Be Grateful

gratitude eraoflightdotcomSo many people always list everything that that they perceive they are lacking, or wanting, or what they perceive is missing from their lives and this just creates dis-ease in the physical body, as well as inner restlessness, depression, fear etc. They are disgruntled, and thus tend to be stressed out and are always complaining about everything.

If you start start to truly become grateful for what you do have, even the simplest of things, you will start living and seeing the world with different eyes. Indeed, you will find joy in even the tiniest of flower, the laughter of a child, the antics of a pet, the beautiful sunsets, and miracles within Nature and Mother Earth.

You will find joy in watching the sunrise and sunset, and even in your own company, for indeed on can be alone but never be lonely.

When you start truly loving every minute of being alive and making the most of every day, and each living moment, you will be too busy living, exploring and being – and will find that life is ever present, abundantly.

It has nothing to do what other people are doing, or not doing. It has nothing to do what goes on around you.

Mother Earth has so much beauty, so much splendor. If you start looking at the miracle of bird in flight, the majesty of one single flower, the perfection of one single butterfly, and can find wonder everywhere, you will find more unfolding in front of your eyes, you have never noticed before.

It has all to do with you, and you own soul and how you choose to live and what you do with the life given to you.

For freedom is indeed, relative to what is there INSIDE of you. If you find the whole Omni-Verse inside of you, and walk in and with the company of Heavens, you will find that indeed, miracles are everywhere, and that every moment brings something new to ponder about, to explore, to find the joy, the beauty, and indeed the immense Loving Grace, in all existence.

The choice is yours.

Judith Kusel