Ashian: Freedom

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomMy beloved sisters and brothers, let me share with you the Key to Freedom.

You are all yearning for freedom, yet so many of you think that freedom is something that is outside your control, a gift that will be given to you, or something you must earn. You do not see your freedom as within your power, in your now moment.

Freedom is found in non-resistance.

You hold the keys to your own Freedom, right now and forever more. It is within you, but has been ‘beaten’ out of you. Let me give you the Key to Freedom.

Consider that you love your hands. You are so proud of the shape and length of your fingers and your nails, every time you look at them you feel pleasure at their beauty; people compliment you on the beauty of your hands regularly. You hold no resistance to your hands whatsoever; you are perfectly aligned with the energy of your hands. The energy of your thoughts about your hands flows like smooth silk threads gliding over each other.

Now, imagine you dislike your eyes. Every time you look at your eye colour, you feel stress inside, you criticise your eyes so constantly that you no longer notice how often you think negative thoughts about your eyes. Perhaps you were told brown eyes were better than blue, so you constantly wish you had brown eyes, you feel a failure for being born with blue eyes. You are in complete resistance to your eye colour. The energy of your thoughts towards your eyes is like rough rope that is knotted and bunched together, almost tripping you up in its tangled mess.

Now consider this, your on-going anxiety, disappointment and feeling of helplessness does not change your eye colour at all. You are in resistance; you are a slave to programming that was given to you – someone else’s idea of ‘how it Should be’. This idea has robed you of the freedom to accept what is and, eventually, love what is; for All That Is is perfect.

This example can be extended to anything that upsets you about yourself, others or the world. When you become upset with someone else, ‘She should not do that’, you are in resistance to how she is, at this moment in time. You have thrown your rough, knotted rope over her and lassoed this behaviour into your space, so that you now battle each other to escape the tangled rope.

However, the moment you accept that this is how she is, at least right now, you suddenly transform your coarse rope into silk threads. You are magically free of the fight with her! You slide out of the tangled knots effortlessly. It is no longer your drama, so you are no longer engaged it.

Yes, you may notice the drama, but it is outside you now. It no longer lives within you. You are free.

So you see, my beloveds, your freedom is within you. It is a choice. It is a practice. It is – on trickier days, like the Christmas holidays! – a commitment. But you are advanced Masters of the Light. This is habit, a quality that you can easily cultivate.

I wish you all a peaceful, and free, Christmas.

(c) 2020 Jennifer Crokaert