Immense Transmutation

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWe are in the state of immense transmutation, transfiguration and thus a stage where humanity is going through intense and immense changes.

It is going to be tumultuous at times and will seem as if all hell is set loose – yet, look, and see with the inner eyes, and you will see how the New is already there in stupendous splendor and rising, ever rising, as the New is taking on form and shape and thus.

Note that in the stage of transmutation, what has been before, first dissolves into a state of seeming chaos and non-state. What was seemingly solid, becomes liquid or gas and then is transformed into matter once more. Yet, now higher vibrational matter and form and thus a totally new life and new beginnings.

The seeds die onto themselves so that new life can sprout forth.

This is happening now.

The dying of the old, the transmutation, the dissembling and thus the rising of the new simultaneously!

This is not something to resist.

Nor something to fear.

But to embrace.

To love.

To nurture into being and form.

Yet, note this all needs to first sprout forth within you.

When you move into harmony and balance within and unconditional love, you are centered there. You are not moved by the outside world anymore, because you are standing fully empowered in the highest Divinity within and thus are not moved, nor swayed.

It is the time when the Power of Love will reveal itself to every single soul alive on planet earth and more than this, it is the triumphant rising of the New Golden Age and the New Humanity, Unity and Harmony. Oneness.

What an immense gift!

Judith Kusel