for this dance we are doing together on Earth. November 30 is a lunar eclipse at the Gemini full moon. That eclipse is likely to stir intense energies, so it’s advisable to manage your inner fire and avoid impulsive decisions that can have lasting implications. December 14 is a total solar eclipse at the Sagittarius new moon. Like with the November eclipse, it’s recommended to factor in the intensity and avoid big life-changing decisions until the following week.

Life in Past Historically-Eventful Times

All of us have lived before in historically-eventful times. On our journey throughout lifetimes we’ve seen and experienced pretty much everything you can imagine. Our wise cosmic selves – quantum and vast- prepared us to be alive now. This means each of us has a purpose for living in these chaotic and often incomprehensible moments. Trust this. As much as possible invite a higher view and use your energies to help bridge the division within our society.

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