James Gilliland: Common Sense and Critical Thinking Part 2

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomBetween the Democrats accusations and the main stream and social media one would think the world has gone insane. It has. At least a portion of it. Their entire narrative the radical left, main stream and social media are pushing can be destroyed by just a few simple questions. The second impeachment attempt which will be as successful and the first has no foundation or merit and won’t make it through the Senate. Trump was never impeached if he was he would not be there despite the Democrats and the press claims. The only thing in each case Trump is guilty of is telling the truth something most politicians feel goes against their code. He stated the obvious with brutal honesty. They wanted to impeach him for calling the Russian Hoax a witch hunt, a vicious attack on him and his staff.  It was and now after declassification it is proven. They wanted to impeach him for suggesting Hunter Biden received massive donations, “Bribes” on his father’s name from Russia, Ukraine and China. Now that has proven to be true with further investigations directly implicating Joe. Wait till the rest of that story comes out, he understated the corruption and decadence of what is on Hunter’s laptop. They attacked him for pointing out the deep state, the two tiered justice system asked where is the Anthony Weiner laptop, Why has nothing been done for years with the Hunter laptop. Why can Hilary who started the Russian hoax and paid for the fake Russian dossier, destroy subpoenaed phones, servers and lap tops followed by the special council erasing their phones? Now he is charged with starting a violent protest. He called for, which is in every Americans right, a peaceful demonstration concerning what now according to the DNI reports given to both houses was massive election fraud, extreme interference by foreign governments. Italy, China, Pakistan, Iran, Germany were all involved electronically switching votes through the Dominion voting system and using scorecard and hammer CIA systems designed to rig elections in other countries.  They printed millions of fraudulent ballots drove them across state lines, inserted them in the wee hours of the morning after the polls closed showing Trump the clear winner in a landslide. The politicians refused to acknowledge the foreign intervention and the massive fraud, why? Why would so many politicians ban together on both sides and certify an election they knew to be fraudulent. Why would the main stream and social media viciously attack anyone who questioned the obvious? Before shaming this as a right wing conspiracy theory by some deplorable and jumping on the band wagon to censor, punish, shame, or in some cases physically harm people who see the elephant in the room why not take the time to research, investigate. This is a big event, if your vote does not count then America is gone. This is not a Democrat or a Republican problem this is an American problem. Those involved in this serve their own agendas and the agendas of hostile foreign governments…..

“Why do corrupt politicians, the global elite, the deep state and the mainstream and social media hate trump?”

The answer is obvious. Why are they scrambling to get him out if they won fair and square? Is the trump card undeniable evidence of seditious and treasonous behavior, extreme corruption against the American People? Those screaming the loudest are the most corrupt and have the most to hide. Why have both sides turned against him? Could they all have a lot to hide? He did promise to drain the swamp and now the swamp and its creatures have been clearly defined. There are more Trump cards the biggest of which are the 80% of the people that support him, the silent majority the mainstream and social media are arduously trying to keep silent. This does not and will not fair well in America. In fact it is anti-American. This does not fair well with the military either many who fought and died to insure our freedom against socialist and communist dictators. Do you really think everyone is going to lie down, submit to draconian laws, breeches of the Constitution, the end of free speech, freedom? To think so one would have to be mad, power hungry, arrogant, narcissistic completely insane out of touch with the people. And that my friends is the problem. We still have a choice.

James Gilliland



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