Jupiter in Capricorn: Perseverance and Moderation Equals Abundance

solar system eraoflightdotcomHappy Thanksgiving to those in the US and around the world. Gratitude is the key to our happiness and well being. When we have a joyful heart and can collaborate, and unite with those around us, blessings begin to manifest each moment.

Jupiter represents optimism and expansion, and yesterday it moved into the earth sign of Capricorn until April 11, 2021, according to Western Sidereal Astrology. This ancient type of astrology is based upon the constellations, fixed stars, and the original zodiac. It represents our true spiritual future, unlike Tropical astrology, which is 24 degrees off what’s really occurring in the heavens, and is based upon the seasons.

In the photo, both Jupiter and Saturn are closely conjoined in Capricorn, the mountain goat, or sea goat in mythology. Jupiter wants unlimited expansion, and Saturn wants discipline and steady progress. It’s a powerful duo when you ride the wave. We are now moving into the Quantum Financial System (QFS) that will be backed by gold and precious metals, and it will be impossible to do illegal transactions or hack the system. Many miracles are unfolding and moderation is the key.

It’s time to envision your future, and create a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Capricorn represents money, success, and being a good steward on planet earth. Some amazing humanitarian projects will be unfolding next year to help us create a prosperous and peaceful global community together, for the first time in history. So many patents will be released offering huge advances in technology, healing, organic farming, transportation, education, communication, etc. I will share links soon in my posts for those that want to learn more.

Let’s open our hearts and stay connected to our Divine Source and celebrate our progress each day. The best is yet to come!!