The Raising of Conscious Through the Open Heart Center

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomWe are entering a crucial time when we need to raise the consciousness of the collective ten thousand times, so that we will not repeat the collective dramas of Atlantis and self-destruct, but rather rise into our true soul and thus Unity and Oneness. More than this, this raising needs to come through the open heart center, as the balance is restored between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

If imbalance remains in any form and way, we cannot transcend what has been before, for we now need to operate from the seat core of all Truths: The Power of Unconditional love, where judgement ceases to be, as does duality, polarity and thus separation.

So many now long for the ultimate sacred union, for that ultimate state of Oneness and Unity between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – it is there in their deepest longing for true love and sacred union. It is there in their deepest longing for a freedom they cannot yet define, and thus many seek this outside of themselves, instead of inside of themselves.

The most sacred and intimate union indeed, which needs to take place now, is that of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within. The marriage of the head and the heart. The beautiful opening of the sacred heart and thus the highest pathways, the sacred paths, which lead to total unity and oneness. This ultimately will lead to transcendental sacred union which is the New Golden Age.

This cannot happen outside of yourself. It needs to happen within yourself. A partner or others cannot bestow this upon you. It is your sole responsibility to seek this Unity within yourself, and at the same time, the ultimate Unity with the Divine within you, as you become AS ONE with the Divine and embrace the Divinity within yourself. When two seek this sacred path and become AS ONE, then miracles start happening, as the Sacred Fires ignite in ways words cannot express. I have experienced and witnessed this myself.

I have just come through a three week retreat, where I ultimate sought higher guidance, clarity and wisdom, and more than this, followed intensely the Sacred Heart opening and thus gifted you with the Sacred Heart Opening Tones. These teachings will continue throughout the year, as I am guided to share with you.

It is only when we create a sacred space, where we can go into silence and seek the ultimate Presence and Oneness with the Divine, where we can gain such. It is not just prayer, for prayer often turns into a one-sided petition, where we just repeat requests, and we do not listen in silence to the guidance, the clarity which comes from the Divine Source speaking directly into our hearts and souls.

When one seeks the ultimate guidance, there needs be total stillness and oneness with the Divine. In such moments, all is silent. One expands into the Oneness which is beyond words, and it is then that the most profound answers, revelations, visions and knowing, occur.

It is crucial now to understand this and to start practicing this: – for we are going into immensely turbulent times, when so many will get lost, and sink ever deeper into the quagmire, because they allow the outside voices and media, the mass fear, the mass hysteria, to drown out their own inner voice and close their heart center in fear and thus will sink ever deeper and lower as they are sucked in.

It is only when we allow ourselves to be lifted beyond the known, beyond this all, into infinite space, and total ONENESS and Unity with the Divine, through the Sacred heart and unconditional love, that we will be able to navigate the changes and rise into the New Golden Age and the New Jerusalem, as the Golden Gates are opening more and more.

I have spoken.

Judith Kusel