Simon Parkes: The Insurrection Act was Signed

time for truth eraoflightdotcomCoast Guard, Navy and border agencies are watching for alleged criminals trying to escape. Nancy Pelosi was attempting to get the nuclear codes away from the President. (From data on her confiscated laptop.)

Trump will either use patriot blogsites to communicate his message or the Emergency Broadcasting System.  Could happen before Tuesday. Is this the Federation of Light’s “Announcement”?

Reasons for the power outage in Pakistan: The Chinese were about to sign a deal there with General Electric to purchase the company for above $5 trillion.  This was the Alliance’s way of saying no deal: Turn the lights off in half the country. (Action taken based on data recovered from Pelosi laptop.)

Italy: The Alliance is working out a deal with the Italian government to save it from collapse in return for certain arrests, after the discovery that Vatican computers, using Italian military satellites, financed and originated the election vote rigging.

Speculation: Vice-President under Trump would be Gen. Flynn.

I’m sad to hear Simon say the Pope is implicated in pedophilia, etc. Sadder still to hear him say the Pope has been removed. I hope neither is true.

The big news: At 6:25 The Insurrection Act was signed last night. “This is not a drill.”