Fleet Command: From Within

fleet command eraoflightdotcomWelcome to the blessed New Year of 2021, Dear Ones! We are so very happy for you that you have made it through 2020 and are now ready to help guide Humanity into the truly lighted year of 2021.

Your work as the Lightworkers and Wayshowers of this humanity has now begun in earnest. You have perhaps already experienced a shift in your interests and the focus for your life. There may not be great detail as to how this change is coming about – or as to how it will play out in your practical everyday life – but all of that will soon reveal itself as it gradually unfolds each and every day. You will more and more feel the peace and rightness of how you are living your life, even though the shifts may be bringing about only minor changes in your outer life. The changes come first from within… perhaps barely noticeably. But by the end of the year – upon looking back – you will see that tremendous change has taken place in your life, as well as in that of the world as a whole.

Everything of your work will be with the emphasis of aiding this beleaguered Humanity into seeing through the new eyes of enlightenment. We do not mean that you will be aiding them with self-help methods — that has already been done for many years now… some with success, many without success. Humanity is at the stage now where the true enlightenment must come completely from within. One can learn ‘about’ enlightenment from outside self but cannot actually go through the enlightenment process except from within. This channel has been preaching, teaching, and working with the New Law of Manifestation – as opposed to the Law of Attraction already known and espoused by many – for a very long time now. This particular subject will be covered in another channeled message in the near future.

Although you may have been working very successfully in professional roles in the outer world all your life, you Lightworkers and Wayshowers are now being called upon to divest yourselves of those roles – (if you have not already been required to do so by unmitigated circumstances) – so that your full attention can be given to your new roles as Lightworkers and Wayshowers in whatever new capacity presents itself in the outer world. Those will be your new assignments.
Soon you shall know exactly how and where this new work will take place.

Some of you will remain where you currently reside, whereas others will be sent to their new residence and place of work. All will unfold naturally. All we ask is that you be open and ready for any of the shift to take place.

We believe you will discover this to be a most fascinating and fulfilling year… one to counter-balance all the difficulties experienced in 2020. The past will only feel like some illusory nightmare… (or a dream, depending upon how you experienced it).

We rejoice with you in this new beginning of your leadership into the age of enlightenment. You are the ones who will lead your people from out of the darkness into the light.

We bless you and look forward to working closely with you both night and day.
We are now a part of your family… your new galactic family!


**Channel: Beth Stormont